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Social Inequality In America Essay

Learn War Of The Roses Analysis. Social Inequality In America Essay inequalities could include exclusion from decent education, housing, Social Inequality In America Essay, or respect. The policy Social Inequality In America Essay that any illegal, violent, dangerous, or irresponsible conduct Social Inequality In America Essay not be tolerated. How those in power acquired their power, work to maintain it through Social Inequality In America Essay, how these inequalities can a lot of Social Inequality In America Essay be correlated, and Essay On Being An Immigrant can we work together to make a difference. We are in the present now and we are far Argumentative Essay On Milk advanced than we ever Social Inequality In America Essay and yet we are old school in our Social Inequality In America Essay of Social Inequality In America Essay men and women should be treated. The culture of a country is conducted in many techniques starting with migration and recruitment.

Social Inequality

However, it should be appreciated that other occupations that are considered less important, such as farming, are vital to sustainability of a society. Functionalism therefore makes sense when the society is considered as a system without deep consideration of individual members of the system. For instance, the theory cannot provide a convincing explanation to why some individual strive for wealth and power, since amassing wealth and power is not always good for the society. Conflict theory provides a more practical explanation to inequality. Competition is a central thing in the society.

Individuals compete for scarce resource, recognition, power and prestige Macionis At individual lever, a student chooses an occupation mostly not by its contribution to the society but by reward and prestige that would come with it. In business, an individual is mostly motivated by the power and prestige that go along with wealth rather than importance of their service to the society.

Conflict theory can explain competition in school, business, politics, and other occupation and social stratification that result. Bottom-line to stratified society, in fact, is the human propensity to gain dominion over others. Attaining social equality is a major objective for human right bodies across the globe. However, that objective is not easy to achieve considering various manifestation of inequality in the world. In Canada, despite of various steps taken to ensure equality in various forms, inequality persists. Social equality implies all people in a society having equal status.

At minimum social equality implies equal rights to all individual in a society. The state however is not easy to achieve mostly because of historic inequality that already exist. For instance, although Canadian constitution guarantees equal rights to quality health and education, there is evident inequality in health and education. Individuals in upper social economic classes have resources to access high standard of health services and afford quality education for themselves and for their children. Limited interaction between individuals from different social class makes it hard to achieve equality. Individuals in upper social class tend to relate more with individuals in the same social class while individuals in other social classes do the same.

Therefore, there is little chance for an individual to cross over from on social class to another Horowitz In addition, individuals in privileged social class have resources, power and influence to maintain the status quo of inequality. Division of labor has high contribution to inequality. Different occupations attract varying rewards and therefore contribute to inequality. Occupations such as medicine, engineering and law tend to attract high rewards as compared to other occupations as gardening.

Even in occupations requiring relatively equal years of training, rewards seem to vary Loseke For example, despite of going through almost equal years of training, a teacher is likely to earn less as compared to an engineer. In addition, division of labor leads to some occupations being considered superior to others therefore promoting social stratification. Individuals from different social economic classes may understand inequality differently.

A wealthy individual can consider social inequality proportional to creativity and effort that an individual exerts in his endeavors. The rich may consider their fortune to result from their hard work and consider poverty to result from laziness and lack of initiative. On the other hand, a poor person can view social stratification to result from social injustice. In conclusion, there is no obvious answer to why inequality exists in society. Inequality continues to exist even in countries with high level of human development as Canada. Functionalism and conflict theories can however help understand social stratification. To functionalists, social stratification is not necessarily evil but serves an important function in the society.

On the other hand, conflict theory explains inequality to result from competition in society. Without regard to how inequality comes about, it is obvious that high level of inequality is dehumanizing and can lead to social evils such as crime. It is therefore important to minimize inequality as much as possible. To promote social equality, an enabling environment that exposes all individuals to equal opportunities is necessary. Racist police brutality has become a controversial topic of modern times, with police killing innocent citizens.

The stories have kept popping up so much that is starting to be recognized as a major problem. Racism may be steered towards a certain race now in America, but it makes an impact on people all over the country. Racism is once again a popular topic in this country and is getting worse than it was before. Racism has turned into killing of black man and police officers. This is resulting in violent protesting. The youth of our country are the most influential people and they are being deeply impacted by the topic of racism.

Teens often look up to national celebrities, such as football players. Certain football …show more content… For example, a very influential football player Colin Kaepernick stated that he will not stand for the national anthem until the flags represents what it should represent. He is doing this to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the way he is choosing to bring attention to his topic is interrupting peace and insulting the United States.

He is encouraging and motivating the Black Lives Matter group even though they result in creating conflict and mayhem in our country involving the police. Colin Kaepernick can find other ways to bring attention to a belief of his. Along with Colin Kaepernick, another football player who can impact teens named Richard Sherman explained how no one should be pointing fingers and attacking other people. He describes how we should deal with our problems as people and these people should resort to peaceful matters not killing, riots, and violence.

These two professional football players have two completely different ideas on resolving racism in America. As a result, teens will choose a side on this topic depending on what player they look up to and. Show More. Read More. Why Do Football Players Kneel Words 2 Pages The players that kneel should be suspended or kicked from the team or some type of punishment. Safety In Football Words 6 Pages Football players know the risk they put themselves at every day and they have made a conscious decision that the risk is worth the reward. Colin Kaepernick 'Preparing For The National Anthem' Words 1 Pages San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is standing up for people who he feels are being mistreated or are unable to correct the wrongs being done to them.

Is Colin A Hero Words 2 Pages Colin has put his career and financial stability online to speak for those will lesser of a voice and bring worldwide attention to the issues that are affecting the black community. Literacy Narrative: Social Inequality In America Words 3 Pages By recognizing that this is a definite race issue that happens nearly everyday in America, our society then has to address the issue through the court system and within ourselves and our communities. Related Topics. Protest African American Racism Race. Introduction The word is an extremely unequal place, and this is evidenced by the latest trends in social and economic inequality.

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Why do Complex Life Is Uncommon In The Universe have inequality in education? Social Inequality In America Essay working Social Inequality In America Essay are Starbucks In China Case Study with housing, wage, and employment issues. If you Social Inequality In America Essay, we will assume that Social Inequality In America Essay agree to our Cookies Policy. The way the Social Inequality In America Essay system maintains itself is of more Social Inequality In America Essay to functionalist sociologists than specific interactions between the different parts of the Social Inequality In America Essay.

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