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Walter Payton (AKA Sweetness)

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Or you can use www. But I sure was alarmed by the sheer number of fillers in each medicine. I did drop a few drugs from my list at the time as an experiment all of this was done in collaboration with my specialist. But fast forward to November I had stopped looking up excipient ingredients for almost a year. I added a drug to my daily regime in February and never thought to look up the ingredients. It was a white pill, which I thought was especially innocuous. With having just been diagnosed with MCAS, dyes and other filler ingredients are known triggers for some patients. So I reopened this project. Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. Compounded medications are made based on a specific prescription, in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage required for the patient so it can easily exclude allergens.

Compounding is also very expensive. I also learned that some pharmacies are NOT legit compounders. Compounding of medicines does NOT mean repurposing generics into powder. So be aware when you are looking into compounding options. Compounding should literally be the active ingredient and a safe filler or two. After a lot of searching in the case of this medicine I was able to find an alternative manufacture that used fillers that did not include blue dye. I am not sure if my body is liking the alternative or not yet as it has been in a tizzy for months. I will admit that all my meds are dye free and I specifically look for manufacturers that have the least amount of fillers and no dyes, especially now that I know I have MCAS.

I normally welcome the Super Bowl with open arms. This year, I watched it with half closed eyes as my fatigue was off the charts and I struggled to keep my eyes open. I was particularly interested in whether the commentators would mention anything about Tori Moore, the wife of the Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles. I thought with the millions of viewers it would be prime to elevate this health condition and bring us some much needed attention. But alas, I never once heard it mentioned. Maybe I missed it? Maybe they did a piece on it before the Super Bowl? Tori was a former athlete and worked at Nike.

There is still so much awareness needed for POTS. I know I am a private person, but I have sort of forsaken that for spreading awareness and trying to be a source of information and inspiration for others. I was a former athlete, a former professional, a former traveler, a former volunteer, and gosh put former in front of so much. I finished tenth in my pool as beardown. Prior to the inception of the Super Bowl, the Chicago Bears were the winningest team in football. This was, unfortunately, long before the super bowl event was ever created. For years they were a juggernaut, winning the annual football championships more than any other team. George Halas is attributed with being a pioneer of pro football, helping shape the game as we now know it.

For many years, his strongest players were local kids who believed in the game and who were often loyal to the team their entire careers. Ditka studied the game and the plays and was a natural leader on the team. And so, their league championship won, the boys in orange and blue had a little time to kill before the Super Bowl.

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