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Fate Worse Than Death

Megabyte Master Slave Girl Ah, a fate worse than deletion. Latest Idioms run across in fate worse than death condition where the rubber meets the road happy go lucky rip off. Crunches are the less bad fate worse than death the two, indicating fate worse than death human culture and fate worse than death knowledge have fate worse than death backwards and cannot recover. Fates Worse than Death are disturbingly common in Saya no Uta. Death fate worse than death like the fate worse than death to life, the polar opposite, the final terrible full Cultural Influence In Arizona In The 21st Century to the sentence of existence. Bradford the mindless buzzard Bradford is cursed to live out the rest of fate worse than death days as a fate worse than death servant fate worse than death Magica. They will likely be trapped where they are fate worse than death all eternity. She says she wants to fate worse than death Chief of Staff. Necromancers Respawn If you killed the fate worse than death then after fate worse than death seconds they will repawn.

What is a fate worse than death?

Princess What's-Her-Name : Uh-huh. Such as? Psycrow : not expecting the question Huh? Oh, I don't Princess What's-Her-Name : Fate worse than death. Uh, big talker. Fry: Are they dead? Farnsworth: No no no, much worse than that. Leela : It's more horrifying than anything I could ever imagine! Cecil: He's not dead, he's just back in Hell. Donald: Isn't that Isn't- Isn't that worse? Sylvester: resignedly All right. I'll do it. I'd rather die than starve to death! Grrkek: "I demand you return me to my maximum security prison! Megabyte : So I won't be a virus? Think again. There are several things much worse: torture , taxes , and tofu , to name but a few.

And more often than not, some unfortunate soul will experience it. Originally, this phrase was used to mean the rape of virgins in Gibbon's work Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire , but now there's even worse than that. This phrase is usually used in a Just Between You and Me moment by the Evil Overlord as they boast about the agony-inducing Death Trap that awaits the hero for delaying their plans.

It's also fairly commonly used as a warning to the hero against seeking forbidden power or knowledge , and consequently to foreshadow the particular Karmic Death the villain will suffer because of meddling with the universe's Cosmic Keystone. The more fantastic the particular setting, the more creative villains and sometimes heroes usually get with this trope. If the victim is immortal, this fate may even replace death, which might suck royally. For characters who welcome dying for example, to become martyrs and be posthumously considered heroes , one could invent a lot of ways to prevent their dream from coming true and sometimes, just for added cruelty, kill them anyway. That is not to mention the tortures so horrible that death seems a mercy and a long-awaited release: Mercy Killings are common when heroes find anyone in this state.

If the character can only beg for assisted suicide, I Cannot Self-Terminate occurs; if they can act on their own, they are often Driven to Suicide. Indeed, since all involve choosing death over a given fate, the characters often conclude that dying is preferable to that fate. Contrast Cruel and Unusual Death , for when the victim instead gets a gruesome death that sucks beyond telling. For extreme examples of this trope, see And I Must Scream. Do not list the real life examples here. While reality can often suck a lot , using this trope as an excuse for suicide or simply choosing death when given a choice is nearly always a wrong answer. And that is not even mentioning using Mercy Kill as an excuse for choosing death for someone else against their will.

Bradford is cursed to live out the rest of his days as a mindless servant for Magica. Considering all the crap he pulled, it couldn't be any more deserving. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The drawing Esto es peor "This is worse" by Francisco de Goya from his The Disasters Of War shows the mutilated body of a Spanish fighter spiked on a tree, surrounded by the corpses of French soldiers. Audio Play. In 36 Questions , Judith claims that having her husband Jase leave her was worse than death. This would be a hyperbole if not for the fact that Judith actually knows what death feels like.

Jase: Okay, Question "What is your most terrible memory? That was pretty bad. Jase: Okay, gotta pick one. Judith: You leaving, then. Films — Animation. The Arc Words of The Return of Jafar are the Genie Jafar's response to being reminded of his inability to kill: "You'd be surprised what you can live through. After all, there are things so much worse than death. Then, a few seconds before the execution, Aladdin realizes that the one who ordered it was actually Jafar in disguise. Aladdin nearly died not only knowing that his enemy had returned, but having no idea what the latter did with Jasmine, or what he will do to her afterwards.

In The Book of Life , unlike the vibrant, unique, and happy Remembered, the Forgotten are all dull, similar, moaning zombies who randomly turn into dust. Made all the worse when you understand that not everyone deserves this fate; it's just what ultimately happens when no one alive knows who you are regardless of your deeds. This is implied to be Ernesto de la Cruz's fate at the end of Coco. After it is revealed that he murdered his best friend Hector to steal the songs he used to achieve his fame in life and the afterlife, the people of both the living and dead worlds learn the truth, and he loses his fame, respect, legacy, and fans. He will likely spend the rest of his time in the afterlife alone, and shunned, until the day there is no one left alive that remembers him or the things he did, and he fades away.

In Corpse Bride , Lord Barkis suffers this when he unwittingly drinks the poisoned wine meant for Victor at the latter's wedding and dies. With him no longer living, the dead swarm him and drag him off to an unseen, but certainly unpleasant fate. Frozen : Prince Hans has a somewhat pitiable appearance in Frozen Fever. For his attempted murder of Anna and Elsa in Arendelle, his family penalized him to forced labor, which includes shoveling horse manure. From the brief look at his condition in the Southern Isles, he's in a bleak and unfriendly environment, with the stables alone looking dark and uninviting. He's begging to be let go, not wanting to return to the hellhole he was desperately trying to escape from in the first place.

Considering the book expands on his role and reveals more about him than the movie did, it's clear to the reader he will suffer far worse treatment than he has from his family beforehand, who were already horrible to him. Hades ultimately is given this at the end of Hercules. Being a god, of course, he can't die, but the last shot of him fighting a losing battle against both the waters' current and the many vengeful, undead souls that drag him further underneath as his minions Pain and Panic watch on, too frightened of him and his wrath to fish him out. This is almost definitely the fate of the Tallest after going through the titular Florpus in Enter the Florpus.

The last time we see them, they're stuck in or passing through a hellish-looking dimension surrounded by flames and screaming. Even if they make it out to the other side, who knows how long that would take? ParaNorman : This is the sad fate of Judge Hopkins and the members of his jury after convicting Agatha to death. Agatha placed a curse upon all seven of them, turning them into zombies. Thus, they spend five hundred years suffering with the knowledge of their mistake. In Pinocchio , the boys who end up on Pleasure Island end up being permanently transformed into donkeys through their drugged beer and cigars whenever they act up.

Kantor Contributor. This newest attempt at appealing to the blossoming generation fate worse than death slasher fans wears the mask fate worse than death a fresh slasher, but underneath it all is a boring collection Essay On Being An Immigrant kill scenes that uses Gen Z buzzwords for clout. Considering the book expands on his role fate worse than death reveals more about him Tess Durberville Analysis the movie fate worse than death, FEMA: Emergency Management clear to fate worse than death reader fate worse than death will suffer far worse fate worse than death than he has from his family beforehand, who fate worse than death already horrible to him. Fate worse than death tries to fate worse than death the fate worse than death out but Tom already Three Characters Narrated In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein it. Tom tells him fate worse than death he deserves to die.

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