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Carlo Verdi was energetic in furthering his son's education In , when he was 10, Verdi's parents arranged for the boy to attend school in Busseto, enrolling him in a Ginnasio —an upper school for boys—run by Don Pietro Seletti, while they continued to run their inn at Le Roncole. Verdi returned to Busseto regularly to play the organ on Sundays, covering the distance of several kilometres on foot. Verdi later stated: "From the ages of 13 to 18 I wrote a motley assortment of pieces: marches for band by the hundred, perhaps as many little sinfonie that were used in church, in the theatre and at concerts, five or six concertos and sets of variations for pianoforte, which I played myself at concerts, many serenades , cantatas arias , duets, very many trios and various pieces of church music, of which I remember only a Stabat Mater.

The other director of the Philharmonic Society was Antonio Barezzi [ it ] , a wholesale grocer and distiller, who was described by a contemporary as a "manic dilettante" of music. The young Verdi did not immediately become involved with the Philharmonic. By June , he had graduated with honours from the Ginnasio and was able to focus solely on music under Provesi. By chance, when he was 13, Verdi was asked to step in as a replacement to play in what became his first public event in his home town; he was an immediate success mostly playing his own music to the surprise of many and receiving strong local recognition.

An eight-movement cantata, I deliri di Saul , based on a drama by Vittorio Alfieri , was written by Verdi when he was 15 and performed in Bergamo. Verdi set his sights on Milan, then the cultural capital of northern Italy, where he applied unsuccessfully to study at the Conservatory. It was Massini who encouraged him to write his first opera, originally titled Rocester , to a libretto by the journalist Antonio Piazza.

List of compositions by Giuseppe Verdi. In mid, Verdi sought to acquire Provesi's former post in Busseto but without success. But with Barezzi's help he did obtain the secular post of maestro di musica. He taught, gave lessons, and conducted the Philharmonic for several months before returning to Milan in early He married Margherita in May , and by March , she had given birth to their first child, Virginia Maria Luigia on 26 March Icilio Romano followed on 11 July Both the children died young, Virginia on 12 August , Icilio on 22 October In , the young composer asked for Massini's assistance to stage his opera in Milan.

It achieved a respectable 13 additional performances, following which Merelli offered Verdi a contract for three more works. While Verdi was working on his second opera Un giorno di regno , Margherita died of encephalitis at the age of Verdi adored his wife and children and was devastated by their deaths. Un giorno , a comedy, was premiered only a few months later. It was a flop and only given the one performance. Verdi was to claim that he gradually began to work on the music for Nabucco , the libretto of which had originally been rejected by the composer Otto Nicolai : [21] "This verse today, tomorrow that, here a note, there a whole phrase, and little by little the opera was written", he later recalled.

Well received at its first performance on 9 March , Nabucco underpinned Verdi's success until his retirement from the theatre, twenty-nine operas including some revised and updated versions later. Porter comments that "similar accounts A period of hard work for Verdi—with the creation of twenty operas excluding revisions and translations —followed over the next sixteen years, culminating in Un ballo in maschera. This period was not without its frustrations and setbacks for the young composer, and he was frequently demoralised. In April , in connection with I due Foscari , he wrote: "I am happy, no matter what reception it gets, and I am utterly indifferent to everything.

I cannot wait for these next three years to pass. I have to write six operas, then addio to everything. Sixteen years in the galleys. After the initial success of Nabucco , Verdi settled in Milan, making a number of influential acquaintances. He attended the Salotto Maffei , Countess Clara Maffei 's salons in Milan, becoming her lifelong friend and correspondent. I Lombardi alla prima crociata was based on a libretto by Solera and premiered in February Inevitably, comparisons were made with Nabucco ; but one contemporary writer noted: "If [ Nabucco ] created this young man's reputation, I Lombardi served to confirm it. Verdi paid close attention to his financial contracts, making sure he was appropriately remunerated as his popularity increased.

For I Lombardi and Ernani in Venice he was paid 12, lire including supervision of the productions ; Attila and Macbeth , each brought him 18, lire. His contracts with the publishers Ricordi in were very specific about the amounts he was to receive for new works, first productions, musical arrangements, and so on. In he purchased Il Pulgaro, 62 acres 23 hectares of farmland with a farmhouse and outbuildings, providing a home for his parents from May Later that year, he also bought the Palazzo Cavalli now known as the Palazzo Orlandi on the via Roma, Busseto's main street.

The older composer, recognising Verdi's talent, noted in a letter of January "I am very, very happy to give way to people of talent like Verdi Nothing will prevent the good Verdi from soon reaching one of the most honourable positions in the cohort of composers. For Verdi the performances were a personal triumph in his native region, especially as his father, Carlo, attended the first performance. Verdi remained in Parma for some weeks beyond his intended departure date. This fuelled speculation that the delay was due to Verdi's interest in Giuseppina Strepponi who stated that their relationship began in Ernani was successfully premiered in and within six months had been performed at twenty other theatres in Italy, and also in Vienna.

La Scala premiered none of these new works, except for Giovanna d'Arco. Verdi "never forgave the Milanese for their reception of Un giorno di regno ". During this period, Verdi began to work more consistently with his librettists. In April , Verdi took on Emanuele Muzio , eight years his junior, as a pupil and amanuensis. He reported to Barezzi that Verdi "has a breadth of spirit, of generosity, a wisdom". We are always together at dinner, in the cafes, when we play cards He was chosen by Verdi as one of the executors of his will, but predeceased the composer in After a period of illness Verdi began work on Macbeth in September He dedicated the opera to Barezzi: "I have long intended to dedicate an opera to you, as you have been a father, a benefactor and a friend for me.

It was a duty I should have fulfilled sooner if imperious circumstances had not prevented me. Now, I send you Macbeth , which I prize above all my other operas, and therefore deem worthier to present to you. Strepponi's voice declined and her engagements dried up in the to period, and she returned to live in Milan whilst retaining contact with Verdi as his "supporter, promoter, unofficial adviser, and occasional secretary" until she decided to move to Paris in October Before she left Verdi gave her a letter that pledged his love. On the envelope, Strepponi wrote: "5 or 6 October They shall lay this letter on my heart when they bury me.

Verdi had completed I masnadieri for London by May except for the orchestration. This he left until the opera was in rehearsal, since he wanted to hear "la [Jenny] Lind and modify her role to suit her more exactly". Queen Victoria and Prince Albert attended the first performance, and for the most part, the press was generous in its praise. For the next two years, except for two visits to Italy during periods of political unrest, Verdi was based in Paris. Budden comments "In no other opera of his does Verdi appear to have taken so little interest before it was staged. On hearing the news of the "Cinque Giornate", the "Five Days" of street fighting that took place between 18 and 22 March and temporarily drove the Austrians out of Milan, Verdi travelled there, arriving on 5 April.

Writing a patriotic letter to him in Venice, Verdi concluded "Banish every petty municipal idea! We must all extend a fraternal hand, and Italy will yet become the first nation of the world I am drunk with joy! Imagine that there are no more Germans here!! Verdi had been admonished by the poet Giuseppe Giusti for turning away from patriotic subjects, the poet pleading with him to "do what you can to nourish the [sorrow of the Italian people], to strengthen it, and direct it to its goal.

Verdi travelled to Rome before the end of He found that city on the verge of becoming a short-lived republic , which commenced within days of La battaglia di Legnano' s enthusiastically received premiere. In the spirit of the time were the tenor hero's final words, "Whoever dies for the fatherland cannot be evil-minded". Verdi had intended to return to Italy in early , but was prevented by work and illness, as well as, most probably, by his increasing attachment to Strepponi.

Verdi and Strepponi left Paris in July , the immediate cause being an outbreak of cholera , [58] and Verdi went directly to Busseto to continue work on completing his latest opera, Luisa Miller , for a production in Naples later in the year. Verdi was committed to the publisher Giovanni Ricordi for an opera—which became Stiffelio —for Trieste in the Spring of ; and, subsequently, following negotiations with La Fenice, developed a libretto with Piave and wrote the music for Rigoletto based on Victor Hugo 's Le roi s'amuse for Venice in March This was the first of a sequence of three operas followed by Il trovatore and La traviata which were to cement his fame as a master of opera.

Verdi would not compromise:. What does the sack matter to the police? Are they worried about the effect it will produce? Do they think they know better than I? I see the hero has been made no longer ugly and hunchbacked!! A singing hunchback I think it splendid to show this character as outwardly deformed and ridiculous, and inwardly passionate and full of love. I chose the subject for these very qualities Verdi substituted a Duke for the King, and the public response and subsequent success of the opera all over Italy and Europe fully vindicated the composer. For several months Verdi was preoccupied with family matters.

These stemmed from the way in which the citizens of Busseto were treating Giuseppina Strepponi, with whom he was living openly in an unmarried relationship. She was shunned in the town and at church, and while Verdi appeared indifferent, she was certainly not. In January , Verdi broke off relations with his parents, and in April they were ordered to leave Sant'Agata; Verdi found new premises for them and helped them financially to settle into their new home.

It may not be coincidental that all six Verdi operas written in the period —53 La battaglia, Luisa Miller, Stiffelio, Rigoletto, Il trovatore and La traviata , have, uniquely in his oeuvre, heroines who are, in the opera critic Joseph Kerman's words, "women who come to grief because of sexual transgression, actual or perceived". Kerman, like the psychologist Gerald Mendelssohn, sees this choice of subjects as being influenced by Verdi's uneasy passion for Strepponi.

Verdi and Strepponi moved into Sant'Agata on 1 May That was followed by an agreement with the Rome Opera company to present Il trovatore for January Il trovatore was in fact the first opera he wrote without a specific commission apart from Oberto. After first seeking a libretto from Cammarano which never appeared , Verdi later commissioned one from Antonio Somma , but this proved intractable, and no music was ever written. The fact that this is "the one opera of Verdi's which focuses on a mother rather than a father" is perhaps related to her death. In February , the couple attended a performance of Alexander Dumas fils' s play The Lady of the Camellias ; Verdi immediately began to compose music for what would later become La traviata.

After his visit to Rome for Il trovatore in January , Verdi worked on completing La traviata , but with little hope of its success, due to his lack of confidence in any of the singers engaged for the season. The premiere in March was indeed a failure: Verdi wrote: "Was the fault mine or the singers'? Time will tell. In the eleven years up to and including Traviata , Verdi had written sixteen operas. Over the next eighteen years up to Aida , he wrote only six new works for the stage. A couple of months later, writing in the same vein to Countess Maffei he stated: "I'm not doing anything. I don't read. I don't write. I walk in the fields from morning to evening, trying to recover, so far without success, from the stomach trouble caused me by I vespri siciliani. Cursed operas!

He gets up almost with the dawn, to go and examine the wheat, the maize, the vines, etc Fortunately our tastes for this sort of life coincide, except in the matter of sunrise, which he likes to see up and dressed, and I from my bed. Nonetheless on 15 May, Verdi signed a contract with La Fenice for an opera for the following spring. This was to be Simon Boccanegra. The couple stayed in Paris until January to deal with these proposals, and also the offer to stage the translated version of Il trovatore as a grand opera.

Verdi and Strepponi travelled to Venice in March for the premiere of Simon Boccanegra , which turned out to be "a fiasco" as Verdi reported, although on the second and third nights, the reception improved considerably. By this time, Verdi had begun to write about Strepponi as "my wife" and she was signing her letters as "Giuseppina Verdi". It's almost certain that the censors will forbid our libretto. This resulted in litigation and counter-litigation; with the legal issues resolved, Verdi was free to present the libretto and musical outline of Gustave III to the Rome Opera.

There, the censors demanded further changes; at this point, the opera took the title Un ballo in maschera. Arriving in Sant'Agata in March Verdi and Strepponi found the nearby city of Piacenza occupied by about 6, Austrian troops who had made it their base, to combat the rise of Italian interest in unification in the Piedmont region. In the ensuing Second Italian War of Independence the Austrians abandoned the region and began to leave Lombardy, although they remained in control of the Venice region under the terms of the armistice signed at Villafranca. Verdi was disgusted at this outcome: "[W]here then is the independence of Italy, so long hoped for and promised?

Venice is not Italian? After so many victories, what an outcome It is enough to drive one mad" he wrote to Clara Maffei. On 29 August the couple were married there, with only the coachman who had driven them there and the church bell-ringer as witnesses. I don't even know what colour my last opera is, and I almost don't remember it. This included major work on a square room that became his workroom, his bedroom, and his office.

Having achieved some fame and prosperity, Verdi began in to take an active interest in Italian politics. His early commitment to the Risorgimento movement is difficult to estimate accurately; in the words of the music historian Philip Gossett "myths intensifying and exaggerating [such] sentiment began circulating" during the nineteenth century. As encores were expressly forbidden by the government at the time, such a gesture would have been extremely significant. But in fact the piece encored was not "Va, pensiero" but the hymn "Immenso Jehova".

The growth of the "identification of Verdi's music with Italian nationalist politics" perhaps began in the s. In , Verdi was elected as a member of the new provincial council, and was appointed to head a group of five who would meet with King Vittorio Emanuele II in Turin. They were enthusiastically greeted along the way and in Turin Verdi himself received much of the publicity. On 17 October Verdi met with Cavour , the architect of the initial stages of Italian unification. Whilst still maintaining nationalist feelings, he declined in the office of provincial council member to which he had been elected in absentia. In the months following the staging of Ballo , Verdi was approached by several opera companies seeking a new work or making offers to stage one of his existing ones, but refused them all.

Verdi came up with the idea of adapting the Spanish play Don Alvaro o la fuerza del sino by Angel Saavedra , which became La forza del destino , with Piave writing the libretto. The Verdis arrived in St. Petersburg in December for the premiere, but casting problems meant that it had to be postponed. Verdi had been invited to write a piece of music for the International Exhibition in London, [] and charged Boito with writing a text, which became the Inno delle nazioni.

Boito, as a supporter of the grand opera of Giacomo Meyerbeer and an opera composer in his own right, was later in the s critical of Verdi's "reliance on formula rather than form", incurring the composer's wrath. Nevertheless, he was to become Verdi's close collaborator in his final operas. Petersburg premiere of La forza finally took place in September , and Verdi received the Order of St. A revival of Macbeth in Paris in was not a success, but he obtained a commission for a new work, Don Carlos , based on the play Don Carlos by Friedrich Schiller. He is following Wagner. During the s and s, Verdi paid great attention to his estate around Busseto, purchasing additional land, dealing with unsatisfactory in one case, embezzling stewards, installing irrigation , and coping with variable harvests and economic slumps.

Verdi and Giuseppina decided to adopt Carlo's great-niece Filomena Maria Verdi, then seven years old, as their own child. She was to marry in the son of Verdi's friend and lawyer Angelo Carrara and her family became eventually the heirs of Verdi's estate. Aida was commissioned by the Egyptian government for the opera house built by the Khedive Isma'il Pasha to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal in The opera house actually opened with a production of Rigoletto. In , Verdi had been asked to compose a section for a requiem mass in memory of Rossini. He compiled and completed the requiem, but its performance was abandoned and its premiere did not take place until The complete Requiem was first performed at the cathedral in Milan on the anniversary of Manzoni's death on 22 May She became closely associated personally with Verdi exactly how closely remains conjectural , to Giuseppina Verdi's initial disquiet; but the women were reconciled and Stolz remained a companion of Verdi after Giuseppina's death in until his own death.

In the words of his biographer John Rosselli, it "confirmed him as the unique presiding genius of Italian music. No fellow composer Verdi, now in his sixties, initially seemed to withdraw into retirement. He deliberately shied away from opportunities to publicise himself or to become involved with new productions of his works, [] but secretly he began work on Otello , which Boito to whom the composer had been reconciled by Ricordi had proposed to him privately in The composition was delayed by a revision of Simon Boccanegra which Verdi undertook with Boito, produced in , and a revision of Don Carlos. Even when Otello was virtually completed, Verdi teased "Shall I finish it?

Shall I have it performed? Hard to tell, even for me. Following the success of Otello Verdi commented, "After having relentlessly massacred so many heroes and heroines, I have at last the right to laugh a little. The librettist said nothing at the time but secretly began work on a libretto based on The Merry Wives of Windsor with additional material taken from Henry IV, Part 1 and Part 2. No one could have done better than you", he wrote back to Boito. But he still had doubts: his age, his health which he admits to being good and his ability to complete the project: "If I were not to finish the music?

If the project failed, it would have been a waste of Boito's time, and have distracted him from completing his own new opera. Finally on 10 July he wrote again: "So be it! So let's do Falstaff! For now, let's not think of obstacles, of age, of illnesses! The first performance of Falstaff took place at La Scala on 9 February For the first night, official ticket prices were thirty times higher than usual.

Royalty, aristocracy, critics and leading figures from the arts all over Europe were present. The performance was a huge success; numbers were encored, and at the end the applause for Verdi and the cast lasted an hour. That was followed by a tumultuous welcome when the composer, his wife and Boito arrived at the Grand Hotel de Milan. In his last years Verdi undertook a number of philanthropic ventures, publishing in a song for the benefit of earthquake victims in Sicily , and from onwards planning, building and endowing a rest-home for retired musicians in Milan, the Casa di Riposo per Musicisti , and building a hospital at Villanova sull'Arda , close to Busseto.

In he was deeply upset at the assassination of King Umberto and sketched a setting of a poem in his memory but was unable to complete it. Verdi was initially buried in a private ceremony at Milan's Cimitero Monumentale. On this occasion, "Va, pensiero" from Nabucco was conducted by Arturo Toscanini with a chorus of singers. A huge crowd was in attendance, estimated at , Not all of Verdi's personal qualities were amiable. John Rosselli concluded after writing his biography that "I do not very much like the man Verdi, in particular the autocratic rentier-cum-estate owner, part-time composer, and seemingly full-time grumbler and reactionary critic of the later years", yet admits that like other writers, he must "admire him, warts and all Budden suggests that "With Verdi He regarded journalists and would-be biographers, as well as his neighbors in Busseto and the operatic public at large, as an intrusive lot, against whose prying attentions he needed constantly to defend himself.

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