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Summary Of Laurent Duboiss Soccer Empire

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Scholl Lecture Series: Laurent Dubois

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Manufacture color Manufacture color video monitors, video liquid crystal and plasma displays, coin doors, coin mechanisms and other related distribution products. Includes product data, company news, and financial information. Details products, services, events and contact information. Rule system descriptions, online shop for products and product announcements. To his credit, Dubois decentres the naturalized privilege of the men's game and spends much time with the history of women's soccer in England and America, choosing many case studies with care and passion. As anyone who is familiar with his previous book Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France will expect, Dubois also spends time with Zidane and Thuram while thinking about the colonial aspects of the game.

However, at the end of the day this is an introduction and not a deeper survey or a critique, and therefore the superficiality can frustrate someone looking for more case studies, critical commentary, or reflection on the historical sketch provided. This wouldn't be so frustrating if I didn't know that Dubois can provide so, so much more! He is a wealth of passion about the game and I'd give much to have the book that he can write that reflects that richness, instead of the one marketed for a general audience. A wonderful book all told, albeit with a specific audience in mind.

And of course, there's no time better to read about soccer than during the World Cup! Sep 01, Brad rated it liked it. I feel a little conflicted trying to figure out how to review this book. Parts gave me goosebumps, and parts kind of made me roll my eyes. He tried hard to make it appeal to people from all levels of soccer background and succeeded fairly well. I really appreciated some of the political history, the chance to relive some beautiful moments, and the positive tone throughout the book about how special football is.

It resonated with me! Also, even as a big fan of the Messi v Ronaldo rivalry it was r I feel a little conflicted trying to figure out how to review this book. That may be because neither of them is French That said, I felt like the book had an agenda albeit an important agenda! I would have appreciated a dedicated chapter highlighting the authors agenda as opposed to being constantly slapped in the face with it throughout the entire book.

But worth the read! Mar 20, Dave rated it really liked it. Dubois' deep love for the game of soccer has produced a highly accessible book about the game. It encompasses history, politics, strategy and tactics, all told from the perspective of a keen fan who is lucky or driven enough to attend World Cup matches all over the world for years. The book is cleverly organized by position on the field, and also has chapters on the manager and the fan.

I learned a lot from this book and added attending a Premier League match and a World Cup match to my bucket li Dubois' deep love for the game of soccer has produced a highly accessible book about the game. I learned a lot from this book and added attending a Premier League match and a World Cup match to my bucket list. Apr 03, Peter Joseph rated it it was amazing. A masterpiece. The sub title could lull one into thinking this is about understanding tactics. That is part of it In was riveted by this book and ended up looking more into each footballer and the classis matches described within.

There are so many great anecdotes from footballers across the centuries that I couldn't help give this book a rare five stars. From 19th century female trailblazers to Pele, Cruyff, Maradonn A masterpiece. Dec 14, Roger Smitter rated it it was amazing. This book was a good choice for me to learn about the sport of soccer. Author Laurent DuBois devotes a chapter to every position on the soccer field. While we don't get an understanding of how the players work together, we can better understand why the sport has captured so many fans world wide. Chapter 7, the last chapter, makes the case for why soccer is a game for all of the world, the other six chapters provide insight to the roles of the players and, perhaps as important, why fans love the This book was a good choice for me to learn about the sport of soccer.

Chapter 7, the last chapter, makes the case for why soccer is a game for all of the world, the other six chapters provide insight to the roles of the players and, perhaps as important, why fans love the sport. Dec 04, Roberto Chavez rated it liked it Shelves: sports. In my opinion, soccer is a difficult sport to write about. Soccer is fluid; the game changes almost second by second. Writing tries to preserve action to make it accessible the same way again and again. Soccer can be technical, but writing about technical soccer turns it into one of the most boring things to read. I welcome this attempt, but it was not for me. May 28, Michael Knolla rated it liked it. Very accessible read for those new to the sport. Section on Lilly Parr worth the price of the book on its own.

Jun 20, Maxwell Schneider rated it really liked it Shelves: sports , non-fiction. This book started out and ended strongly, but I felt like the middle was trying to cover too much history and so it came up short. Still a solid read and a nice aggregation of fantastic thinking on soccer Hornby, Knausgaard, and Galeano. Jun 30, Evan Low rated it really liked it. An easy and good read for me during the one day break of the World Cup. Good for people who want to understand more about the beautiful game, also a reminder for the rest of us why we love this so much. Jul 26, Shannon rated it it was amazing. I have tried to read books about soccer in the past, and none of them grabbed me.

I loved this one. It had me Youtubing game clips, corresponding with historians about situations depicted, and discussing historical matches or plays with soccer fans. Excellent book that can serve as an introduction to football for someone just beyond a novice to an expert. Football is a game for all and the author treats it as such. May 07, Jim Becker rated it really liked it. Pretty good explanation of each position on the pitch. With historical insights.

Jun 25, Bryce Doty rated it liked it. Not bad. Some good anecdotes. Most of my favorite passages were extended quotes from other sources though. Jul 16, Ctazelaar rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. A great read during the World Cup. The tournament enhanced my enjoyment of the book and vice versa. Jul 20, Jim rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Chapters on the goalkeeper, the defender, the midfielder, the forward, the manager, the referee, and the fan.

Nice discussion on each along with historical anecdotes. Sunshine vitamin: Why you need adequate levels of vitamin D. Pinkvilla Desk. Woman Maoist killed, two jawans injured in encounter in Odisha. Read More. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I am already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve?

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