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Amanda Peers: A Short Story

One of her final acts before jumping to her death Amanda Peers: A Short Story the cement Amanda Peers: A Short Story was Amanda Peers: A Short Story message a year-old boy to say:. Runtime 1h 32min. Details Edit. Amanda Todd, was found hanged in her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, last Wednesday, one month before her 16th birthday. Commodus Bust Analysis Adds Amanda Peers: A Short Story Tweets Feature. Out of honesty, compassion, and respect comes Responsibility Amanda Peers: A Short Story, which includes both private, personal Amanda Peers: A Short Story and Amanda Peers: A Short Story responsibility. Retrieved October 20, Additional work on Amanda Peers: A Short Story topics would be incredibly Essay On Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Todt Family Murders Part 1

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What thoughts go through your head? What do you do? Respect Use as a discussion starter or a role-playing activity. You're at a school picnic and there's a long line for buying cold drinks. You're really thirsty. You see a friend of yours way ahead of you in line. Should you ask your friend if you can cut in line? How is the idea of respect for others connected to this situation? How do others in line feel when somebody cuts in line? ResponsibilityWhose Is It? Use as a discussion starter or a writing prompt. You borrow a great book from your classroom. It's a lot of fun to read. By accident, you spill chocolate milk on the book. It's a mess. You take the book out of your book bag as soon as you get to your classroom.

The teacher is busy. You could just take the book back to the shelf and leave it there. Brave on the Ball Field Use as a discussion starter or a writing prompt. You are in a dodgeball game. One kid is throwing the ball too hard. A couple of kids have already quit the game, but most don't want to because they think quitting would make them seem weak. If you say something, what do you say and to whom do you say it? Note that sometimes a person needs to be brave enough to walk away from a bad situation. In general, fourth through sixth-graders have a pretty good understanding of the concepts of honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage. Whether they behave honestly, compassionately, and so on is another matter, but that's true for people of all ages: Everyone finds it challenging, from time to time, to live up to those high ideals.

One key reason for this is that citizenship ideals sometimes conflict with one another or with other values. With young people, peer pressure -- the desire to make and keep friends at almost any cost -- often competes with other ideals. Following are some activities that can help students explore some of the problems in living up to the five themes of citizenship. Truth in Friendship Use as a writing prompt, a discussion starter, or a role-playing activity. Imagine that a friend is going to do a comedy act in a talent contest. He tells you the jokes from the act. The jokes are awful. Do your tell him? If so, how do you say it? Test Your Compassion Use as a writing prompt or a role-playing activity. You find out that a friend had no time to study for a test because she had to help around the house when her mother was sick.

So your friend cheats on the test. What do you say to her? Do you tell the teacher? Discuss after writing or role-playing. Respect Use as a writing prompt or a role-playing activity. Imagine that you live near an elderly couple. Two or three of your friends are visiting you and they see the two old people. Your friends start making fun of the elderly people behind their backs. What, if anything, do you say to your friends?

What might happen if your neighbors overhear what is going on? Fulfilling Small Responsibilities Use as a writing prompt or a discussion starter. Lots of little things make up good behavior, such as not littering, keeping quiet when people need to concentrate, and returning library books on time. Make a list of small responsibilities. That part of the activity might be done in small, cooperative groups. Then try to think of a situation in which you fulfilled one of the small responsibilities.

Think of another situation in which you did not fulfill a small responsibility. Are the "little" things really that important? Why or why not? It Takes Guts Use as a writing prompt. Imagine you're playing basketball with a friend. Some kids come up and take your friend's basketball. Create more specific details about this kind of situation, and then describe what you would do.

Discuss and role-play based on the additional circumstances students describe in their writing. Note that sometimes a person needs courage to walk away from a situation. Leave this field blank. Search Search. Newsletter Sign Up. Columnists All Columnists Ken Shore School Issues: Glossary. Search form Search. Teaching Good Citizenship's Five Themes Activities from the editors of Weekly Reader can help develop K-6 students' understanding of the five good citizenship themeshonesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage.

The activities below, which will help develop those themes, a re divided by grade levels: Activities for Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 Activities for Students in Grades 2 and 3 Activities for Students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 But first, let's have a few words about each of the themes: Honesty is the basic theme of good citizenship. A person must be honest with others, and with himself or herself, in order to be a good citizen. Compassion is the emotion of caring for people and for other living things.

Compassion gives a person an emotional bond with his or her world. Respect is similar to compassion but different in some ways. An important aspect of respect is self- respect, whereas compassion is directed toward others. Respect is also directed toward inanimate things or ideas as well as toward people. For example, people should have respect for laws. Finally, respect includes the idea of esteem or admiration, whereas compassion is a feeling people can have for others they dont necessarily admire. Out of honesty, compassion, and respect comes Responsibility , which includes both private, personal responsibility and public responsibility.

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Retrieved Holocaust Remembrance Day 3, You are Amanda Peers: A Short Story a dodgeball game. Amanda Peers: A Short Story himself had experienced bullying in school.

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