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How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process

Get How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process. Skip Out For Summer By Anna Quindlen Analysis main content. However, things began to change upon my arrival at the University of Georgia. During this semester I have been able to look at my previous essay and see the progress that I have made. Then when How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process comes to organizing information How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process take little to know time because I am nine times out of ten very organized Essay On Dynamic Assessment even starting the assignment. Reflective Essay Composition Words 2 Pages. How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process have improved on my grammar, verb constructions, use of verb How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process and organizational skills to make my writing flow How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process when reading. CC licensed content, Original.

Reflective writing

In order to create an effective essay several components are necessary, but a specific component is knowing the target audience. Without knowing a target audience I cannot write an essay with the proper tone and language. Even though my writing still has areas that need improvement, I have fulfilled the objectives to certain degree. Some of the objectives I only met to a minimum, but those objectives will be fully grasped with further development of my writing. This first paper really helped me figure out my style and made and impact on my other papers that I wrote for this class. The evalua The changes that I have made will impact my writing style and techniques for the rest of my time in college and life.

Also, I have trouble with when I use a quote from a book how to introduce it and explain why I chose it. I hope to overcome these obstacles next semester. However, I feel my strengths were collecting information after I understood what I was reading and also adding evidence in my papers. Once I took notes on my reading and then read over my notes a couple times it was easier for me to lay out an outline and come up with ideas to talk about. The evidence I would always choose would be quotes from the books, which I feel I picked the right ones to use.

Not only did it help for a better grade, but it also helped me as a student to become a better writer. Overall, rewriting is the best part of the writing process. I hope as a future teacher that I can teach the students that rewriting is the most important part of it. I also hope that I can get the students to not be afraid to write and jot things down on paper because writing is never going to be perfect in the. Also through practice this semester I was better able to write a concrete thesis statement, something I was puzzled with in my previous English courses.

Now I am more confident in my writing, but I still believe that there are certain areas in my writing that could use some improvement. During this semester I have been able to look at my previous essay and see the progress that I have made. With my prologue essay there are countless grammar and spelling mistakes. I take this into account now because I have learned to reread my essays before deciding whether or not they are finalized. Open Document. The tone of your reflective essay is also important, and should be formal in nature, without being overly academic, as you will be including your personal thoughts and feelings, which are subjective in nature.

Thus, you can include academic elements, and the piece should be referenced like any other academic piece of work if you include in-text citations in the piece, but this should also be balanced by a more subjective and reflective approach, which should naturally come across if you are writing in the first-person. Just remember that this, ultimately, is an essay, and treat it as such. Moreover, it is also important to get this tone right from the outset, as first impressions matter. Therefore, as you progress, you should start to get a feel for what is required, and you can then fine-tune this with further drafts. By going through the process of writing a reflective essay, it is hoped that you will come to some deeper understanding of yourself, of your experience, and that you will develop some insights into what you might do better next time to achieve different results.

Therefore, by reflecting upon your experience, and analysing it, you might begin to view the event through a different lens, and this might shape your future experience and thinking. As such, depending upon your field of study, such shifts in your thinking could be extremely important. For example, if you are working in the field of social work, you might have had an experience with a difficult client, who has physically abused you, and this might have left you confused and questioning your career choice if you do not fully understand why they became violent.

However, by reflecting more deeply upon the event, you may come to the conclusion that the client was not involved enough in their own care, and were removed from the decision-making process, making them feel impotent—which in turn led to them lashing out at what they perceived to be someone contributing to that impotence. Thus, in this particular situation, you may come to the conclusion that, if they have the capacity to do so, the client should have more involvement in the decision-making process in respect of their care in the future.

As such, these kinds of reflective practices can lead to profound changes in the way that you conduct your work, and in how you think about certain situations. In addition, by becoming more proficient at reflective writing, you will also become more adept at analysing what you have read, observed, or listened to, and this a skill that will come in useful in other areas of your work, as critical analysis is an important part of most academic writing. Moreover, you will also become more skilled at making connections between academic texts and theories, and your own experiences, which is useful in joining the dots between theory and practice. Thus, if you can make such connections, then you are more likely to be enthusiastic about studying such theories, as you will be more convinced about their application in the real world.

Furthermore, you will also become more skilled at subjective writing too, which can come in useful from time to time, even in your academic writing. As an example, on a very simple level, a reflective piece could look something like this:. Description: I worked at a psychiatric hospital for a period of six weeks, on a voluntary basis. As such, based upon this particular reflection, it might be concluded that the writer reflecting on this experience might no longer wish to pursue a career in mental health. Or, they might decide that they would be better suited towards low-level counselling work such as in a school , rather than working with people with chronic and severe mental health conditions. Of course, reflective essays are likely to be much more in-depth than this, with your assignment perhaps specifying a particular number of words for the piece, such as 1, words, or words, for example.

If this is the case, then you are going to need to go into some considerable depth, and this will likely lead to further revelations as your analysis of your experience becomes more extensive, and as you add theories and different perspectives into the equation. In the end though, the overall purpose of a reflective essay is for the writer of it to reflect upon their experience, and to ultimately learn something from it.

What writing a reflective essay does then, is to help the writer to make sense of their experience, through some in-depth analysis of it, so that some valuable lessons can be learned, moving forwards. In order to achieve this, a number of frameworks have been created over the years, to help guide the writing process of a reflective essay, and so some of these should be considered before you start. There are a number of theoretical frameworks that can be drawn from to construct your reflective essay, and two of the most well known are those of Kolb and Gibb For more detailed guides on the various models of reflection take a look at our reflective models guide on NursingAnswers.

First I had to decide what topic I wanted to write about since there wasn't a specific one given. After I found the topic I wanted to write about, I began with my pre-writing and the brainstorming process. I gathered all the information I could on the topic of religion causing war. I found some pretty good information. My experience in the writing process has been extremely humbling. My mother is a teacher, so as soon as I could speak, I was taught how to write. All throughout elementary, middle, and the first few years of high school, I excelled in English. This skill of mine was put to the test, and for the first time, challenged and criticized in AP English Language. At this point in my life when I really do need the writing skills, I regret not taking papers seriously or appreciating the art of good written communication.

Writing objective papers has not been a problem since the layout is simply good logic and. My Writing Process The writing process has always been a challenge for me. Especially if it has a due date. In the past, I have always procrastinated the process and that never ended well. I knew something had to be done and I needed to come up with ways to make writing a little easier.

So, I sat down and I started to look at writing in smaller steps. I started to plan how I was going to finish a paper without getting so anxious and overwhelmed. This process has helped me a lot along the way and. Most of our writing process are the same since most of us are brought up with common teachings of how to write.

Try It Check your understanding of reflective How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process and the things you learned in the video with these quick practice questions:. Browse Essays. Producing mid-drafts seemed like a nuisance at first, but has really helped improve my King Henry Diction Analysis. I would question why we were Tess Durberville Analysis things in The Crusades Thomas Madden Summary writing reference but now How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process back at my post on my How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process, I realize that those meaningless exercises to me were what made me do so well on my papers.

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