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Substance Abuse In Dahanna

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When Substance Use and Mental Health Collide

One may even contribute directly to another. Those suffering from depression have an increased likelihood of substance abuse while those with a substance use disorder are at an increased risk for depression. The majority of people with a depressive disorder who abuse substances do so to self-medicate. By abusing drugs or alcohol, they may find a boost in their moods or a reduction of negative feelings. At least at first. However, long-term use of these substances can trigger or escalate sadness, lethargy and other negative consequences.

Moreover, as individuals become dependent on substances as a means of escape, it may prevent them from seeking treatmen t. The World Health Organization maintains that over million people suffer from depression around the world. In the U. Depression is more than just sadness. It has severe consequences on our daily lives, impacting our physical, emotional, and mental health along with our relationships, careers and financial wellbeing. Sadness is a part of life. But along with ordinary grief, which occurs temporarily after a particular cause such as the loss of a loved one or tragic event, depression occurs for weeks—and even months or years on end.

Consequently, depression increases the likelihood that a person will engage in substance abuse. Approximately one-third of depressed individuals have a co-occurring addiction that develops from self-medicating to ease feelings of sadness and despair. Alcohol and drug abuse are common among people with depression. However, chemical intoxication can actually worsen depressive episodes, making them not only more severe but also increase in frequency. For this reason, treatment for depression needs to address both addiction and mental illness to stop the mutual progression of both disorders and create a strong foothold for a healthier life. If you think you or someone you know may be self-medicating their depression, ask the following questions :.

Alcohol is by far the most common substance used to self-medicate. It may help temporarily relax the body and relieve stress, but in the long-term, serious harm to your neurochemistry can abound, creating a variety of health problems. Researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism have found a strong correlation between severe alcohol abuse and depression. In fact, nearly a third of all individuals suffering from alcohol dependence also have a co-occurring mood disorder such as depression. Drinking can worsen depression. Alcohol itself is classified as a depressant. People who drink excessively experience more severe bouts of depression and even suicidal thoughts. Moreover, alcohol use can reduce the effectiveness of prescription antidepressants.

With its recent change in legal status, more people are turning to marijuana to self-medicate. Cannabis produces compounds that affect cognition, emotions, behavior, and motor control. Although the drug may temporarily ease symptoms of depression, it can also lead an individual to experience negative emotions, including sadness. Moreover, there is growing research to support a link between heavy marijuana and mood disorders. Some studies suggest that extended marijuana can lead to a substance use disorder. Like other substances, stimulants can foster symptoms of depression. We are Caring People for Caring People! Now in our fourth decade of serving the home medical equipment needs of the great people of Ohio. Start earning Pro Points on qualifying items and receive instant rebates, Drug Mart cash, discounts, special offers and more!

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