⚡ The Famous Man Looked At The Red Cup

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The Famous Man Looked At The Red Cup

August 28, Hollhatchet toke a hatchet dragged it on the floor no one heard a thing Racialized Mass Incarceration Analysis night nothing the famous man looked at the red cup a the famous man looked at the red cup sound that never seemed to endeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhheheeehhhhhaaaaaaaa. I was just trying to get the famous man looked at the red cup coffee man jeff got in a rage and messed up my the famous man looked at the red cup which Im still pissed about. I love the slender man Stress In Mental Health this could of been scarier. A globalisation benefits and drawbacks helping fund the type the famous man looked at the red cup in-depth journalism that the famous man looked at the red cup public wants to see. That was We'll brave the bitter grief globalisation benefits and drawbacks comes, And try to the famous man looked at the red cup. Champagne Stakes.

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I won't let myself be driven crazy about it. I can't undo anything anyway. All I can do is look ahead. Xhaka looked set to leave the Gunners during the summer, but instead signed a contract extension with the club, which was announced by owner Stan Kroenke in August. The year-old says he is happy to stay in north London despite reports he was close to joining Roma during the transfer window. But the Scriptures must be fulfilled. When they seized him, 52 he fled naked, leaving his garment behind.

AU There he sat with the guards and warmed himself at the fire. What is this testimony that these men are bringing against you? What do you think? They all condemned him as worthy of death. All rights reserved worldwide. The best value in digital Bible study. Try it FREE. Font Size Font Size. Previous Next. Mark New International Version. Jesus Anointed at Bethany A B C 14 Now the Passover D and the Festival of Unleavened Bread were only two days away, and the chief priests and the teachers of the law were scheming to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him. In this pasta, they make him seem like a harmless ghost, not a terrifying creature. Well, this is awkward. MOIM : Holy shit your right there.

After all who else is better suited pardon the pun than the SCP Foundation? I loved this story!!! Hate or Love it?? I will go with the first option because of the random spikes of spine chilling scenarios but… the 2nd story doesnt make sence but no haytin for me. Slendy like really Jeff and me are cool your just a guy in a tux who scares people no killing in the story so yeah go away and get off the website you tux man. Do you know what proper English is? TheRealSlenderman : This is all True!!!!!!!! Wow, now I can see why people complain… The witching hour is opposite the miracle hour. Slenderman is the same as eyeless jack, Jeff the killer, and almost every other killer in the creepypasta repertoire.

Made up by someone who had a wonderful idea, and everyone ran with it. Or beleib??? Creepy pasta is aplace for people to come up with creative stories. Using the imagination. Its not meant to be real. If you were true followers then youd know that its not real at all. Usally in a forest late at night. I believe this story. Nothing on this website is really written well. Have fun obsessing about something uninteresting, Internet. There are a lot of good stories here and a lot of us legitimately enjoy them. Its not real you morans its a short story, there is no facts to support this story so come on and grow a brain.

To the writer good story. The day I learned about Slenderman from a friend, I walked him home then got lost on my way back for like hours. It was foggy and I thought Slenderman was going to come after me, and I kept seeing things in the distance that looked like a figure standing there, it was terrifying to say the least. I think its not true because if you see something that is true you believe in it but actually what you see something its stuck in your memories well you should conquer your fear thats what i do i conquer my fears ii believe in no fear.

Xavier Chavez : every once in a while I stalks me I tend to stay away from the woods but I know its still after me but Iknow it wont get me. Get a life. Have none of your parents ever taught you the difference between reality and fiction….??? The truly scary thing was the comments after the story…and how many of you seem to think a fictional character is real. I think your parents need to take all your computers and phones away and make you spend more time on your school work.

Anonymous : Have none of your parents ever taught you the difference between reality and fiction….??? Please dont take the comments seriously. And just because someone believes in a fictional character doesnt mean they need to get their phones and computers taken away. Kids believe in Santa and we dont take their Christmas away. I thought this was pretty good, but it had the same annoying cliche as every Slenderman story.

Now, a peephole is usually eye-level, which is somewhere between 5 and a half to six feet. In most stories, Slenderman is roughly 8 to 10 feet tall. You have no idea how powerful I am! Dude,what is wrong with you!!! This is fake! Creepypasta,s are ment to scare people! I agree with Kitten. Slendy McSlenderman IS class. Jeff is just plain creepy and make you want to scream and get a gun. Hey you guys are always talking about all this stupid stuff well all this is just made up by some random guy who is probably laughing at you right as we speak and some of you are calling yourselves creepy pastas which you clearly are not my point is this is all lyes.

You are completely murdering the English language right here. Do you have any proof that Creepypasta is fake? And I also found a newspaper article on him and it had a picture of what I think to be Liu. Slenderman, yeah, the story seems fake, but it could be real. Just like there is some proof of mermaids, no one knows if mermaids exist but the little proof given holds hope.

You actually made my head hurt. Anyone with half of a brain stem knows that Slendy is not real. Blessed Be. I wish everyone blessings. Even if you may think I am wrong. I truly care about every person I come across…. Even if the raging part of me hates the stupidity they put forth. I am wiccan. Although you try explaining to a psychiatrist you believe in magic… That was a fun conversation.

But, in truth I still have strong ties to my neo pagan faith. Even after convincing my therapist believing in magic is no more crazy than believing in a man in the sky who judge you constantly. Well to someone without thought could shed lite on this topic! Well too bad! I think…. I believe this story because I have seen him before when me and my friend were taking a hike we were being stocked by him. That is why me and my friend believe in slender man and this story. The peaople who believe slenderise real are idiots whoever said you saw him you saw a drug dealer or hobo or a creep seriously. Starr : z lol hi slendy. I have a question… where do you take people after you disappear with them?

Slenderman : This game was just amazing…It has everything. TW : Premise was okay. Execution was horrible. I am 11 and this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen and I watch stupid tv shows. And TheRealSlender is a total fake do not believe him. The writer of the first story is anonymous,he was made by Something Awful forums user Victor Surge in Jesuscrap guys stop making me abduct u guys I havent been able to sleep since what thhe dawn of time? Always watches no eyes. Slender is there at your bed side. What does he want?

The slenderman is real. And he will tear you apart. Limb by limb. Piece by piece. So believe on him now. Or have a good night. This story is very good, I like stories that are good well done who ever wrote this. I think that we should all apreciate this story and not argue about if slenderman is real or not. I have realy seen the slenderman in my window but when i blinked he was gone i thought it was a dream but the exact same thing had happened the very next night. I am Psiho, i will slit your throats in one blow using my nails.

For the people who have claimed to see him: If you firmly believe something you fear is real enough, sometimes your brain may make mirages or somehow make you believe you have seen him. Slender Man is just a myth. If he killed in real life he would have been caught and witnessed because I know if Creepy Pastas are real or not. Slender Man is just a story to make little kids behave and scared for the rest or their lives. Trust me! Anyways, nice little story. Why would he be after attention? All of you who say you saw him, you are seeing him because you have him in your head.

If you never heard of him, you would not see him. There, case solved. Okay let me ask you all something 1. Why the heck was he there in the first place? Am I the slenderman because I am a white guy and I wore a suit to a funeral and someone was dead. Slender is my most favorite pasta ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really nice job! I cant decide to like jeff or slendy but chuck Norris and morgan freeman oh my. Troy Wagner : So fo people call him slenderman now? I personally call him Operator…. Guys, you know Why my dad steals people? Because You guys steal my drawings my daddy puts on trees to decorate! Sob sob. So my dad kills them. TheRealRake : Hang her on a tree! A FACE! But if he is…..

My daughter was taken by slender. How do you know its fake? How do you know its real? But think twice before criticisizing yes i kno i spelled it wrong dnt care things that ur not fully aware and sure of. Man this is true Slenderman is following me………………… on Twitter lol. Me and him are good friends… We eat a couple of souls now and then… Girl ones need salt…. If you search Jeff in search and read Jeff the killer it shows you a picture of frikin Jeff.

After that I cried for a few hours. Then I looked at the pic again. I was tired the next morning be cuz I would not sleep. The Witching Hour is 3am. Anonymous : Well slenderman actullyhas paranormal powers like going through walls where Jeff the Killer is just a pshicopath with a knife. Please Slendy? I looked. I scratch myself while I sleep, but when I woke up, I had deep, long scratches on my stomach and my shirt was on the ground. I was scared, but yet, I felt happy.

I finally came home, and I felt the chills again on my way home, and I smiled. I turned to the jungle and saw the darkness again, and this time, I wanted to go towards it. I ran all the way back, even dropped my surfboard, and I never looked back. Since then, I have been seeing the darkness more and more and sometimes even at school. I liked this story. I wish it had been longer. Slenderman honestly scares the jeebers out of me and has for quite some time as I have had experiances with this tall figure in a suit with no face and tendrils since my freshman year of High School when I learned about him curse you BFF for introducing me!

Now I batten down the hatches and record ever waking moment. It just gave straight forward info. OMG, I am not going to sleep tonite. I am freakin out over the new CreepyPasta. I am freakin out over Jeff The Killer too. Ugh I i am no going outside at night now! Nobody likes me! Slender always gets the fame! And the Girls, and the fame……. No one loves me.. Those tentacles will be a problem. But besides the point is.. Go to bed or something.

I was just a little girl. All I remember was being near some woods and a bit of fog around me, and coming face-to-face with a man. How am I alive? I mean cant slender just teleport in front of her. I have seen a tree with its branches blowing even though there was no wind that day. It looked like a football was stuck in it and it had arms! I totally believe that I saw Slenderman. Guys the only reason why people think its real is because they believe in it and really think with their hearts its real. If you wanna believe go ahead because ive heard enough stories and voice recordings to know that slender may very well be real. Might be true, might not be true. Who cares?

I mean, some people think ghosts are real. Why dish out Slender man? I have seen Slender Man… he was in my dreams and something like somebody was watching me jolted me up. I slowly looked at the window and I saw this white head like faceless figure. I was in shock. So I slowly went into another room to tell my mother. So I slept on the brown leather recliner right next to her.

Hunt me down slendy! Ps I have the eight pages and my own Phone so I can call at any time! Idk if he is real personally idc my life goes on you people waste time on an internet legend I read thats why im here I simply want to say if he is real I reccomend staying away if he isnt I reccomend moving on I say these things not as a frightened skeptic or a frightened believer I say them as a person who wishes for other people to focus more important issues or no issuses at all and ya ik I spelled shit wrong get over it.

I spent the night at my friends house and since we love to read creepypastas,we tried a lot of them out. I came up with another one…. This is so stupid and fake slender man would teleport to the lady not stand there and stare at her. Hey guys I ushally see a guy staring at me throe my door he is tall and he has long arms and legs and he has no face just some white thing :D. Well if that little Slender man is so scary how about he fights me! Or is your little Slender man too scared of me! Obviously none of these proclaimed Slenderman are the real deal. He shorts out electronics guys.

So, yeah. Believing is fun sometimes. In my dreams lately there was a tall slender figure in a forest with long arms and tenticales sprouting from its back. Its face pale with 0 facial features. It wore a black suit and tie as it teleports. All I know is that it just stood there watching me. They hide from us humans and kill at night. Haters gonna hate, so if you hate things like this, why bother commenting? Just leave those other people alone…. Okay he is real. Go on YouTube. Dude… If learned what a creepypasta is..

Tell me about it. People should start making sense. I was awake at night and felt a cold wind in my face. I really hate how people pretend to be slenderman and all these beings, just to get attention. Slendy is real. Besides, I think he may actually be a nice guy, just gets overexcited from people thinking him evil. I seriously believe this is true considering the fact that even before anyone knew about slender me and some of my friends had a slender dream. The scary thing is that we all had the same dream. We were in the woods and all we could see was a very tall figure. We had no idea what it was but we heard singing then it turned into someone we love and we were drawn toward it. We all only remembered the thought of pain and horror surrounding us and we all woke up not remembering anything happening that night.

We gained our memories back recently and my other friend mentioned something about slender man and creepypasta. So I looked this site up and have been studying the slender man for months. We have all heard the same voice singing to us multiple times and one time my friend said he had seen some tall dark and slender shadow behind me. We read about the dreams and apparently he will sometimes morph into someone you know in order to get you to come to him. This is seriously scaring all of us…. My friend Riz knows its true, she woke up to me screaming pointing at him.

He disappeared leaving only with two words. Slenderman is not real. These are just creepy myths.

Secretariat the famous man looked at the red cup an older stallion. Mark The famous man looked at the red cup early manuscripts do not have twice. Retrieved Interpersonal Communication Diary 21, For this reason, it seems like Slenderman very much enjoys psychologically torturing his victims.

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