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The Lottery Quote Analysis

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“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson Connections, Summary, \u0026 Analysis

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Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Everything you need for every book you read. The way the content is organized and presented is seamlessly smooth, innovative, and comprehensive. Tessie Hutchinson The woman selected by the lottery to be sacrificed, she is stoned to death by the villagers at the very end of the story. Summers and Mr. Graves always prepare the slips of paper, and then the box is kept overnight in the safe of the coal company. For the rest of the year, the box is stored in Mr. Even though the villagers value tradition, many of the specific parts of their traditions have been lost with time. This suggests that the original purpose of the lottery has also been forgotten, and the lottery is now an empty ritual, one enacted simply because it always has been.

When we later learn the significance of the slips of paper, it seems horribly arbitrary that they are simply made by a person the night before. The Power of Tradition. In preparation for the lottery, Mr. Summers creates lists of the heads of families, heads of households in each family, and members of each household in each family. Graves properly swears in Mr. Summers as the officiator of the lottery. Some villagers recall that there used to be a recital to accompany the swearing in, complete with a chant by the officiator. Others remembered that the officiator was required to stand in a certain way when he performed the chant, or that he was required to walk among the crowd.

A ritual salute had also been used, but now Mr. Summers is only required to address each person as he comes forward to draw from the black box. Summers is dressed cleanly and seems proper and important as he chats with Mr. Graves and the Martins. The lottery involves organizing the village by household, which reinforces the importance of family structures here. This structure relies heavily on gender roles for men and women, where men are the heads of households, and women are delegated to a secondary role and considered incapable of assuming responsibility or leadership roles. Even though the setting of this story is a single town, it is generic enough that it might be almost anywhere. In doing this, Jackson essentially makes the story a fable—the ideas explored here are universal.

Human Nature. Just as Mr. Summers stops chanting in order to start the lottery, Mrs. Tessie Hutchinson arrives in the square. She tells Mrs. She dries her hands on her apron. Delacroix reassures her that Mr. She is different from the other villagers, and thus a potential rebel against the structure of the village and the lottery. Family Structure and Gender Roles. Hutchinson looks through the crowd for her husband and children. The crowd parts for her as she joins them at the front, and some point out her arrival to her husband. Tessie jokes back that Mr. The crowd laughs. Tessie joins her family in the crowd, as all the villagers stand with their households, but her sense of humor sets her apart from the rest.

She is clearly well-liked and appreciated by the villagers, which makes her eventual fate all the more surprising and disturbing. Summers says that they had better get started and get this over with so that everyone can go back to work. He asks if anyone is missing and, consulting his list, points out that Clyde Dunbar is absent with a broken leg. He asks who will be drawing on his behalf. Summers asks—although he knows the answer, but he poses the question formally—whether or not she has a grown son to draw for her. Dunbar says that her son Horace is only sixteen, so she will draw on behalf of her family this year. Dunbar is the only woman to draw in the lottery, and the discussion of her role in the ritual proceedings emphasizes the theme of family structure and gender roles.

Summers asks if the Watson boy is drawing this year. Jack Watson raises his hand and nervously announces that he is drawing for his mother and himself. Summers finishes up his questions by asking if Old Man Warner has made it. Jack earns respect and identity as a man among the villagers by drawing in the lottery. A hush falls over the crowd as Mr. Everyone should hold his paper without opening it until all the slips have been drawn.

The crowd is familiar with the ritual, and only half-listens to these directions. As the reading of names continues, Mrs. Delacroix says to Mrs. Graves that is seems like no time passes between lotteries these days. It seems like they only had the last one a week ago, she continues, even though a year has passed. Graves agrees that time flies. Delacroix is called forward, and Mrs. Delacroix holds her breath. Snap shots of village life, like the conversation between Mrs. Delacroix and Mrs. Graves, develop the humanity of the characters and makes this seem just like any other small town where everyone knows each other.

The small talk juxtaposed against murder is what makes the story so powerful. Graves watches Mr. Throughout the crowd, men are holding slips of paper, nervously playing with them in their hands.

Resources Blog Articles. A decade of experience optimizing and contributing The Lottery Quote Analysis to open source. The Beatles Come Together Analysis Lottery. He runs the coal The Lottery Quote Analysis in town, but his neighbors pity him because his The Lottery Quote Analysis is Cosmological Argument and the couple The Lottery Quote Analysis no children.

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