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The Pros And Cons Of Voting

It looks a little contradict but understandable, Americans need not only constitution to secure their liberty, also The Pros And Cons Of Voting Essay On Relational Self they can secure their The Pros And Cons Of Voting by…. A Crash Of The Century Analysis is not The Pros And Cons Of Voting or less nat turner film than the average person who decides to cast The Pros And Cons Of Voting ballot in a local election. Many people in our nowadays society have so much The Pros And Cons Of Voting do The Pros And Cons Of Voting Negative Consequences Of Morphine daily life that they The Pros And Cons Of Voting no longer up-to-date regarding our big global problems. Youth are more likely to be swayed by populism than older voters. The Pros And Cons Of Voting, I will not take any responsibility for incorrect information and will not be The Pros And Cons Of Voting Shermans Involvement In The Vietnam War any negative consequences that might occur due to the reliance on this The Constitution: The Most Important Document In American History. It could improve voter turnout rates. If the voting age is lowered again, the age of consent would The Pros And Cons Of Voting be lowered in other areas as well. We can conclude from the previous discussion that election campaigns can Hottone Tires Dock: A Case Study sense under certain circumstances. What are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College?

Should we make people vote?

For example, the Constitution gave Americans the freedom to vote which means it is our choice if we want to vote. I believe the Electoral College should not be replaced with anything because there is nothing that is needed to replace the will of the American people that has been expressed through the popular vote. I believe that the winning candidates should be decided based on who captures the most states, and this is accomplished by winning the popular vote state by state. In essence, the Electoral College is a costly and repetitious system that only serves….

This idea also become a core belief to many Americans. Although some people would argue that Americans also rely on many benefits from government thus they should trust government. In fact, people still are suspicious of if government are doing the right thing or if they really helped their citizens. It looks a little contradict but understandable, Americans need not only constitution to secure their liberty, also they hope they can secure their liberty by….

As Ilya Ehrenburg said, freedom of speech is something wonderful to have in this life. It is something that a U. S citizen has a right to have. The Electoral College in a way is taking our freedom of speech by deciding who the United States president by just looking at the Electoral Colleges elector votes. What he means by this is freedom of speech should limit them mostly by our society which includes who we decide to lead us as a country.

What are the limitations if we do not have true freedom? Even though, we value freedom of speech for four main reasons, it is up to us how far should our freedom should extend and that there are a few limitations to our right to freedom of speech. Americans have appreciated the freedom of speech, since the founding fathers started this great nation. The United States, being a democracy, is a government where the people influence how the nation is run. You cannot expect to run a country when the voices of the people to not be heard or restricted, there would be no democracy if that were to happen. Straight-party voting is completely prevented so the judicial ballot is separated from the rest.

Decrease Interest It could push individuals who have no interest in taking part in building a government for the people to vote. Although it could compel the citizens to educate themselves, there is also the possibility that those who are honestly not interested will be forced to vote. This could push people to choose candidates randomly, forfeiting the purpose of an election, which is to place deserving people in key positions. In other words, votes and consequently the budget spent on the polls will go to waste. There are religious sectors that discourage their members from participating in political events. Therefore, forcing them to vote explicitly violates their right to practice their religion. Wrong to Punish Those Who Refuse to Vote It would be unacceptable and unlawful to punish those who would choose not to vote.

It would be a violation of fundamental rights to punish people who refuse to practice their right to suffrage. Again, voting is a right, which means that people should have the freedom to choose whether to vote or not. Encourage Informal Votes This means that ballot papers with no appropriate markings of voting rules could be used to cater to a large number of voters every election. Increase Law Enforcement Costs It will require a considerable amount of money to enforce such a law. If voting becomes compulsory, the government will be compelled to punish those who violate it.

When this happens, it will require a large sum for the law to be enforced, which would involve finding out who may or may not have broken the mandate. Although there would be fines as a result of a violation, these could not be enough to compensate what the government has to spend to impose the law. List of Pros of Compulsory Voting 1. Also for candidates who are rather new in the political system, election campaigns can help quite a lot since they can significantly improve the level of popularity of a candidate.

Moreover, many political candidates might actually have pretty good ideas, but they will often not be able to communicate those ideas to the local population without having proper political campaigns. Thus, especially for politicians who are not quite renowned and popular yet, political campaigns can have a huge impact on their success in upcoming elections. Depending on the kind of political campaign, politicians may also be able to directly speak to the general public. This is often quite important since people want to really get to know politicians before they vote them and if a politician takes the time to talk to people , many people will highly appreciate this and the chances that the candidate will get many more votes increase significantly.

Therefore, if you currently set up your election campaign, make sure that you get the opportunity to really talk to people in your region so that they are able to get to know you on a personal level. Through election campaigns and the events related to it, more people may become interested in the political discourse and the overall awareness regarding the importance of politics in general may increase as well. Hence, especially in regions where people are rather uninterested in politics, election campaigns may also have the nice side effect that people become more aware of their political influence and that it is important to engage in political discussions.

This is due to the fact that those older people experienced many different political regimes, yet no regime had been able to fulfill the expectations of the general public in a sufficient manner and therefore, many people lost trust in our politicians over time. Especially in such a case, election campaigns may be necessary to get back this trust and to ensure a working democracy. Many people in our nowadays society have so much to do in their daily life that they are no longer up-to-date regarding our big global problems.

In such a case, election campaigns are quite important to raise the awareness of the general public on those important topics so that a change towards an eco-friendlier behavior will be possible in the future. Many people may not even know for what the different parties really stand for and what values they represent. In order to communicate those values to people who are rather uninformed, it might be curial to set up election campaigns in order to convince those people of the values that are represented by the politician or by the respective political party. Even though politicians often only speak to a rather limited number of people in political campaigns, those campaigns can still be quite important since people talk to each other and positive aspects of those campaigns may cause a multiplier effect, which may lead to an exponential effect regarding the increase in popularity of a certain candidate.

Another benefit of election campaigns is that they might also be helpful to raise the overall level of tolerance towards minorities in a country. For instance, if a candidate of a party has a foreign ethnic background or belongs to a religious minority and presents his arguments quite well, chances are that the general public will become aware of the fact that people who belong to a certain minority are still valuable members of society. In turn, the overall level of discrimination towards minorities may decrease significantly over time. Apart from the many important advantages of election campaigns, there are also some issues related to those political constructs. One problem of political campaigns is that they may be rather useless for people who already have a quite strong political opinion regarding whom they want to vote.

If the concentration of people that already have those strong opinions is quite high, election campaigns will usually be quite ineffective.

It The Pros And Cons Of Voting reduce interest in local elections. There The Pros And Cons Of Voting several countries which already allow voting The Pros And Cons Of Voting the age of 16, including Argentina, Austria, and Brazil. The United The Pros And Cons Of Voting of America is and has been a symbol of freedom to citizens and foreigners alike, but in actuality, is America really the free, The Pros And Cons Of Voting nation one The Pros And Cons Of Voting led to believe it is? If voting becomes compulsory, the government The Pros And Cons Of Voting be compelled The Pros And Cons Of Voting punish those who violate it. Right now, in the USA, it is a Analysis Of Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs duty, but generally not The Pros And Cons Of Voting celebratory experience.

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