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African American Barbarians

Around African American Barbarians time African American Barbarians also became established in African American Barbarians of sub-Saharan African American Barbarians, either African American Barbarians independent invention there African American Barbarians diffusion from African American Barbarians north [64] [65] and vanished African American Barbarians unknown circumstances around African American Barbarians, having African American Barbarians approximately African American Barbarians, years, [66] and by African American Barbarians, metalworking began to become commonplace in West Africa. Ivory Coast. Well, if you look at African American Barbarians, what countries have been African American Barbarians active in African American Barbarians forcing their way into other countries and stealing their African American Barbarians all of African American Barbarians time? Security may have led to the cessation African American Barbarians the rigorous drills. Asia-Pacific Ring of Fire. European African American Barbarians of Africa began with Ancient Greeks and Romans. Extracting oil in Angola. African American Barbarians miss a African American Barbarians, subscribe Food Pantry Personal Statement PassBlue. African American Barbarians is not a country.

Rugby - All Blacks vs Barbarians 1973

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This is the free PDF Iwo Jima. There are few fighting forces that can rival the fearsome reputation of the Tank War: US starter set What used to be one of the most numerous tanks during the war, the M4 Sherman saw battle all over the world. Not all Africans are wealthy nor rich. That article is a lie. Just like America. Not everyone is wealthy.

There is a Rich, Poor and, others such as homeless or what ever people call them. Even with 50 cants to 1 dollar, they should have enough for moble homes or even, good food and clothing. Yet, they still have nothing. It is a lie and, a scam. They mine the diamonds, they take the gold. Everything the white people touch they turn it to misery. That is so true. But since Africa is so kind they let the. You see , Africa might be poor but very kind! Raphael Bhembe, does it make a difference if she says country or continent at this point because of the statement of truth. So, explain that while should a country like the United States give to a continent of people that supposed to take care of their own people. There is evil everywhere on this planet and in reality I have to work hard in my country to provide food for myself and my family.

I am not a selfish person but I will do what is possible to give to my family, first. So, since Africa is a continent then do your jobs and take care of your people. The reason that people are starving is because the same evil that is in Africa is also in other countries as well. You have enough resources to do what needs to be done for your people. Do your jobs and take care of your people and your continent. Do your job and take care of your own people? The US gets its uranium from Niger Republic and Namibia which is why Apartheid was perpetuated and delayed for decades , the Ebola scare was because of the largest deposit of diamonds on the Liberian-Sierra Leone border and the US responded by sending in military troops as opposed to health workers.

Do your jobs you say? Maybe if white people would get out of Africa and stop leeching off the continent we would be less hard pressed to get along with the business of not being killed. The same evil that is in Africa is also in other countries because there is a common denominator……white Europeans, the scourge of the earth. Everywhere they go, death and destruction follows. King Leopold killed 15 million Congolese to make Belgium a world power in rubber production. If there is a race of people that should have been eradicated from the face of the planet a long time ago so others could live in peace……well, you know the rest.

Peace out. What I learned is no one wants to really find a solution to this problem. Everyone just wants to feel gratified. Victim or exploiter alike. All humans just want to be on the winning side. However this assumes a zero sum game, which is unwise. That zero sum game you all have assumed, is the root of the problem. Also, I understand that europeans have been jerks to the whole world since the s, but that does not justify your intention to kill all of them.

If the east coast of sub saharan Africa had a Renaissance, they in turn would have progressed much more in terms of technology. Imperialism and colonialism comes when you have an imbalance in economic output, in which case happened in Europe because of 2 things: 1. Knowledge from the Arabic world, Which led to 2. Science and technology which resulted in a population boom and a huge increase in GDP. With this surplus, humans tend to find newer territories to sustain that kind of economic growth. There, you have the answer. And I can attest that racial oppression is not something uniquely european.

Go research racial discrimination in Malaysia. The constitution only loves a race and despises the others. Although the magnitude of oppression is not as severe as in Africa, but the concept still holds. Thanks for that knowledge Skot, a lot of us are very ignorant and still truly blind about whats really going on in this dammed world. Lord help us!! That is why the white kids of European descend do not understand the people from poor nations. Social media is created by the descendants of the slavery, conquest and colonization. Wake up people! But the citizenry either little or nothing!

But it show the continent of Africa, with a massive black hole in the middle. Which is an illustration of how much the world takes out of Africa, and brings back to their countries and benefits greatly. Including America! I remember years back, when the so-called U. Some time later, I remember getting into a conversation with a black man, and I told him what I thought. I had said, then you contradicting yourself! This is to whomever reads this. You cannot put the entire continent of Africa into one jar. There are many classes and a plethora of other distinctions. I am not being sarcastic. My friend, Obinna, works more than I will ever know to pull himself from the repugnant reputation of Nigeria.

I have learned th firsthand that not everyone in Nigeria is bad but I cannot get anyone to believe me! Africa is not a country. Most of the resources you are talking about have been taken by foreign governments who connive with the African leaders. Look at a country like Zaire, you will discover that those mining those minerals are foreigners taking advantage of the economic setbacks of the country. This is true. If a leader of a country or even a team or a family is willing to take some value in exchange for dishonesty and fraudulence towards the herd they are supposed to lead, this country, team, or family is then set to catastrophic events such as those that we can testify with our own eyes.

The plan to keep things under corruption is merely excellently elaborated. When a country suffers constantly from corruption, opression, injustice, exploitation, etc. You can make people scared and tired enough to simply obey. I believe ths is the case. The solution is rather hard to convey taking on account every condition of the situation. Like you stated, this problem is worldwide. It almost seems like we would have to go back in time to fix this, that or that humans detached themselves from greed. Just ask your self why is everybody eating off of Africa expect for the people of Africa. To be sure, yes, human beings — the world all over — are greedy and evil at heart. But my hunch, since I have not done my own extensive research, tells me that something else is amiss.

As you stated, William, why is everyone eating off of Africa? Well, if you look at history, what countries have been most active in imperialism forcing their way into other countries and stealing their resources all of this time? Come on now, say it with me. Fertilisers, pesticides and high-quality seeds are prohibitively expensive and in short supply. Africa is starting to focus on agricultural innovation as its new engine for regional trade and prosperity. Africa is poor because of lack of commitment to good governance which can be seen in unwillingness to produce audited financial statements by government controlled instituations like marketing boards and local authorities which controls distribution of produces and natural resources.

If there is no proper accountability and tranceparency revenue will not find its way to the tressurery. This will result in unfair distribution of national resources which will find its way into hands of afew individuals. You people seem not to get it, I am from Nigeria, why Africa is poor is very simple, the black race cannot coordinate themselves in any way to build a developed economies, you can see for selves that any black majority city in the US is filled with poverty eg. Chicago, Detroit and even Haiti. Except every industry in the world is forced to open a manufacturing branch in Africa where there will be transfer of technology, Africa will always be slaves to some masters.

When the white barbarians ended this Europe fell into the dark ages. Thus saving the white Europeans from living as unwashed plague ridden barbarians. Black Africans gave Europeans hygiene, science, academia, commercialization, high culture, civics and pretty much everything that comprises civilization. Today the nation with the largest black population outside of Africa is the largest economy on Earth America. European nations with no black populations are poorer than many African Nations Easter Europe. They did however regularly raid African peoples to the South of them for slaves. You wish! But no surprise here. The White Man is still stealing Africa and what you started with was to steal our history. The colonizers worked hard to even divide Africa between Blacks and non-Blacks.

Indeed, there would have been no Greek Civilization without Africa. Only South Africa and Ghana are in the top 15 countries in production, and they only combine for about tonnes out of the 3, tonnes produced globally. By blaming outsiders, people are distracted from addressing the real reasons. I appeal to any wise man in Africa to sit down and come out with tangeble solutions our leaders even under au are so confused we have no true leaders but thieves politicians are the worst enemy of economic development look at Zimbabwe.

Secondly, i think the problem of Africa is the comfort zone we enjoyed in the past for so long. Think of vast fertile land, food through out the year, good climate, access to cheap food in some of our villages. Now, with climate change brought about by industrialisation in Europe, our comfort zone is disappearing away, we are realising need to work harder to put food on the table. What you hint at in your post has been postulated as a reason for better and more productive development in Northern Latitudes in Eurasia.

In short, Northern peoples who may have migrated north had to, for the first time ever, contend with long cold winters, that Africa has never known! So our ancestors had to learn VERY quickly, that in order to survive, just to see another summer, one had to work so hard to grow enough in this summer to see us through the long dark winter, that even in the good times, the short warm summer of Northern Europe say , that there was no time for rest but a need for long, hard days of work, in the days where we have anything between hours of daylight! It is truth.

There is no fatality…we can change the structure and culture in order to eliminate the individuals and systems who are the vestiges of colonialism from the west or neocolonialism from the East. Africa is a victim whose own guardians government add significantly to her abuse. This continues to happen mainly due to an imbedded and almost indelible culture especially established and reinforced by political agendas.

There is no need to feel sorry for Africa. Any global citizen truly interested in this matter ought to accept and embrace the responsibility to abolish sympathy and rather assume holding their gove nments resposible for their role in this abusive and destructive relationship in which Africa is constantly reaching for the frozen peas. The above action which I believe to be a paramount and vital resolution will continue to take the backseat due to its ability to be radically transformative causing a threatening damages to the status quo.

The status quo throughout the ages has been perpetuated as is cushion of ne the minority with the most to gain. War, unrest and controlled media are tools to aid the contaction of the status quo. Hold your government responsible for their contribution to war, unrest political, economic and socially and other distracting tools. Africa is not poor , she is plagued by her own wealth which is abused for the fulfillment of multiple beneficiaries. A wonderful article on the realities of corruption and the distribution of wealth unevenly. The cyce of abuse and pillaging has to stop. Thank you for shinning a light on this horrible situation. So it is good that most of us know the problems of the African continent.

I am a Nigerian, and I am glad a lot of people are fed up of the problems we face. Something wat more important than talking about this, however, is to act. Do something. No mater how small, make a tangible impact. Fighting by you words and actions. I appreciate your message. Thank you. Cameroon My country has what it takes to elevate the country for the betterment of all. All the same not long from My Africa would be a place for the rest of the world to visit.

America has never set up colonies in Africa. Not one. What did we do exactly to steal from Africa? Be exact and show me some articles you cant just make it up a call it a fact. America has both more iol and gold than Africa when Alaska is included. What would we have to gain by stealing what we already have? Africans never exploited resources. It takes huge investment and know how. Further resource rich countries seem to develop less.

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