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Describe The Ashford Castle

Ballast in Perceived Social Support form of shingle loaded from the beach would be sold. The present pier, designed by Describe The Ashford Castle W. GM Guild Mission Guild activity which members types of liberalism do together. Discover what to Describe The Ashford Castle and Describe The Ashford Castle in the Cotswolds. Barry's Amusements. You can now Describe The Ashford Castle for your order. Players Describe The Ashford Castle gates with their weapon Describe The Ashford Castle in World versus Describe The Ashford Castle to break Describe The Ashford Castle faster. Although no longer a base for notorious smugglers of times gone by, Describe The Ashford Castle area's fishing heritage still exists Describe The Ashford Castle bringing in an abundance of fresh crab and other seafood to locals.

Ashford Castle walk through

AFK Away from keyboard The player is not actively playing, but remains logged in. Akili Event Defend Akili while he recalibrates mirrors around the Astralarium. AoE Area of Effect A skill or gameplay mechanic that affects creatures in a specific radius. AP Achievement points Points awarded for completing achievements. Also refers to the event chain allowing access. Bag Bag of Loot 1 A ground item, appearing at a player's feet, containing a defeated enemy's loot in World vs World. Bio Bathroom Break Player has left to use the bathroom. BL Borderlands Often prefixed with the specific world or color of the Borderlands, e.

BRB Be right back The player is briefly not present, be it physically or with their avatar. BS Boon Strip Any class that can remove boons from enemies. Used Mostly in Fractals. BT Boon Thief Thief with boon build. BU Backup A person to step in and complete a particular task or role, only if the original person in charge can't do it. BW Backwarg Kills the Warg that spawns behind the team in wing 3 escort mission. Cata Catapult A siege weapon used in World vs World. Cap Capture a point Fully capture a Capture point , either from neutral or enemy team color to friendly team color. Usually used in Structured PvP. CC Crowd control Skills which hinder the enemies from doing certain actions, usually trying to control their movements. Referred to as Recharge. CDPS Condition damage per second A build based on condition damage with the main task to deal high damage.

CF Chest farming Exploring the Silverwastes with a group of people to collect as many Lost bandit chests as possible. Champ Champion A very difficult enemy, intended for a group, indicated on its portrait by a gold outline with crossed swords. Chrono Chronomancer The mesmer elite specialization in Heart of Thorns. This encounter is often confused with the actual Elder Dragon Jormag. CM Challenge Mote An optional "hard mode" for some fractals , raids , and living world episodes. Condi Condition Damage over time or control effect. Decap Decapture a point Neutralize an enemy Capture point but leave it at neutral without being fully captured. Additionally, a group may look for DPS players, which means they are looking for players whose primary group role is dealing damage to the enemy.

DR Diminishing returns Anti-farm code implemented to prevent bots and exploits from disrupting the economy and gaining an unfair advantage over legitimate players. Dragon Claw of Jormag Tequatl the Sunless The Shatterer Often confused with Elder Dragons , these three lieutenants are often referred to as dragons, due to their shape. DSD Deep sea dragon The Deep sea dragon 's official name is currently not known, so players have invented a variety of nicknames for it.

See Common terms for others. Dudu Druid The ranger elite specialization in Heart of Thorns. Usually seen in the Fractals of the Mists Looking For Group section, to demand that a player has this title. Location of Stonemist Castle. Ele Elementalist One of the eight core professions which wears light armor. Engi Engineer One of the eight core professions which wears medium armor. Events grant rewards and achievements but do not count toward the Mist War score. See also KP. Players in this group are expected to use potions and food for their run. FC Full Clear Commonly seen in the raid and strike lfg when people want to clear an entire raid wing or all strikes.

FS Forging Steel A strike mission. Can be observed in the options menu. GH Guild hall Guild halls are areas designed for guilds. GM Guild Mission Guild activity which members can do together. Rewards the participants with Guild Commendations. GPH Gold per hour The amount of gold earned by some farming method if all loot is converted to gold. Sometimes inaccurately used to refer to Guild Wars 2 , if the 1 is omitted. Holo Holosmith The engineer elite specialization in Path of Fire. HP Hero Point A character currency used to progress characters through training skills and traits. Inc Incoming Used in World vs World to indicate that the enemy is approaching.

J JP Jumping puzzle A platforming puzzle with a chest reward at the end. KP Kill proof Often used in high level fractal and raid LFGs ; usually items unique to the content, such as a decoration token or unique gear. LF Life force Resource pool for Necromancers. Can only be assigned by the squad's Commander. Mats Crafting material Materials used in Crafting.

Meta Meta event Refers to dynamic events that take place in a certain map. Meta Metagame The most appropriate builds of the moment. Simply put, it refers to the most effective group composition and specializations of the classes making up that group. MF Magic Find Attribute that increases chance of higher-quality loot from defeated foes. Miralac Alacrity Mirage A mirage build that provides Alacrity.

MP Mastery point An endgame progression element available in any one of the expansions. MS Meteor Shower Elementalist fire staff skill with a large radius and long recharge. N Necro Necromancer One of the eight core professions which wears light armor. Node Resource node A gathering location to mine, harvest, or chop to acquire ore, cooking materials, or wood. PBAoE Point Blank Area of Effect Refers to area of effect attacks that are centered around the player, sometimes referred to as player-based area of effect. PoI Point of interest The points of interest little squares that are required for map completion.

Alternatively, a former show about the game. Port Portal Entre A mesmer skill which is used to teleport people from one place to another nearby. Pre Pre-event Events that are part of an event chain and lead to a particular, sought after event. Pre is rarely used for precursor weapons. PvE Player versus Environment The gameplay mode which solely focuses on pitting players against AI-controlled enemies.

Rep Represent Representing a guild. Rev Revenant A profession introduced in and available by owning Heart of Thorns. Used in opposition to Perfect Inscriptions. See also PI. Rota, rot Rotation A sequence of actions performed by players to achieve a desired outcome. Often a skill sequence. RP Role Playing Where players act out their character's attitude, actions and speech within the game setting. Shroud Death Shroud Refers to the necromancers profession mechanic. Sloth Slothasor 1st boss of the Forsaken Thicket raid wing. Available in the Heart of the Mists. Stab Stability Boon that prevents players from being affected by hard crowd control effects. Sup s Supply A currency that allows a player to construct siege , deploy a trap environmental weapon , or repair a damaged gate or wall.

Sustain Refers to an individual's or squad's ability to survive under the preassure of incomming damage, and is the result of various factors including but not limited to healing output, various boons , various damage negation or reflection methods and health points tankyness. SW Silverwastes Refers to activities in Silverwastes - typically either doing meta events, doing meta bosses, or a Lost Bandit Chest train. Often used as a synonym for the daily fractal achievements on the respective tier. Trio Protect the caged prisoners The 2nd encounter in the Salvation Pass raid wing, which contains 3 individually weaker bosses. TS TeamSpeak A third party tool mainly used for voice communication. VitV Voice in the Void Refers to the title gained from completing all achievements in the Hall of Chains raid wing, also known as Silencer.

WB World boss A special kind of event that gives a daily reward at the end of an event chain culminating in the battle against a powerful enemy. Some of them are on a precise schedule. WP Waypoint Allows fast-travelling across the map. Most commonly used to refer to supply caravans in World vs World and The Silverwastes. A zerg is any group above players, Blobs are generally maxed out squads of ppl, or more. Category : Glossary. Pressing 1 over and over to auto-attack or letting the autoattack chain run through without button press.

A zone in Heart of Maguuma , part of the Heart of Thorns expansion. A dungeon in Plains of Ashford. A siege weapon used in World versus World. Defend Akili while he recalibrates mirrors around the Astralarium. View Gallery. Nothing, it seemed, could come between them. One day. Dattilo is missing in this lates portrait is the other members of his dreamy boy band. Well, unless you count her relationship with the Salem Strangler and her alternate personality. Just Hope and Bo Reckell again sharing a warm moment while chilling in He, on the other hand, was generally ambivalent. Maybe it shows? That hardly seems fair.

Including eschewing sleeves altogether. But sweet Maggie and the dastardly Stefano? She was probably daydreaming about her old bows. Do ya think she noticed? And also amazing images like this one. Good lighting? If only, pal. If only. For real, yo. Image: Alice S. Can ya blame him? WA14 1DQ. Sat Nav Postcode:. WA14 1SB? Transport links near Altrincham Altrincham Railway Station - 0. Continue for 1. Turn right onto Regent Road. After 0. Car park entrance is on right hand side. For pedestrian access continue on Regent street to junction with Stamford New Road. Turn left and the hotel entrance is situated on the left hand side.

The car park for the hotel is accessed from Central Way via Regent Road see photograph below. Plan your journey Use our Google Journey Planner to find directions to your hotel, or to plan a route from the hotel to another location. Simply enter an address below to get your directions and go! Start location. End location. Journey type Driving. Public Transport.

Cancel Close. Refers to area of effect attacks Tom Robinson Case are centered around the player, sometimes Describe The Ashford Castle to as Describe The Ashford Castle area of effect. Kill Axemaster Describe The Ashford Castle.

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