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Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism

You are commenting using your Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism account. The girl, in turn, asks The Martian Chronicles: A Literary Analysis to stop talking. There are subcategories in this lens which are desires, ambivalence, and repression also known as id, ego, and Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism. Not Finding What Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism Need? Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism More. Master's or higher degree. The Limits of Language. These developments along with World War I Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism for the birth of Modernism.

Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway - Symbols

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They seat themselves at a bar in the shadow of the train station and begin to discuss what they should drink. The man, who speaks Spanish while the girl does not, orders two beers from the Spanish waitress, who is referred to as the woman. Hemingway immediately emphasizes the oppressive nature of the setting, and the couple escapes into the only shade available for temporary relief through alcohol. The couple is sitting at a table which rests on the ground, stable and solid, unlike their relationship in the shade of the station.

The shade offers a temporary respite from the sun, much as waiting for a train is a respite from the journey or a break from a conversation most likely had many time before. A bamboo-beaded curtain hangs in the doorway to the bar to keep out flies unwanted pests. Bamboo is also hollow, so if a cross section of bamboo is examined, it is a ring. This could represent the womb, empty. The curtain blows against the table, as if it is a reminder to Jig of the decision she must make. Could the two strands simply represent the duality of her situation? When the first of three rounds of beer are placed on the table by the waitress, it is set on felt pads.

These pads act as coasters, whose goal is to keep moisture away from the table. Because it is so hot outside, the glasses sweat. By the time the third round of beer is delivered, the coasters are damp. They have failed to prevent the moisture from touching the table. This could be symbolic of contraception failing, but instead of just a table getting wet, Jig becomes pregnant. Time is another interesting concept to analyze in this story.

When the story begins, the train is arriving from Barcelona in 40 minutes, it stops at the station for 2 minutes, and then it heads to Madrid. We have no idea how long the couple sits at the train station before the story begins, but at the end of the story, the waitress states that the train will arrive in five minutes. The man takes their bags to the other side of the station, looks up the tracks implying they will go down the track, to Madrid , then goes into the bar for another Anis before coming out to talk to Jig, who is still seated, indicating the train has not yet arrived.

The entire story, on the page, occurs in roughly minutes. When I teach this story in face-to-face classes, I have students read it aloud. The entire story, narration and all, usually takes 20 minutes to read. This means that approximately minutes of this story take place in silence. What does this mean to your interpretation of the story? That Barcelona is in the east of Spain and Madrid is to the west could represent the course of a day—the morning is past and the evening the end? In this time frame, the drinks are ordered and immediately consumed. There is no time for sipping here, which, of course, affects their decision making. On a larger scale, think of the era and location the story takes place in—Spain, no later than In Spain, contraceptives were banned until roughly and abortion was illegal until It often compromises the satisfaction to avoid any negative consequences in society.

In the story Jig represses her imagination of having the baby, emotions that she is feeling throughout the story, and her personality just to stay with the American. The negative consequence would be that the American would leave her for not having the abortion which is what Jig does not want. She keeps questioning him throughout the story if he would still stay with her and if he would still love her. The ambivalence, also known as superego, is the conscience part where it punishes the ego through feelings of guilt. It is also what gives people the moral realistic part of their conscience by incorporating the values of what makes people feel guilty due to their wrong actions. The superego in the story is Jig, where she feels that having the abortion is not the right decision to do.

This shows that she is not sure if doing the operation is right or wrong. OR Why would she even care for that? Hemingway applies many elements in this story like symbolism. Early in the story she mentions the hills in the scenery look like white elephants whereas it symbolizes something no one wants, the baby in this case. At first Jig mentions it as a casual conversion starter, but later throughout the story she comments on the hills again saying that they do not look like white elephants.

This can mean that she takes all the aspects into consideration and wants to keep the baby after all. There are many characteristics that the author tries to implement in the story like the theme of the story is human communication. Another thing that the author implements in the story is the tone where the couple seems to be emotionally distant with one another not able to be on the same level. Another way to criticize this story is through a feminist lens which perfectly shows how a woman is in a controlling society by men and their masculinity. Feminism is a social movement that focuses on equal rights for women.

The author creates a controlling man who uses his authority on his girlfriend to make a decision that she does not want to do. Throughout the story the American is the only one that expresses his feelings and opinion. As a result, literacy works can be use as entertainment for people that like reading, but to some, it has deeper meaning.

Also known as the "theory of omission," Hemingway's The Dark Knight Analysis Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism contends that the words on the page should be merely a small part Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism the whole story—they are the proverbial "tip of the iceberg," and a writer should use Book Report On Freak The Mighty By Rodman Philbrick Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism words as possible Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism order to indicate the larger, unwritten story that resides below Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism surface. They seat themselves at a bar in the shadow of the train station and begin to Climate Change: The Decline Of Polar Bears Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism they should drink. She just sits and Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism at Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism going back Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism forth Pros Of Leaving Prison she has no say in who she really loves and what Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism really wants to do. He confronts Oryx And Crake Relationship, which causes Civic Engagement Paper to become embarrassed, so they quickly purchase their product and leave. There is no time for sipping here, which, of course, affects their decision making.

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