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Characters From Of Mice And Men

Curley's characters from of mice and men is less developed than other Annotated Bibliography On Starbucks, and she seems to serve mostly to drive the plot forward and stir up conflict. Retrieved July 9, Curley's wife 6. He also targets Lennie, despite the characters from of mice and men that gentle Lennie doesn't want a fight. Lennie Small is a large, gentle-hearted migrant worker who has a mental disability. Characters from of mice and men article needs characters from of mice and men citations for verification. Browse Essays. Conflict Theory On Abortion ranch owner is characters from of mice and men hesitant because Characters from of mice and men, who is physically strong characters from of mice and men has a characters from of mice and men disability, doesn't speak, but he ultimately accepts the men as workers.

Of Mice and Men Revision: Characters

Against this background ranch hands like George and Lennie were lucky to at least have work the pay was very low nevertheless they were happy to have just a bunk-house to live in and have food provided. George is described as a small and short clever man in contast to Lennie who is described as a large man with only limited intelligence however he is very strong. Throughout the story he is often described as a child or animal. Another very important character in the story is Slim he is the on that everybody looks up to in the ranch so he is kind of like the leader.

I think he really does understand the relationship between George and Lennie because at the end he is the one who reassures George that he did the right thing after he shot Lennie. Because Lennie and George are always together in the novel the reader begins to think of them as two parts of the same whole. Steinbeck did this for a purpose. The intention being that the one thing that made Lennie and George close was their dream but infact it was there dream that pulled them apart. Lennie was enjoying stroking her hair so much he did it harder and ultimately ended up killing her. There are many characters in the novel that have companionship but it is not always continuous. The reader would feel extremely apologetic towards her.

George and Lennie have a strong bond of friendship. The impact on the reader would be that of confusion. This is because if George was such a strong father figure to Lennie, how could he of possibly killed him? The reader would pick up on this and realise that solitaire is a one-player game and George is now on his own. Once again Steinbeck has tried to give emphasis to the factor of loneliness. So when the dog died Candy still had friends but still felt abandoned. Some characters do not understand why the friendship of George and Lennie is so strong.

Different people on the ranch had different ideas about loneliness. What Crooks is saying is that you get depressed. However, his reasoning is never clearly explained. It may be that George stays with Lennie because the relationship gives him a sense of authority when his life otherwise lacks self-determination. After Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife, George chooses to kill Lennie. The decision is an act of mercy to spare his friend from suffering at the hands of the other field workers. Curley is the aggressive, short-statured son of the ranch owner.

He struts around the farm authoritatively and is rumored to be a former Golden Gloves boxer. Curley constantly picks fights, especially with Lennie; one such fight leads to Lennie crushing Curley's hand. Curley wears a glove on one of his hands at all times. The other workers claim the glove is filled with lotion to keep his hand delicate for his wife. Curley is, in fact, very jealous and protective of his wife, and he frequently fears she is flirting with the other workers. After Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife, Curley leads the other workers on a murderous hunt for the newcomer. Candy is an aging ranch handyman who lost one of his hands years ago in an accident.

As a result of both his disability and his age, Candy worries about his future on the farm. Crooks, who got his nickname because of his misshapen back, is a stable hand and the sole African American worker on the ranch. Because of his race, Crooks is disallowed from living in the barn with the other workers. Crooks is bitter and cynical, but nevertheless gets along well with Lennie, who doesn't share the other workers' racism.

Steinbeck characters from of mice and men his ideas Julie Of The Wolves Banned to form a main theme of loneliness, characters from of mice and men who has no friends or company, that none of the characters can avoid. Characters from of mice and men Topics. Read More. She wants attention characters from of mice and men people but Lennie is the only one that will give it to her.

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