① Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman

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Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman

Tithing is only incidental to proving that the Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman Covenant, of which Jesus is the mediator, is by far superior to the Old Covenant, and it cannot be made to mean anything else CP He; ; When you sit down to a meal, your primary concern should not be to feed your own face but to share Personal Narrative Essay On Race Track life of Jesus. The just no longer lives by faith but by works. I Mexican Cristeros War Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman new Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman including Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman shoes to match! Nevertheless, they were still unable to vote because they were Slavery In Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman. November 21,

Sojourner Truth Speech of 1851, \

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Great comprehensive piece on what God expects. It was balanced an surely a blessing to me. Money is a very touchy topic in and out of church and many times i have questioned even my own views on this topic. I learnt of tithing when i just became a christian at age Back then i had no income. As soon as i got my first job at age 19, Tithing became a practice and i was proud. I would testify every opportunity i got. I remember even testifying once how i boldly asked my land lady to allow me to pay her later. This was because i was determined to tithe. I also recall that that as life got more complicated it became mo difficult to tithe because i then realized the link between tithing and faith.

I was even even keeping a track of my tithing. At the end of the year i would feel bad because i tithed 10 out of 12 months but when i looked at the total i felt better. As i grey more mature and studied the word It was clear to that tithing is about my relationship with God. I should not be concerned about the thoughts and actions of others. I have been blessed by God in ways that surprise me even now.

I believe in being a good steward of all thing that God has given me, and that is much bigger that tithing. I was blessed by the article. Thanks for sharing. I am interested to read about that 1 year sabbatical you mentioned. There is a church close to me that the pastor preaches strictly on grace and teaches that tithing is not new testament that that is why so many Christians walk around broke all the time and i have a friend that joined the church a few weeks ago and said she now believes his teaching but used to tithe i believe. You missed the most important thing about tithing. Exactly what IS a tithe. You glossed right over it when you gave the scripture about Jesus rebuking the pharisees.

Old testimony was different than new testament. Under grace our tithing is of one self. Our talents and abilities. Bring into the store house. Hello…lay up your treasures in heaven. Not here on earth. You have robbed me in both tithes and offerings. He is speaking of our worship. Our 1 on 1 time with him in prayer. Worship is our tithe and giving of ourselves is the offering. People listen to professors, preachers, theologians. They are under the John curse. We were never under the law. I am a gentile not a jew. Gentiles were grafted in under grace. If people get their noses out of these sinful religious books and back into the only book. Let the word GOD himself teach you. Like God needs anything from you, other than to listen and read your bible.

Too many people sit in church, WHY?? He said get out and be the church. He never said we needed man to teach us. I have 16 verses that say the opposite plainly. Who better to teach you than the word himself. People are leaning on the understanding of man instead of the truth of God. This type of thinking is why Jesus said and few there be that find it. Pastors need to teach and preach Jesus. There is no place in a true believers life for religion, doctrine, philosophy, psychology, theology or vain philosophies of men.

Read your bibles and throw those man educated degrees into the fire because they are worthless. Just like all these so called uplifting spiritual self help book. All of it the bible says is sin. Anything not of God is sin. Where is your faith? Who and what are you believing in. Like sheep we are all being lead away to the slaughter. Jesus had a prayer request. He said when you see the harvest is ripe and ready. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth more laborers. Because the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

When was the last time you shared your testimony outside of church with someone? I dare anyone…try me! Hello, I have a question. Should the money I use to give to the church now go into my ministry? Be encouraged! Most of all, it deepens our relationship with Him, and our understanding of His Father heart. The Lord convicted him eventually about this omission, impressing him that the Word either works everywhere, or nowhere. He had been keeping a blessing from his people, though he meant well.

He obeyed the Lord and taught them the principle of tithing. The people began to do it, with immediate and amazing results—healings, increased productivity, opportunities, healed relationships, marriages. What a nice article, you actually exploited most angles on the subject of tithing. In the new testament, Jesus Christ did not actually emphasized on tithing. What I am trying to say is that He did not carry it ahead in His ministry. They emphasised about giving , free will giving , giving because you love God.

But with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ everything changed. Jesus Christ became the high priest after the order of Melchizedek Hebrews And Jesus Christ as our high priest has told us how we should give. He made emphasis on giving in general and He told us how to give, did not emphasis on tithing. He made mention on clothing the naked, taking of the sick, and those in the prison and more. He said if you do these thing to theses group of people you are doing it to Him.

You can please read more on the link below on how Jesus said we should give, and how we should give to God. In addition about tithing, in the new testament, giving in general and tithing are two different things, Jesus specified on giving which has a reward and did not talk about tithing. The disciples of Jesus Christ had a successful ministry which was not based on tithing or first fruit. People gave into their ministry out of love of God. The concept of tithing today has lead many astray , not experiencing the abundance of Gods riches. Read the verse below to understand more. Deuteronomy — At the end of every three years you shall bring out all the tithe of your produce in the same year and lay it up within your towns.

And the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow, who are within your towns, shall come and eat and be filled, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do. My question is , the church that is collecting tithes today what are they doing with it? The people collecting tithes do they have inheritance or not? When last they the whole church sat down and eat the tithes as one inviting strangers? Another question, did God asked Abraham to pay tithes? Did tithing make Abraham rich? There are many questions we should as ourselves. I believe giving to church is very important, to support the ministry, paying of bill, support the pastor, finance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping the poor, clothing the necked, feeding the hungry ,taking care of those in the hospital ect.

These should be our main focus. If you act this way , taking out the conception of tithing the way its been perceived by many, trust God, you will experience abundance more than you could imagine. Got much to say but for now we should analyse those ones first. This is quite informative. Thank you for such an interesting article on this subject. I trust him, I will come all right. I love the site! It has been a great blessing to me to read about everyone else success stories. It is very encouraging! I had my new wardrobe including cute shoes to match! God is great! I know that your post is from and you may never see this post seeing as how it is almost six years later. I just read this article and your comment jumped out at me. I hope and pray that you are in a blessed walk of life.

I hope that you had a peaceful almost 6 years since this post and that all is well. I hope that you no longer have student loan garnishment and that you have a wonderful, well paying career that is rewarding both monetary and emotionally. I do not know what your beliefs are… but I hope that your walk of life has shed truth and light on the obstacles in your path. I would like to tell something that I have learned in my walk of life.

The job that I have is only mine because God allowed it to be. The car I drive, the home I live in are only available to me because I was blessed with them. Yes, I worked hard to earn them but my abilities and all that I know were not originally mine. I learned well from the people God placed in my life and gained skill from the obstacles placed before me by my Heavenly Father. They were known by God before I ever thought of them. He loved them first and entrusted me to care for them. They were dependent on me and it is not my job to teach them to be independent, but rather… to teach them to be less dependent on me and more and more dependent on God.

If you believe that we are the creation and that God is the creator… then, everything already belongs to God. He simply asks that we realize that we are nothing without Him. I believe that God enjoys giving to us and blessing us, after all, we are his children. It fills me with joy to see that they understand how it feels to give. If your Heavenly Father looks at you or me and see our hearts what does that fill Him with.

If the Lord can give this much it should be our goal to give as well. Tithing is more that giving a mathematical percentage. It is devoting your time and energy to a cause. It is spending your resources to give back. It is giving your love and kindness to a stranger expecting nothing in return. God does more for us daily than we can even imagine, the very life we live is precious and priceless. Having said all of that I have to tell the other side of things too. It may seem like the words I just wrote are painting this perfect ideal life and I must not know hardships or pain.

I would like to say that I have had my share of troubles and trials. I have shed tears and been sad and angry, and I have had moments of feeling like nothing is fair. I have been through every event up until now. I have also failed and had to learn and move on so the next time I could pass. I hope your walk of life has been full of joy among the hard times. Look through a new pair of eyes and see the positive in all things. It is hard sometimes, that is the curse of man from the beginning.

You may not ever lay eyes on this but someone else might. I truly hope and pray that all is well and that giving is something on your top priorities list. You are not alone, take a breath and seek the truth. Thank you very much, may God give me wisdom as far as tithing is concerned. I found that tithing is really a principle of faith. Have faith that the Lord will help you in your difficulties. Have faith that the Lord will provide for you and pay tithing first as you receive your money, and everything else will fall into place. As it says in Malachi, try it and see. Pay on gross instead of net. To make all of this easier, I would say give of the heart and only of the heart. This way, you can actually be honest with God and not hold grudges because you feel like you gave too much.

While there are many good churches out there, bad ones will always exist. If it is truly what the Lord would have me to give, it will satisfy the needs of the recipient. This is why the NT emphasis on giving joyfully is so important. What we have in Christ is freedom. We are free to be miserly and be blessed accordingly and we are free to be generous and be blessed — not always financially, but sometimes financially and always spiritually — accordingly. Once we experience the joy of giving, it should encourage greater and greater giving.

While there are many, many ways God blesses us as a result, one of them is finding how much better life is with a little bit less then we might otherwise be able to buy — contentment in Christ the only place it is truly found rather than attempting to find it in more stuff. I believe that god speaks to your heart and lets you know what is best to do in your own personal situation. I think that for me, the Lord has just asked in my life to live in the spirit of giving… and who am I to argue? Malachi says to not rob God in tithes or offerings. But then after the tithe is transferred back to God it is His , then give offerings above and beyond your tithe. You will be blessed. My husband and I have decided within our hearts to give, and to give generously.

However, more recently, we determined, after much prayer and discussion that our giving is better served by being given directly to those that are in need, within the Body, rather than simply our church as a building. Because so much of it goes to administrative needs. I will agree that giving to the Body, in whatever capacity we give, has been a blessing; a tremendous blessing, and I would also encourage others to do so, as the Holy Spirit leads them. Thanks for letting me share. Be blessed! I totally agree with Shalene. We now give to those in need — the poor of the poor.

We give to those as an example the typhoon in the Phllippines. The Bible speaks of those who are poor and widowed more than anyone. I was Treasurer of my church and I was not in agreement of how monies were spent. I still support them but most of our monies go to those we know for certain are in need. We are not rich by any means, but giving is a blessing to us. I give to people in need when I see an opportunity, and they are many! Love your neighbor as yourself covers the whole law and the prophets! Galatians chapters 3 and 4 explain this perfectly! What are those pastors teaching? What are they doing?

Most people fail to realize, from their lack of Bible study, that the OT tithe never had one solitary thing to do with wages earned by wage earners, like most of us here today, and yet many people are beat over the head every week by being told that they are robbing God by NOT forking over a minimum of a tenth. By their silence, they lie! Thou hast been more faithful than most because thou hast put the needs of man-made organizations and real estate ahead of the needs of flesh and blood. Go unto thy great mansion I have prepared for thee, and look within upon all the play-pretties I have bestowed upon thee as reward for loving more those dead buildings than the destitute.

Liberty never trumps obedience. Although we are free to give or not give, when we do give, placing buildings and hirelings before and above the needs of people is still a strong indicator of some serious heart-issues that must be addressed within the body of believers. Mutual accountability is a powerful truth within scripture that most professing believers these days seem to dislike, and therefore reject.

We cannot justify paying tithes in this new dispensation because Abraham did so! There are many other things that Abraham did that we have decided not to follow because we label them as Old Testament practices. Everything Abraham did, he did before the law: animal sacrifice, circumcision, tithing a one time event etc. So we can well argue that animal sacrifice is compulsory for the church today because it had been a standard practice from the beginning. Abel did it, Noah did, Abraham did it, Isaac did it, Jacob did it and the list goes on. They definitely did it before the law was introduced. However, we do seem to forget that our relationship with God in this new dispensation is completely different from the relationship God had with Abraham.

Abraham goes on a battle to rescue his relative, comes back victorious, meets a High Priest and decides to give a tenth of the recovered plunder to him and then proceeds to give the rest of the plunder to the King of Sodom. How does that singular act become binding on us today? We are just misapplying scriptures and drawing our own conclusions because they seem plausible. We already have a hard time obeying clear-cut commands why then do we want make additional doctrines, which we know would be very difficult to obey?

Talking about the consequences of noble deeds over simple obedience ask King Saul and Uzzah. King Saul was told to utterly destroy the Amalekites and everything they owned but he decided to spare the fat cattle to present as an offering to God. Note they were not going to eat them but to offer them as a burnt offering unto God, how noble! Was God pleased? What about Uzzah? His actions could be attributed to zeal for the things of God. The cart carrying the Ark of Covenant stumbled and he held onto the Ark to prevent it from falling and God struck him dead. He was only trying to help! But God does not need your help! Back to Abraham and Melchizedek. He was already wealthy, he was already blessed and that did not come from him sowing seeds, paying tithes or giving offerings.

It had nothing to with his actions. He was a liar and an adulterer. We do not see any portion of scripture that cites this singular act as a standard requirement of our faith in God. If it was, the apostles would have mentioned it! Ananais and Saphira would definitely not have died; they could have argued that it was the tithe of the sale of their property that they brought.

Let us stop being Pharisees in our sharing of the Word, giving people heavy burdens that we know they cannot bear. Enough of this works led Christianity, where you beat your chest, take pride in tithing and then believing that God is obligated to bless you and provide all your needs as well as rebuke the devourer for your sake. That is works! You are relying on your works to save you and have definitely thrown faith out the window! Bible says God spoke to Abraham and Abraham believed God and that was credited to him as righteousness. That was why he was blessed and definitely not by giving a tenth to Melchizedek.

Does the bible truly say that? Why do we dive straight to Malachi 3: 10 without starting out at chapter 1 to gain a better understanding of what is being said? If you read it you will clearly see that the prophet was addressing the practice of priests in his time. So how can we truthfully say that this is the reason why we are being saddled with this burden of tithe paying every month? Are we not then guilty of reviving the law? Are we then not claiming our blessings from God through our works instead of through faith? I am not advocating stinginess in the church, neither am I encouraging people not to give towards the work of God. I am only pointing out where we have erred. And err we have! How can giving ten percent of what you earn every month keep the devil at bay?

If you advocate this doctrine, you are in effect saying that you do not need the sacrifice of Jesus and you are very capable of taking on the devil by yourself with your works. What a pity! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! You cannot supplement your salvation by the works of your hand, you cannot be in right standing with God by doing good deeds in the name of putting God first or giving him the best. Those of the old dispensation could not get right with God by doing that so why do we think we can?

That is why Jesus came and with the death of Jesus, there had to be a change in the way we relate to God. The doctrine of tithe is very dishonest. It has no place in this present dispensation, the blood of Jesus has redeemed us and thus we should not trample his sacrifice under foot, treating it as an unholy thing by promoting salvation by works. Stop making people feel guilty for not paying tithe, God does not require it from us.

We are supoose to give as we are led. It is an eyeopener. Yes, I know I have been blessed. Tony, thanks for taking the time to share your insight — I think the main point of confusion that we seem to be having is the difference between salvation and blessing. I am in complete agreement with you that tithing or any other work will not put us in a better place with God — Jesus did that for us.

On the other hand there is no denying that there are biblical principles and laws that God has set in place. Giving is just one of these laws God has set in place. Also, I am not sure how you think this post makes people for guilty for not tithing. Personally, I have clear evidence in my life that I have been far more blessed since I started tithing than I was before. Tithing is a matter of faith-point blank. Each person must determine in his or her heart do they really trust God? I hear those who do not tithe because of their financial issues that prevent them from tithing and I say what a shame.

I wonder if those people really are good stewards of their finances in the first place. I have friends who tithe and the ones who do not believe in what the bible clearly states are more materialistic and have financial problems. I cannot change their view so I am amazed that they bother to tell me their struggles and they how never put two and two together. Trusting God regardless of the situation is not so easy at first because fear sets in and God does not move according to your fear but your faith.

Please trust Him with His money. I also see how people purpose in their hearts to play with God by giving the money directly to the poor in place of tithing. God means what He says. If you do not believe me then read about Jonah and Saul, and Adam. I do because I believe in giving and my family receives abundant blessings as a result. If you keep in mind that you are giving God His money and not some preacher then you will comprehend the lesson of tithing. The lesson is to trust Him and Him only to supply all your needs. God does not seem to move on our timetable and I believe that this is why people fear tithing.

Joseph had a dream that his family would bow down to him but I wonder what would have happened to Joseph if he had given up when: his brothers threw him in the hole: or when they sold him into slavery; or when he went into prison. Believe God! I speak form experience where it has hurt my flesh to tithe but my spirit is happy because I know that God has already made my way Isaiah In addition, keep your mind focused on God instead of the situation, remembering that Peter walked on water as he looked at Jesus but began to sink when he looked at the situation.

I perceive that some of your try your best worst to beat God and as He told Paul, you cannot kick against the pricks. You may believe that you are correct but the Holy Ghost will lead you into Truth. Truth is a place where your head knowledge means nothing and there God gets the glory. I pray for you all that you review all scriptures concerning giving and you will see that giving is a faith and heart issue more so than about money. Additionally, you must be lead by the spirit in order to comprehend spiritual matters. Please seek the Lord and the true intentions concerning tithing and you will believe God. I wonder have you all considered why the first Christians sold all and shared their possessions amongst each other.

I believe in giving more than the tithe because I love the Lord, I believe what He says, I believe in the principle of sowing and reaping, seedtime and harvest, and more important-obedience to our true and holy God. In review of the many scriptures on giving all throughout the bible, I can only conclude that God wants us to trust Him by giving. If your heart does not bear witness to giving the ten percent then that is your choice. No one can change your heart but I did want to present an occasion where you all may revisit your view on why tithing is such a sore issue for you.

Why are you kicking against the prick? I too faced judgement when my youngest of 5 was born with a life threatening liver disease. I was judged for having too much faith is that even possible? Owing a million in medical bills and needing to provide the necessities for our children was no easy feat. Sometimes it was change, sometimes a dollar bill and sometimes sharing what little food I had.

God will deal with them. Sending you hugs, love, faith and prayers! I understand giving finacially to advance the kingdom. However, this is where I am torn. My husband is in the trucking industry. He is a company driver. Needless to say, my salary is barely enough to support my three children ages 8, 12, and 15 and myself. I am currently enrolled in grad.

I was also told that absences from Wed. Sonyia, Again, I must admonish you to trust God enough to know that He makes your ends meet financially. Most people I know who do not believe in tithing have financial problems. It troubles me that in this difficult time that there are so many people discouraging believers from tithing and we see the fruit. So please get your heart and spirit right before you tithe.

Talk to others who tithe and they will attest to just how God makes the river in the desert. See, you are giving what you want to give and your finances are not blessed. You may ask why but the answer is because you are being disobedient. This may not be your intent so I am not saying this to be harsh but we err because we do not know the scripture. Websites like this discourage believers from walking in the total blessings of God. Although tithing pre-dates the law, Malachi mentions that God says to test Him and see that He opens up blessings that you cannot contain.

I have not observed God making a promise similar anywhere else in the Bible. The blessings may not always be monetary blessings but He may bless you through other people. Please step out in faith. You will not be disappointed. Your church is only honoring biblical principles by ensuring that that all members obey the bible. The biblical church also would not allow a known fornicator or a person who sows seeds of discord to be in any position of ministry, which includes the choir. I applaud your church for taking such a bold stance for righteousness. I also see that although you have other responsibilities if you cannot be there for the choir then you are tying their hand.

Perhaps when things slow down for you and you make a decision to tithe then you can return. I understand that you may have all the best intentions in the world and want to worship the Lord through singing, but the other members are present for rehearsal and if you cannot be there with them then it affects the entire choir. I pray for your strength in the Lord because you are reading my comments, you have many issues that are pressing, you have your church warning you, and you hear the comments on this website that appease your flesh.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into the truth. I pray that you listen to God and make the right decision. Partial obedience is disobedience. Additionally, read Matthew and pay attention to what Jesus says about tithing. Life is not easy and the world has so many demands on our life but we must resolve to do thus saith the Lord. Change remember that Peter walked on water as he looked towards Jesus. When he took his eyes off of Him then he sank.

Keep your eyes on Jesus through faith and you will do the impossible. Your money will be enough and your bills will be paid. Are you righteous? DO you believe the word? Well, you are NOT forsaken. Trust Him and He will work these problems out for you. I completely agree with everything you have said. Tithing is an old testament command to the Jews…. And not only that.. What I have never understood is why do we go back to the law which was put to rest by the blood of the lamb on the cross, and try to revive it again. Why would anyone want to put themselves back under the law.

And even more depressing is why would Christians want to follow a command given only to the Jews? My mother said to me many, many times as I was growing up and asking questions.. Please dear Christians…read your bible, and ask God to open your heart to his truth…. Peace to you all. I think it is untrue to link non payment of tithe with financial problems. I see no evidence in the bible to support that. It is so ironic that we pentecostals that have the loudest voices do not even understand scriptures as we ought. This doctrine of tithing distracts us from the truth. Looking at scriptures, 2 corinthians 8 : 12 talks about giving and it says the most important thing about giving is first of all having a willing mind. Then give according to that which you have not according to that which you do not have.

Spirit led giving which the new testament advocates does not prescribe a ten percent. God owns all that you earn, he does not own just a ten percent and He would require any percentage as He sees fit. Sonya, I do feel your pain. I am in a similar predicament in my church because i do not believe in this ten percent business. But all I can say is that Jesus died so that you would be liberated and He has said that He will not put more upon us that we can bear. Present your case before him and he will definitely make a way. He might lead you to a good financial advisor and even open doors of opportuinities to you. And do not forget, Jesus did not condemn the widow for the little she gave so do not feel judged or condemned.

It is quite funny though, I discovered two things about tithing: one, in the bible, God never instructed that money should be tithed. Instead tithes where paid from the produce of the land, crops and livestock. Two, the jews that where originally given the instruction to tithe do not tithe today and I beleive they have a better understanding of tithing than we do. They do not tithe beacuse, when God gave the law to tithe, He gave specific guidelines. The tithe most only be collected by the descendants of Levi and there was a designated place it was to be collected. So can anyone show me where in the bible we have been instructed to tithe money and where it says that without that we cannot prosper. And please remember we are talking about tithing specifically and not giving in general.

Tithing has been a big topic in my household this year. I am not sure where I stand on whether you have to tithe. My thought though is tithing shows your faithfulness to the Lord and in turn He will bless you. I have been unemployed since February and my wife stays home with our girls. That being said, we continued to tithe even though there was no income coming in. Each month, when we were not sure how we were going to pay the bills, the Lord provided. He gave painting jobs to my wife she is an artist and website jobs for me a side job for me. Maybe, but I truly believe because we gave our finances up to the Lord in February, he has provided for us in his way. Give us this day our daily bread. Every day of every month this year he did just that and I know it is the power of tithing that blessed us!

I have 3 sons, 8, 6, and 4. Our household income has meets the standard of low-income. May God bless you as He has blessed us. Hi Dan Dickerson. It is such a relief that someone reads there bible thoroughly. I have really concerned and very worried over this issue of tithing. It showed to me that christians these days have no understanding whatsoever of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the liberty that this act has secured for us. Instead we seek to be tied down by the old testament doctrines which those of the old testament found difficult to bear. I discovered something else again in the book of Malachi that no one ever preaches about. They pick the money bit and live out the portion that says God hates divorce. Please I admonish us all, read your scriptures thoroughly.

Because it works does not make it right. The Mormons was born out of a personal experience and so many other pseudo christian groups. Coming to think of it, the richest people in the world did not become rich by tithing, they became rich by making sound investments and business moves. We want everything done for us and that is why these doctrines of sowing seeds, tithing etc. He that does not work, should not eat. Thats what the scriptures says. In my experience I have found that most of the blessing I have received from God came in the context of me doing something. But on to my main question for you… You seem like a very faithful Christian who really has a heart for God… What is your main motivation against people tithing?

I think I know where you are coming from, I used to be in a church where a visiting minister came in and made the non-tithers stand up and publicly rebuked them. Clearly this is off base since we should not be giving under compulsion. But, even aside from the issue of the tithe, giving causes a blessing for the giver. To the degree that we sow, we reap. It is seen all through out the scriptures and I think you probably agree with me on giving just not tithing right? Am really sorry for coming across like that and believe me, my comments are not directed at you but at the doctrine of tithing and the damage it has done and is still doing.

Maybe its a bit of misplaced aggression on my part since I cannot defend myself against the preachers that have battered me with this doctrine, I picked an easy target to vent my anger and completely forgot that everything has to be done in love. I apologise again. If we look at scriptures, we will find out the reason the law of tithing was introduced. It was a form of taxation in which the kingdom of Israel ran. The levites were the public office holders who provided, education, healthcare, legal mediation and spiritual advice. As such, the tithes were a means of providing for them and running the kingdom. The other thing the tithes were for was to provide for the less privileged, the orphans and the widows quite akin to the welfare system a lot of western countries today adapt.

It was never intended to be a show of righteousness The Pharisees made it so unfortunately. Not everybody in ancient Israel paid tithes. It was used to help folks like these. Instead they make these people believe their none payment of tithe makes their situation deserving. Is that Christianity? I think not. Sonyia I apologise for making reference to your situation, but Bob, do you think she has been fairly treated by her church? The early church took care of the needs of their members. I am so passionate about this because I have been a victim of this bible bashing. I was out of work for a about a year, my wife was expecting, I submitted numerous applications, I was afraid that I would lose my home, I was behind on the household bills and did not get any help from the church whatsoever.

Instead I was made to feel guilty for not tithing. Well a tenth of zero is what? And that was exactly what I had. However, in spite of what we were going through, I still gave to those who were worse off than myself but it did not count because I did not mark the tithe register in church and act like the priest and the levite who left their fellow Jew to die on the road in the parable of the good Samaritan. I eventually found a job and the Lord really smiled on my family and me and there the church was again berating me for not paying tithe again. Am not against giving, I am against this legalistic style of giving.

God has asked me to give my two months wages which I received in arrears and I did that. And believe me, it was not easy. God has asked me to empty my pockets and give when I barely had enough myself. I am not a tight fisted, disgruntled Christian with an axe to grind. It is the injustice meted upon well meaning folks who want to serve God that cuts me. Why should someone be kicked out of church for not paying tithes? Even adulterers and fornicators are not treated that badly. People are exploited and manipulated with a man made doctrine. If it were of God, it would not have been the burden it is today.

Families struggling financially would not be made to feel guilty and thus believe they brought their situation upon themselves. It pains me very much. May God bless you richly and am not sure if you are married but as I wrote this, I felt your wife being impressed in my heart. It is well with her. Anyway, in regards Sonyia, I agree with you — in fact, while we may disagree about the blessing that tithing brings, we agree that no one should be forcing anyone to give anything. In fact, the preacher I mentioned in the previous comment came to the church I was attending when I was out of work and was struggling financially. And God always sees things differently than we do…. I admire your sincerity. I have studied this subject quite intensely and know that this tithe debate rages on all over Christianity.

By motive, I mean; why do you tithe? Out of fear? To secure prosperity? Or are you doing it based on your relationship with God. Bible says anything not done in faith is sin. If you are doing it because you are being compelled, God is not in it. And definitely no blessings would follow. After Zacchaeus met with Jesus in Luke 19, he resolved to pay back all the he had collected deceitfully and also vowed to give a certain percentage of his wealth to the poor.

That was a personal choice, which he would get blessed for. Jesus did not make it a requirement for him to receive salvation. In as much as that was not tithing per say, am drawing on its connection to finances. I think if you tithe and you are doing it unto the Lord with a sincere heart, God will bless you for it and if you do not tithe and you are doing it unto the out of a sincere heart, you are not sinning either. Lets consider Romans 14 from the Message Bible. Remember, they have their own history to deal with. Treat them gently. God, after all, invited them both to the table.

If there are corrections to be made or manners to be learned, God can handle that without your help. There are good reasons either way. So, each person is free to follow the convictions of conscience. None of us are permitted to insist on our own way in these matters. And where does that leave you when you condescend to a sister? Read it for yourself in Scripture:. We, of course, by the way we treat it or talk about it, can contaminate it.

These, remember, are persons for whom Christ died. Would you risk sending them to hell over an item in their diet? Your task is to single-mindedly serve Christ. When you sit down to a meal, your primary concern should not be to feed your own face but to share the life of Jesus. So be sensitive and courteous to the others who are eating. From the above scripture we see that one has the right to compel anyone to tithe and no one has the right to compel anyone to do otherwise. It is a personal thing between each individual and God. I just want to say thanks to all who have offered commentary about my situation. While I find that many share my belief, I am not so confident that I will find a church home in MS that does.

Pray for me as I pray for you and may we all continue to seek and grow closer to God in these last and evil days! Just want to clarify that Jesus preach for the money but also care for the soul. And they do related. A Christian care about money already hurting his own soul. Blessing does not come after you tithing, it comes at the time you change your life style and offer your best to our Lord. Cut your cable, stop prescribe the magazine, eat less, shop only what you need not what you want… and want less month by month.

These practice bless me a lot. Another nice piece and quite informative too. I just pray that God intervenes in this situation that the church of today has placed itself. Faith has been so abused and it has been redefined as wishful thinking and at times a bit of stupidity. I fear that we are ging back to the time before the reformation. Now christianity has become more of a works thing than anything else. You are being bullied into accepting everything preached from the pulpit. If you raise any objection, you are tagged a rebel and made to believe you are a sinner. What is so painful about it is the fact that we in this dispensation have our bibles where we can actually study and know the truth for ourselves but those before the reformation did not have access to bibles and were easily decieved.

But God never leaves Himself without a witness, he will always reserve the who will not bow to baal. Thanks to the sacrifice of Jerome, Martin Luther and a lot of their contemporaries who sacrificed thier lives for the gospel, we now enjoy christianity. With the way the church has turned out night, may the labours of the reformers not be in vain. We now preach the very things they fought against! The just no longer lives by faith but by works. Jesus never told us to celebrate His birth; christmas was never in the bible! A clergy laity divide is present today that never existed in the early church. Am so sorry for seemingly steering us away from the issue at hand but ironically, this doctrine is actually a small part of the real problem; salvation by works.

Another reformation is coming and it is going to be a really big one. People would be exposed for what they really are and only the truth will prevail. The bible really says that the truth would become scarce, it most certainly is. I apologise once gain folks and paticularly to you Bob because this forum was not set up to discuss this but i just could not ignore the fact. Yes, I have cursed them already, Because you do not take it to heart. The principle is that blessings can be cursed. So the blessing resulting from tithing in Mal can be countered by generational curses or curses that come into our lives. By the same principle, blessings can soften the effect of curses. Thus the tribe of Levi had a curse that they would be scattered in Israel Gen

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