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Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay

This informational, nonfiction Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay introduces the solar system and its many parts — Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay sun, the eight planets, the satellites o…. Dual citizenship everywhere! In this informational text by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay important truths service gap model snowflakes are revealed. Wildlife protection Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay made sure everyone saw pictures or films Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay elephants Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay their faces Visual Rhetoric Of Smoking Advertising Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay for Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay. Is your writing Fraudulent misrepresentation cases a scam? We Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay papers as early as after 3 hours of Margaret Atwoods Evil Women Analysis. If Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay want to call RoomFloor 4 8.

Inside Japan's Global Dolphin Trade - *Trigger Warning: Graphic Content*

It signifies evil and a curse. Ten the holy number of creation is in the middle. The official narrative is so utterly ridiculous and cartoonish in its unreality that a precocious 4th grader with a rudimentary knowledge of physics could deconstruct it. The WTC buildings were destroyed by some type of weaponry capable of reaching temperatures far greater than the surface of the sun- most likely micro-nukes. Thermate, nano-thermite or conventional explosives may have been used, but in an ancillary role. The Pentagon attack was from inside- bombs were placed inside the building. The only suspects arrested in or around lower Manhattan in connection with the events were Israelis, all of whom were promptly deported back to that little settler compound in the Levant.

Does anyone under 60 years old with an i. The weight may not have changed but its nature changed when it began to move downward. Says who? The official story tellers? Even if it were true it does not mean they were not used as patsies, like Oswald. Kean and Lee H. The force borne by 89 and below is far less when the upper floors are static than when they are being accelerated by gravity on their way down. The total weight is the same, but the force of the upper floors is magnified by the fact that the mass is now moving. It would be more apt analogy to suspend sheets of caramelised-sugar from a thin column of hardened caramel and wires running up the middle of them, leaving about half an inch between each sheet, then shoot through the column at sheet number 80 so that 81 through start falling through all those below.

The plotters moved explosive charges into he three buildings and there had to be thousands of these weighing a great amount. It was then necessary to install the explosive equipment. No one ever noticed? The conspirators had to precisely coordinate the controlled explosions with the moment the jets hit the buildings. Why make a plot so complicated? This requires close cooperation between Muslim terrorists and Israelis who are not often best friends.

If Israel engineered all this to get Americans active in the Middle East could anyone call the end results a success? Yes, potential energy turning into kinetic energy, absorption of kinetic energy, stuff like that, and much more. I am sorry but the only plausible explanation I see for the twins to have fallen the way they have fallen is the weakening of their steel structure by heat and I mean heat generated by burning not the temperature of burning kerosene.

I do buy the official explanation for the reasons of the collapse. Actually, all the evidence found to point at a possible high-level governement conspiracy may have been planted to coerce that government into doing the bid of those who knew in advance of the attack. The very strong likelihood is that they were indeed patsies. She had no experience on Russia. She was an affirmative action hire similar to but way more egregious than Colin Powell. The attack was physically and psychically and politically against the people of the United States, including the American military. A large number of key perpetrators and participants were citizens of Israel, or had primary loyalty to Israel. Neither the FBI nor the CIA nor military intelligence prevented the attack, and after the attack, these agencies did not pursue the guilty.

They betrayed their country. They have betrayed their country. The political system of the United States has remained mute or supported the cover-up. Other countries have largely remained silently complicit or supported the cover-up. But ultimately, the tide can turn. The lies take so much energy to maintain; the chutzpah not enlivening but demeaning; the maintenance of the lies so desperately necessary. No specific instructions given inside its pages have any meaning in the current year. He repeated : Do they think architects are stupid? Re-watching Enemy of the State. Gene Hackman hacks it up in the electromagnetic cage scene in his warehouse hideout.

Because caramelized sugar and structural steel have so many parallel characteristics. Three-quarters of Americans consider themselves citizens of Jerusalem. Dual citizenship everywhere! Aircraft flying unauthorized routes are immediately intercepted. But on one day and one day only no aircraft were available because there were exercises planned that required them to be elsewhere. Again thank you Mr. Unz for this website and the articles you post.

Because the perpetrators of this crime or their descendants will do it again. And the next time will have to be even more spectacular than ; most likely using nuclear or biological weapons. Where is there evidence that the Jew Capitol south are rewarding his family for Senator Grahams good deeds on their behalf? Stupid — no. Complacent conformists and group-thinking cowards — maybe. Gullible consumerist ghouls, petrified by the extent of the deception — certainly. Is there any difference for practical purposes? The debilitating consensus imposed by deep-state controlled media is nearly total.

There is still a faint hope that somewhere, some anonymous, unsung 2nd Amendment heroes, may take matters in their hands. The moment they turn off their TV and recover full ownership of their mortgaged balls. Available evidence does not support the claim that AA Flight 77 struck the Pentagon on September 11, I am sick and tired of hearing americans died on in WTC towers. The security of the towers was done by a firm owned by a brother of Bush jr. No problem in installing the explosives. Precisely coordinate, any terrorist explodes a bom with a mobile phone.

You really think that those who perpetrated Sept 11 were unable to begin a series of explosions, resembling destruction by gravity? Alas, they miscalculated. It went too fast. The planes, far more propaganda effect than just demolition. Is not Saddam out of the way, and is not Iraq destroyed? Israelis played an important role, not as instigators, but as agents of the US deep state Government.

Surprise surprise that this is the axis of power in the Middle East that was against Iraq and now Syria and Iran. Very good remarks. The king is naked , and no one sees , or dares to say , than the king is naked. Ah, yes, I see the error of my ways. I am treating it as though it were a static load but it is dynamic. As the basic physics video above shows, the problem is whether the momentum of the falling floors was sufficient to overcome the resistance of the column below them. And numerous engineers in the video make the following point. If the structural steel columns in the building below the collapsing floors were intact then they would deform as the load of the falling stories crashed into them and that deformation absorbs kinetic energy.

After a few floors were deformed in that manner, the energy of the collapsing floors would have been completely dissipated and the collapse would grind to a halt. Then we would be looking at a problem of static loads. At that point there would be no force present that could get the train of events moving again. A university I attended used to build experimental cars which they entered into those high-mileage contests.

Universities from all over America and even from abroad submitted entries. So it needed a good resilient bumper. But, due to the need for high mileage, the bumper must also be as light as possible. Our entry featured a lightweight channel section of aluminum backed by thirty or so unopened, empty aluminum beer cans with one end in the channel and the other against the frame of the car, their long axis parallel with the ground. When the car crashed and the bumper hit, the cans simply collapsed. The controlled collapse absorbed all the momentum of the car and it passed the test. Of course, the bumper had to be removed and the cans replaced but they only needed to pass the test on a one time basis.

There was no way the building could have collapsed at free fall because each floor would have behaved just like those beer cans. The opium poppies are growing again. Iraq is destroyed. Libya was disarmed and destroyed. The Palestinians and Iran are both targets of American conservatards. Welfare payments to Israel have been increased and a tripwire consisting of a handful of American troops has been placed in Israel. Iraq destroyed. Kaddafi knifed in the butt. Syria under attack. The entire ME in ruins, and they want war with Iran as well. So sad that our people believe the lies from the fake news media. If people knew the truth everything would change overnight. De-facto inside job. Anonymous gave a misinterpretation of Romans Commentary on this verse reveals that Paul was referring to helping the Jews that had converted to Christ and were spreading the Gospel, not to the Jewish community outside that still actively fought against Christianity.

Put Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld at the top of the list of suspects. I researched this last year and it is debateable if the airframe can hold up long at that speed, but that is not the issue. The engines cannot produce enough thrust to reach those speeds at that altitude, even in a steep dive. It was flying level. More details from by blog that has more links:. But anyone can perform simple Internet research when issues arise. For example, reliable sources agree that the maximum speed a B commercial airliner can reach at feet above sea level is knots.

It can fly faster at high altitudes where the air is one-third as dense. It can fly faster in a steep dive if crashing. But when flying level at feet, knots is the fastest it can fly with installed engine power because of drag limitations. The aircraft that hit the second tower on flew in level at knots, as noted in official reports based on radar tracking. This proves that a B did not hit the second tower! There are many articles and youtube videos that detail this, including some by airline pilots, and experts such as this retired NASA expert:.

This is well beyond the maximum operating velocity of knots, and maximum dive velocity of knots. I read comments at websites and watched youtube to see what CIA funded floggers say to debunk this fact. This is not a problem at level flight because B engines cannot push the aircraft near that limit. Pilots sometimes fly their aircraft at full throttle so they know how fast it can fly. Commercial aircraft are designed with efficiency in mind. They do not have extra big engines to produce extra power that it will never use. The rambling explanation states that a B can perform the high-speed maneuvers as radar showed on and falsely claims that pilots agree, with no mention that it lacks of engine power to reach knots,. Since this airspeed issue is impossible to explain unless it was a B modified with different engines protectors of the fable resort to personally attacking those who raise this issue, or diverting the discussion to other topics.

Why would the plotters make this mistake? First, in any operation there are hundreds of elements to consider. They may have confirmed that a B can fly that fast, overlooking the required altitude of 35, feet. So what hit the South Tower? One can only speculate, but there were witnesses at the scene who stated that it was a twin engine jet like the B, but had no windows and was painted grey. What happened to the real aircraft?

What happened to the passengers? Who would do this? But I do know that a standard commercial B cannot fly even close to knots at feet, so something else hit the WTC South Tower. The main reason we had the photos is that 17 of the 19 had received their visas from the American Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We knew who they were and as patsies, why they were here. This film goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present.

This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it. I am not opposing your argument, just trying to formulate it in a more precise way: you mean the outer walls. There is a small difference between the collapse and your car crash that in the collapse each broken floor added some mass to the falling floors, while in your car crash the initial energy of the car was not increased by the cans, i.

The collapse naturally could not be free-fall since some of the energy was use to breaking the structures, but can it be nearly free-fall? If no other mass were added, then after breaking four floors all kinetic energy would be used, but much of the mass of broken floors falls to the floor below, so this argument has a caveat. Theoretically such a mechanism could continue for many floors.

I think it is correct to counter this argument by pointing out that the walls of the upper floors are destroyed and therefore the collapse of the outer walls must stop because if the outer walls of the upper floors are broken, they will not fall on the outer walls of the lower floors but slip to the sides. The floors inside the building may collapse all the way, but the outer walls of about a half of the building should stay up.

Can the floors fall in nearly free-fall? At least as much was required in each floor. But maybe it does not and the collapse accelerates. I think the floors inside the building can theoretically pancake and fall with near free-fall speed. But we can look at the outer walls. Those are what the collapse videos show and they fall with nearly free-fall speed. There we do not need to consider the added mass of floors, which falls in the inside of the building. With the outer walls the situation is like in your car example. Oddly, he wrote as though Israel didnt even exist. I concluded Lewis was as dishonest as his name; how can a jew be named Lewis other than as a deception.

AS approaches it rather as if he were prosecuting a criminal case entirely on circumstantial evidence. But Mossad did not do it alone. But maybe the point is that bin Laden was then deemed the closest thing to a high profile America hater then available. On the other hand, we were able to replace him with Saddam despite the complete absurdity of treating him as the quintessence of evil. Any thoughts? Push the throttles full forward in level flight at near sea-level, and the aircraft will accelerate comfortably past the KIAS. That day was relatively calm and clear, so taking a well in excess of VMO was well within the realm of possibility.

Your assertion that a commercial cannot attain knots groundspeed is simply speculation and not supported by facts or engineering. As for a grey aircraft with no windows, I doubt anyone on the ground got a good enough look to see windows or not, and United aircraft were painted grey, so no surprise there. Drop a bowling ball on your stack of CD cases. One of my very first thoughts was an attack on the Towers and the Pentagon would be blamed on anti-global terrorists, as an excuse to lock down dissent from then on. Both the WTC Towers and the Pentagon are legitimate targets in the minds of those seeing the tyranny of global finance. The WTC controls, the Pentagon enforces. The case almost makes itself. I was wrong of course.

The official story hardened before the first week and it was obvious it was all for Israel again. The reason I say my first suspicion was odd — that they were going for the anti-globalists — might be that I was giving the parasites that pulled it off undeserved credit for being a tad more sophisticated. Possibly the most scientific, evidence based analysis available. Many videos also on YouTube in relation to her work. Joseph Abramowitz Eddie Albert ………………………. Eddie Heimberger Woody Allen……………………….. Allen Konigsberg Lauren Bacall …………………….. Joan Perske Jack Benny ……………………….. Joyce Bauer Mel Brooks ……………………….. Melvin Kaminsky Joey Bishop ……………………….

Rona Burnstein Cyd Chrisse ……………………….. Tula Finklea Tony Curtis ………………………. Lucille Le Sueur Dyan Cannon ………………………. Robert Zimmerman Rodney Dangerfield …………………. Jacob Cohen Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Paulette Levy Eydie Gorme……………………….. Edith Gormezano Cary Grant ……………………….. Larry Leach Lorne Green ……………………….. Chaim Leibowiz Judy Holliday …………………….. Judith Tuvin Leslie Howard …………………….. Leslie Stainer Buddy Hackett …………………….. Leonard Hacker Jill St. John ……………………..

Larry Zeiger Tina Louise……………………….. Dorothy Lamour ……………………. Dorothy Kaumeyer Miehael Landon ……………………. Mike Orowitz Steve Lawrence ……………………. Joseph Levitch Karl Maiden ……………………….. Murray Janofsky Walter Matthau ……………………. Ellen Friedlob Joan Rlvers ……………………….. Robinson ………………… Emanuel Goldenberg Dinah Shore ………………………. Fanny Rose Shelly Winters ……………………. Shirley Schrift Gene Wilder……………………….. Jerome Silberman.

His briefcase, containing classified documents, was stolen in May , and he left the FBI under a cloud after leaks about the briefcase theft. He died in the attacks. Great article. Living in rural Lebanon as a school administrator, it is claimed he also is a valued spy, sending reports and taking clandestine photos of Palestinians and Hezbollah in Syria and south Lebanon, near the Israeli border. Ali and Yusuf will be arrested by Hezbollah in July and then handed to the Lebanese military for trial by a military court. Ali will allegedly confess, but his wife will claim he has been tortured. He is also suspected of involvement in the assassination of Imad Mugniyah, a Hezbollah commander killed in Damascus in February Cases of such prolonged and involved spying have been very rare in Lebanon, and news of his arrest is said to have shocked the country.

Down it came. One guess. On this day, Zeljko E. He tells the police that he has robbed a business and stolen piles of paper written in Arabic, with the hopes of selling them. A petty thief pilfers files containing critical information about the largest terrorist attack in history and dutifully turns them over to the police. The question is, whose Secret Service? If the collapse was due to the fire from the plane impact, why would the collapse appear symmetrical falling within footprint rather than asymmetrical? Or, like a bullet — the entry and exit wounds are not symmetrical, thus one side gets more damaged than the other, causing asymmetrical collapse.

My question is with regards to your example; why are the top 20 floors of the building a bowling ball, but the underlying floors are flimsy cd cases. The underlying 20 floors are no less and likely more reinforced than the above floors. You are the only one who hit the nail on the head. If somebody watches the first tower collapse must see this! After about two hours of burning part of the tower above impact started to tilt. At angle about 7 to 12 degrees the floors started to fall on one on the other, starting with highest floor. This happened relatively quickly. This cannot be confirmed by any structural analysis! The moment when part started to tilt the stresses in joints of trusses were actually decreasing.

The only concusion must be that floors were brough down by mini explosions on joints of trusses. If the mother is a jew, the child is jewish… Regards,. I hope Putin backs down…yet again. The bowling ball broke through 5 panes of glass before coming to a rest. He glared at me with such hatred in his eyes that I backed off in an about face to get away. This was no mentally ill kook. Something seemed afoot there with this whole scene.

The whole Bible boils down to the Babylon global system and whether you will accept being chipped like a dog. Rubbish… Israelis played an important role, not as instigators, but as agents of the US deep state Government. They do not. Great protection: A large number of aliens with a special interest in keeping actual citizens too busy to actually be citizens. The same operation is in effect in Europe, where minis happened all over for a bit. England, Spain — the list gets unwieldy by the time you get to the Bali bomb. That the US government is subverted is granted. That means they must have actually hijacked the planes. Who were the hijackers? Did they die with the planes? What could they think they were doing? Oh and it is quite clear that at least one of the towers was not hit by a plane.

I am not suggesting I believe it but might not some suggest that there legal moves are in fact part of the cover up inasmuch as a knockback by a grand jury would postpone any final reckoning for years. And if you were illiterate, well…. Good for trying, amidst the usual thread full of over certain amateurs, to think it through. And Mossad, for all its skills, would not be likely to persuade him that they knew exactly how to blow up the building without anyone suspecting he had a hand in it.

A nice change from all the certainties one is belabored with by amateurs. This article is coherent and accordingly convincing unless and until someone punctures its foundation of facts. Caveats include the fact that getting America mired in Afghanistan would count as a big motive for ObL and Al Qaeda and it has the advantage of simplicity. Using an initial war with Afghanistan as the take off point for Balkanising the whole Middle East requires a belief that Sharon and co. No doubt, but it takes more knowledge of them than anyone on UR has to judge the probability.

So, possible, but, as sufficient let alone actual motive, unproven as yet. What a coup if Ron could get Daniel Pipes to review this article! I am reasonably sure, however, that he would regard UR as better to ignore. Next best? The trouble is the upholders of tthe official story would all know or be advised that they were on a hiding to nothing. Undoubtedly, IMO, the author is correct in his assessment. That is where they perfected it. That is why Ezra Pound was put into a mental hospital, to prevent him from breaking the clamp down on fascism which was anti-boshevik and anti-capitalist. Interestingly the Israeli regime is trying to do the same on the Naqba and the real history in Palestine — which is the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians. But they have caught on too late, so instead they have now criminalized that narrative or made it so non-pc that people are losing their jobs because of this.

The latest Israeli laws reflect hysteria in my opinion. After all, the Jews have lost in Syria as for now. Insane — but there it is. Planes, what planes? Good point, but did General Wesley Clark really hear that, or did it make it up? What hijackers? None of their names were registered in the passenger lists. Besides, none of them had the training to fly those planes in such ways. This explains everything! This is a fact!!!! In one of the speeches Bush junior claimed that US is working on process to make oil from crab grass, ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

So absolutely not. Mosad was only helping US and not opposite. The 20th century can be seen as the Jewish dominated century, due to the conjoining of previous Jewish global financial domination with domination of the ownership and content of new technologies of global communication — radio, tv, film, and then major Internet sites. This has enabled global reach and extremely disproportionate Jewish broadly cultural influence and control -including importantly the political. Without Jewish domination of finance and media this selfish cultural admixture would merely make elements of the Jewish function in human affairs yet another parasitic and predatory one, yet another in effect criminal network.

But the foundation of Jewish power, and indeed most variations on the theme of special interest or oligarchic power, is unsound in one enduring sense: honesty and openness is the eternal nemesis of illegitimate power. Indispensable to Jewish domination is the lie, the con, the subversive. There is a growing private and public recognition and understanding of the situation that we are in as a species: We are now like it or not all involved in a contest between the prevailing — and terminal-trajectory — power of dishonesty and secrets, and the emerging life enhancing power of transparency and honesty. The second potentially exposes the perpetrators and creates a sensible counter-reaction.

You have a point there. Original flight plan remains at airport. To make the problem look bigger than just Israel. Also, the TV series Rubicon was a veiled critique of the official story. Anyone who believes that OBL had anything to do with is a fool. Clark is a brilliant and well-connected man, but his political ambitions have come to nothing, and he seems to have been quickly sidelined. Kind of suspicious about Gen. He quickly switched from potential candidate to acolyte of Navy Hero John Kerry in Recently, he praised the BLM movement and tweeted encouragement to the NFL for condoning players disrespect to the national anthem.

With this kind of friend we do not need enemies? Wiz, I am not sure I know anything of this issue. I have started today to check better what arguments actually are strong. WTC1 fell with 6. Earlier I only verified the temperature argument, which I think is good and was happy with it, and trusted too much truthers, but their arguments may not be so good as it appears. I think the floors can pancake and though it would be very lucky, there may be a possibility that falling broken floors could have turned the steel structures of the walls so that they buckle under the hit from above and even fly vertically without breaking 10 first floors of the upper part.

I will look at this better and write a post to my blog in a while. It will not change my general opinion as there is WTC7 falling as free fall and there are so many other things, but I am afraid I have been wrong in evaluating the signs of demolition in WTC1 and 2. Trusting others too much. This requires a new look and the day for it is correct. Why does it matter where they came from? When you control the media you can brainwash enough people into thinking whatever you want. The answer is zero. The floors were made of light concrete. So inertia would probably be insufficient to brake the Grade eight bolts of trusses connections below floors that were not affected by heat. But anyway the explosion at joist created dust clearly visible at each videos.

Thanks for your comment. I came to the same conclusions as before, all towers came down with a controlled demolition. I found some estimate for the mass of the concrete of one floor. It did not consider asbestos. Anyway, I think there are better arguments for external energy, like high temperatures after the event. Not being an expert on this topic, I did not see any reason to investigate it deeper. However, the floors had the kinetic energy to break trusses connections even if they were much lighter, it only needed the mass of several floors. In each fall of 3. One floor is not enough, but they pack on each other and make a larger mass.

I do understand you and you are correct. But we do not have specifications sizing of structural members, neither drawings. But here is one thing that is undeniable. Because of random influence of heat decreasing the ultimate stress in members, there is no way in hell that fist floor falling would fall totally horizontally. But I do understand you that it was enough to blow four or six floors trusses and than nothing would stop pancaking. I hate to say it, but more often than others, Jewish intellectuals are overrated, deceitful and dishonest in the sense that they promote sneaky ideologies while pretending it is science. This is how one ends up understanding that there is a bigger, long-term agenda behind their public recognition.

One can make the argument that an Israeli dolphin class submarine fired the cruise missile that hit the Pentagon. An excellent piece of work that exposes the Israeli Jews behind , and the careful attention they paid to every detail of an amazingly complex operation. They work towards their goal like so many ants. They understand the job is a generational one and raise their children accordingly. It has never been about the money, but rather about the power money affords. Gaza and the Palestinians they can handle easily once the larger Middle East States are broken into manageable pieces. I think so.

And, several of them turned out to still be alive and living far from NY, they claimed their identities had been stolen. The other has them taken to Israel, refueling in the Azores. Congressmen Porter Goss graduated from Yale, served as an intelligence officer in the U. Army, and then became a CIA clandestine services officer. Ten years later, he retired early due to illness and moved to Florida to accept an appointment to fill a vacant spot as a county commissioner. Goss somehow accumulated a lot of money to run for Congress, was elected and eventually became chairman of the House Intelligence committee, which oversees CIA activities.

His counterpart in the US Senate is Bob Graham, the man who gave the sickly Goss his Florida appointment and later became a senator, and is now chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to Carl Hulse of the New York Times in his article, Goss and Graham were together on the morning of the terror attack, meeting with the chief of the Pakistani intelligence service, whom they had met while traveling together to the region a few weeks earlier.

This concept came from Dr. Bernard Lewis of Princeton University. If the central power is sufficiently weakened, there is no real civil society to hold the polity together, no real sense of common identity. Lebanonization is a dumb strategy. Israel would be much better off if Lebanon were a traditional state with a monopoly on organized violence like Jordan or Egypt. Israel has to worry about militants deciding to shoot missiles at it from Lebanon, not Egypt or Jordan. Is it possible in one swift military attack using conventional weapons to totally destroy all Israeli WMD and their research, development, manufacturing, and delivery capability? Well, it may be a dumb policy, just like our wars in the Middle-East might be counter-productive, but the neo-cons in America and Israel seem to believe it will benefit Israel.

The neo-cons certainly would rather have a broken up and weakened Syria than a strong united one under Assad. This is simply a variant of the old divide and conquer strategy. If you check the letter 28 neos sent to Bush after the attacks you will see that they told Bush that Hezbollah was implicated in the attack. The letter was published in the Weekly Standard…. Could they have flown all the way to Israel without being detected by somebody along the way? And if flown to somewhere in upstate New York, then what? As it so happens I lived in upstate New York at that time.

I also lived in upstate New York. There is a lot of sparsely populated country. A lot of unanswerable questions. The towers were hit by airplanes and the planes had free and passengers aboard. Whatever else may have happened before or after does not alter this fact Trying to explain this away only leads to distrusting any other scenario. Every engineer learns that when an fly settles on a structure as big and solid as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the structure will yield a tiny bit. A very tiny bit indeed. But is will yield. That is engineering for you. In a similar way, if the structure that the fly settled on did not exert an opposite force to that exerted by the weight of the fly — and in precisely the opposite direction — the fly would fall through the structure.

For a particle from the WTC to move laterally at speed any distance, a force in that direction needs to have initiated this motion. Where did that force come from? The force could only have come from explosives as steel, cement, asbestos, desks, chairs, carpets and windows do not explode. What I am getting at is that the size and speed of the sideways motion is irrelevant. When I was a kid, thought that heavy things fall faster than not so heavy things. You are making the same mistake IMHO. There were no hi-jackers aboard the planes. Each of the planes were flown to their targets by the flight controllers aboard the planes, which had been previously re-programmed to take control of the planes and fly them to their targets using GPS coordinates.

Which is the way all flight controllers aboard large and small planes are able to fly them to their destinations more accurately than airline pilots who depend on auto-pilot flight controllers to fly planes, other than during unusual or emergency situations. Because most people except you apparently understand neither Gaza or Iran pose a threat to anyone. The Dr Judy Wood who is given every chance to make her point but fails to sound at all convincing. This is the one you mean? If anyone can watch this evasive, uninformative, meandering interview and find her at all convincing, I would be astonished. E ven with onboard flight controllers, do you really think a could do this? Michael Hezarkhani, CNN.

I submit that a could not plunge partway into the WTC without any reaction from either airplane or building. Do you know enough of the facts and of physics to calculate what force could be applied to project a steel beam laterally by a heavy steel upright column falling sideways with its base held in one position? I noticed that Google is now making access to that research more difficult than it was five years ago, artificially prioritizing anti-conspiracy sites. I wanted to put American intentions and credibility to the test after a recent announcement that the US government was weighing sanctions against Chinese officials for massive detentions of ethnic Uighurs mostly Muslim by the Chinese government.

Tried doing the same thing for American fatalities, accurate numbers were incredibly easy to come by. The puppeteers in Tel Aviv will simply not stand for it. Zionist control of US major news networks and foreign policy is simply too absolute for any meaningful deterrent action to be implemented. I wonder, just wonder, if African or Hispanic Americans were to even come close in exercising similar control over US foreign policy narratives, there would be no end to the whining from the racist right.

Where it matters most, real affirmative action is the exclusive preserve of the Zionist entity. But Iraq and Afghanistan were? Iraq was going to invade Israel though Jordan? Afghanistan was going to throw rocks at Israel from its border with China? Nor is it about a personality. Its about the content of the book: Where Did the Towers Go? Its just a recommendation. My quick preliminary search found many references to this but feel free to look for the official document yourself. So that speaks volumes. After waiting a reasonable time for a response, they attorneys can go back into court and force the Judge to impanel a grand jury anyway, from what I understand.

They refuse to even look at the evidence. Herd psychology works regardless of IQ. It seems to me the less academically educated people are better at smelling the coffee, but I have no statistics. Why does everyone waste their time trying to prove that it was an inside job? How it was done.. We know. THE only relevant aspect of the How part, is the Nukes. That my friends is THE only way you are going to save the future of your children , grand children and country. If not, Its over. They are an extinction event. Americans need to get some sense of urgency and very fast. And then who gets to control the presentation of the case to the grand jury? Would I be wrong in supposing that an Attorney-General or deputy can step in and take over a private prosecution?

If so, only with permission of the court? The Truth Movement is in the state of stagnation. The counteroffensive of the official narrative to debunk conspiracy theories was to some extent successful. This explains why the position of complacent opportunism by A. Karlin and F. Reed is still possible. The Truth Movement is fractured and chaotic with many misinformation narratives that turn off many people. Most importantly a consolidation of conspiracy theories should be done and archives and almanac of them should be compiled and the third level of the debunking should be undertaken. This would have to be coordinated and would require a significant funding. I get your point, but brainwashing is the problem, not low IQs. I think the article shows how other actors got on board after the initial planning stage.

It is also quite credible that a smaller Saudi operation was co-opted without the Saudi actors realizing what had happened. In fact, this methodology echoes not on Macchiavelli but also the underlying dynamic of judo, aikiod, etc. Similar to the JFK assassination. If one focuses on just one set of actors one misses the way different groups who wanted JFK out of the way ended up coordinated. Some of them may not have known just waht the others were doing. Hence, some gaps and disconnects in the stories and evidence that allow cracks of light to seep out of the edifice of lies.

To mix metaphors. The planes were flown to hangars. The telephone calls were made from the hangars on the ground. Then the passengers were murdered and the planes were destroyed or flown somewhere clandestine and destroyed. Or perhaps the passengers were destroyed at the same time, i. Although the latter would probably leave a trace of some kind on radar or something. Just like the massive supporting center columns of both Twin Towers would have remained standing upright after being stripped of floors attached to them.

Me too. It clearly explained the telephone calls. Since she seems to have been close to the plotters. Perhaps she has been given a new identity. From your response one might assume that the interview was about some completely different subject. I sure wish it were! But who would do it? I woud love to see such a huge punch that takes ouit Israeli defenses. All the settlers are herded onto troop ships and shipped back to Brooklyn. I think there was some strong implication that he had been warning about an attack and had been either ignored or adminsitratively sidelined.

The World Trade job was a private job. There were also implications that he had in some way been set up with the brief case thing. So the new show about him is part of an attempt to implant more deeply, or reinforce, the OBL did it meme. Who knows? Now he is dead. It seems ironic beyond belief that he ended up working at the WTC and also, that he seems to ahve been prescient on some level as to what was going to happen. He must have picked up on that. Wikipedia lists its functions as Radar cross section analysis Arms control Ballistic missile defense Homeland Security Continuity of government Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare In other words, whatever.

FTS can obtain control and navigate aircraft hundreds of miles apart from a central location. Link missing. Zakheim is mentioned often in connection with Unfortunately, many corroborating links are now broken. Yes it was, your credibility is non-existent here, and among people with a brain, this website represents credibility on steroids. Cowardly yes but also understandable.

US history of the 20th century also provides a very extensive list of those who cried foul and got nowhere. Ron Unz has provided links to some good books by them and UNZ. As for Oklahoma, it will be called Khartoum-on-the-Mississippi, and woe betide anyone who calls it anything else. Arab land might be divided into many pieces but the people are not They are same with same religion tradition history and interfaith bond. They would have reacted with same anger frustration and revenge as they did after couple of months following March Iraq invasion irrespective of where US were targeting its power to.

Despite reluctance and disagreements at government level and public level, Arab world wanted to give US occupation a chance. They trusted America that it would do right and would get it right. Bush himself was unaware and he admitted that things were done behind his back. There is a reason Iran was included in Axis of Evil. No, as the floors fail they induce irregular off-axial stresses from the load that cause the center column to buckle and fail; the failed section falls into the rest of the falling debris to take out the floors below. Please share this article by using the link below. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. It was an illusion …. Excellent article by Patrick Foy. I had forgotten the business with Jay Garner. The insights into the machinations of Kissinger regarding Iraq were new for me.

At least someone has been held accountable for murder of some of, namely , the Jewish HOlocaust victims. Why did Iraq have to be destroyed? No one has been held accountable for the architects of the Iraq Holocaust. Kissinger is evil incarnate. What was he even doing still skulking around DC? I risked my life for seventy-five months in Iraq working for what I thought were noble reasons. The more I learned the more I realized that there was an oil agenda and I was just an unknowing participant.

The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel. One of the motives was because Israel was paying a huge premium for its oil imports and this premium had just started in the late s. The agenda called for the reopening of the old Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline and its significant expansion. When this pipeline plan became unattainable in the 2nd half of then Chalabi took other actions to get inexpensive Iraqi oil to Israel. Otherwise the thing just goes round in circles. The question is, who has sufficient power to make the arrests, do some serious interrogation with plea bargaining, and run the trial. I had never heard of Zakheim so was interested to know more.

As you have cited Wikipedia I will perhaps escape the usual scornful execration by UR commenters for any reliance on it at all. I find there no reference to his being a rabbi though I have found reference to his rabbinical studies in Wikispooks. That is what might expect as an avocation for a highly educated nerdy businessman or public servant who may, for all we can tell, be an atheist.

Iraq certainly did. Saddam fired missiles into Israel and that is why he was marked for destruction. Excellent precis link. Makes perfect sense. In The Bear Boy, a man neglects his son and does not teach him the ways of Pueblo life and how to transition into manhood. One day, the…. Lesson guides for Cat! Prentice Hall Literature, This lesson was created as part of the Anthology …. In this reflective essay, Chief Dan George compares his native North American culture with that of white culture and expresses his view…. Brian Aldiss describes a futuristic world in which machines are capable of thinking based on the tasks they have been designed to perfo….

The narrator of The White Umbrella is a Chinese American girl who struggles with feelings of embarrassment and longing to be like other…. On the first day of seventh grade, Victor and his friend Michael try to hide their insecurities and impress the girls in their class. Prentice Hall Literature, This lesson was create…. She was born in and now it is On the …. Prentice Hall Literature, This lesson was created as par…. Harry used to visit the shop with his friends every day, but his priorities cha…. Lacey and their daughter, Doris, are stranded at home following a severe winter storm.

Doris notices an abandoned pu…. Tasha, a thirteen year old girl has to babysit her little 7 year old brother, Junior, because her mom is getting a job over the summer. Through d…. In the Drive-In Movies, young Gary Soto wants his mother to take him and his siblings to the drive-in movies, a special treat. An absentee father takes his daughter on a hunting trip. The experience leads them to discover that that they are not strangers after a…. The Lewis and Clark expedition explored unmapped territory from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean from The expedition ….

The story is presented through the eyes of the authors and goes back and forth between documenting for the reader the events of the mos…. On Saturdays, she visits Grandma and Grandpa, who come fr…. Gary Soto writes an autobiography about a time when he was eleven years old, wanting to be a gymnast like his cousin. He thinks i…. This non-fiction text provides interesting and amazing facts and information about different species of frogs around the world. This is a narrative-structured text in which a young frog is fascinated with weather, including watching weather clues and following th…. Suki's favorite possession is her blue cotton kimono. A gift from her obachan grandmother , it holds special memories of her grandmoth….

This expository nonfiction story includes photographs is divided into sections that describes the Amazon, pink river dolphins and their…. On the date of the visit, Mrs. Houdini tells Victor t…. This lesson was initially created through the Basal Alignment Project and was then further developed by the 4th grade team from Pleasan…. Exploding Ants is an expository non-fiction text that explains how animals adapt to survive in their environment.

Pearson Reading Stre…. Children of …. John is the son of a priest in a futuristic society where social class and rules are paramount. Knowledge is vital to John, and he inve…. In this personal essay by Isaac Asimov, the author relates his journey of becoming a science fiction writer. Asimov explains disc…. This selection provides an overview of two laws dealing with fugitives from slavery. The Fugitive Slave Act of establishes monetar…. He meets a girl named Sandra, whom he admires,…. A sixth grade boy lives with his mother.

The mother maintains their livelihood with a blue collar job. In the story, William wants to f…. On that night, Re…. Jabberwocky is an epic poem told through nonsense words. Tim is a s…. During a New Years cele…. Elizabeth I is the biography of Queen Elizabeth who reigned in England for 45 years from to Milton Meltzer chronologically h…. Two men are handcuffed together board a train. Miss Fairchild, a young and elegant woman, recognizes the younger of the two men, …. This is a poem was written in letter format, addressed to the U. Executive Order 90…. Echo is a nymph that likes to gossips so a spell is cast upon her to only reiterate things that she has heard. Her spell became the cau…. Diane Ackerman describes fall foliage and explains the natural processes that cause the leaves of deciduous trees to turn each year.

The speaker reflects on the risks and responsibilities of making choices and deciding which road to take. Prentice Hall Timeless Voice…. This is a story of an American-born Chinese daughter, her immigrant mother and their very different beliefs and hopes. The daughter str…. In this story, Michael Jordan is a very active child. His family helps him to channel his energy into positive activities and eventuall…. This lesson includes scaffolded analytical writing tasks that provide examples for teaching Common Core writing. Opal has just moved t…. A young Bedouin girl has earned the nickname Nadia the Willful because of her quick temper. Her brother, Hamed, is the only one who can…. In this short story, Jose learns a valuable lesson about himself when he tries to impress Estella by challenging her to a game of racqu….

Two female cousins spend their life doing everything together. One night they realize they are both in love with the Moon and wish to m…. The Lost City of the Aztecs is about the demise of the Aztec Empire and how Montezuma, the last Aztec emperor, reacted to the arrival o…. This expository text selection outlines the efforts of the Chinese people to build the Great Wall to protect them from the Mongol invad…. While out on a so…. The Adventurers of Sojourner presents a third-person narrative account of the Mars Pathfinder mission, which included the deployment of….

Beneath Blue Waters comes from the trade book with the same title. It focuses on the layers of the ocean. This selection ta…. One definition of a protagonist is a character that goes through change. And part of the definition is that the antagonist is the…. In this excerpt, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson overcomes the initial hurdles of survival in the Canadian wilderness. As he ward…. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz is an immigrant from Costa Rica who began thinking about space at age seven when the Soviet Union launched the f…. This story is about a….

In this story, after their car crashes in a blizzard and their parents are injured, Danielle and Jake must climb to a weather station n…. Chuck Close is an American artist who overcomes many obstacles in his life, both unexpected and self-induced. He overcame his fir…. In , pilot Amelia…. She faces physi…. This is a literary text about a little girl named Maria who instead of telling the truth, panics and tries to cover up a problem. This is a story of how changes happen in the world, one person, one family, one community at a time. The story takes place in Ghana, We…. This story is based upon the life of Arizona Houston Hughes, a teacher who taught generations of children in a one-room schoolhouse tha…. After asking for permission from the elders, he offers his ….

In this story, there are six generations of women descended from a woman who emigrated from Russia to America. Throughout the story, ea…. This is an illustrated collection of silly verses and rhymes that describe marine life creatures living in and around the ocean. This engaging, informational text explains to students where they live. Starting in their bedrooms, children are able to travel outside…. This is an illustrated informational text that describes the many characteristics of butterflies. Through a poetic narrative, students …. A scout ant has returned with a beautiful sparkling crystal for his ant queen. She deemed it the most delicious food she has ever…. An adventurous mouse named Livingstone is faced with the task of finding a place to build his own nest.

Amelia Bedelia is a literal-minded but charming housekeeper who confounds her employers, the Rogers, by following their list of things …. This informative book by Gail Gibbons offers an intriguing look at some of the many different kinds of bats, their amazing abilities, a…. In this rhyming text, a young girl describes her journey of discovery as she experiences ocean treasures through each of her five sense….

This book is written as a letter to children from the planet earth. It describes how the earth feels about the living things on it, how…. The manufacturing process relies on the interdependence of human and natural resources. There is a systematic manufacturing process tha…. We call moving air the…. Nicky reluctantly spends the summer in the Wisconsin woods with his grandmother who is an artist. He is not thrilled with all of the ch…. In this piece of fiction, a boy named Gilberto makes Wind his playmate. Along the way, Gilberto discovers that the wind can be an unpre…. This text is about what happens to a single drop of water over time.

The drop of water travels from the coast of Maine, across Eu…. Through the use of simple language and vibrant illustrations, "Are Trees Alive? This is a letter from President Barack Obama to his daughters, where he poses reflective questions regarding the character of his daugh…. This is a literary text with a poetic structure which draws in information and content specific vocabulary focusing on the saguaro cact…. A young boy, who has never seen the sea, asks his mother to describe it. As the poem progresses, the author uses descriptive words, sim…. A man walks into a lush rainforest and starts chopping down a huge kapok tree.

Lulled by the heat, he sits down and soon falls asleep. The Yellow Wallpaper is a story told from the perspective of a woman facing the tribulations of mental illness. Charlotte Perkins…. Ezra Pound was one of the founders of Imagism who helped define its philosophy. In his essay warning Imagist poets against writin…. Police Officer Buckle gives safety speeches that no one listens to until a police dog, Gloria, joins him. Because Gloria acts out the s…. DiAngelo early that morn…. The Olympic Games have grown and changed since the first contests were held in Ancient Greece. However, one aspect of the games remains….

The script is written as a fictional tr…. The article gives factual information about the when, where and how the game of basketball began and how it is played. Houghton Miffli…. Lydia Grade is sent to live with her Uncle Jim while her parents look for work. She happily settles in to her new home where she …. The story…. This informational selection introduces the reader to artists that express their feelings and experiences through painting murals in th…. This personal narrative introduces the genre of a diary to the students. Chester Cricket meets…. In the story, the mother leaves 3 children home alone as she goes to visit…. This selection is a narrative nonfiction story about supply and demand. It gives readers information about the basics of starting….

This nonfiction narrative is about the Grand Canyon, its many landforms, and the animals that live there. It explores how the Col…. Since ancient times, people have used bones and fossils to imagine what animals that lived in the past were like. When scientists and p…. Sam and Cam own a detective agency. They are contacted by the Bear family, who is upset because their banana pancakes have been eaten a…. The informational text includes text features, such as photographs and captions, to give an overview of information about spiders and t…. The story explains the life of animals that live in Antarctica. The author describes life for the animals as they wait for summer…. In this biography, Amy VanDyken overcomes many challenges throughout her life to become an Olympic gold medalist.

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Country Mouse invites her friend, City Mouse to visit her in the country. City Mouse does not enjoy the country and convinces Country M…. At a time when it was unusual for women to travel alone to Alaska, Kate Ryan leaves her home in Canada and travels to the Alaskan front…. The story follows the lives of three new-born wolves over a ten and one half month period. It encompasses the various stages thro…. Modern inventions used to make lives easier harm the planet. There are several predictions about how towns of the future will be …. Robert Ballard describes how he and his team discovered the Titanic in Through a flashback to the story of year old Ruth….

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This day he spends as a do-gooder, wandering the s…. This story is set in a Tennessee peach orchard on the night before the Civil War battle of Shiloh. A young drummer briefly consid…. Two days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president. In this s…. This is a poem about love that Poe has written in memory of his wife, whom he calls Annabel Lee.

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Volcanoes show us how the earth changes. Volcanoes can be made of lava, gases, hot steam, ground-up rocks and melted rock called lava. A third grade girl named Beany creates a science fair project with her partner, Kevin. Beany is not confident that their project is the…. In this story, Jangmi moves from her home in Korea to a new home in the United States. At first she is sad about leaving behind her fri…. Five-day series of sample lessons includes: Text dependent questions Student discussion activities Vocabulary and syntax tas….

Collection of social studies texts and text-dependent questions. Organized by grade K-8 and lexile. In this literary text by E. White, Wilbur, a farm pig, is saved as a little runt by an adoring young girl, Fern. As Fern grows older …. In this literary text by Saviour Pirotta and Nilesh Mistry, a young boy and wise man observe many living things of the sea while awaiti…. This informational text by Madeleine Dunphy is a cumulative tale listing animals of the African savanna and their relationships to each…. This informational text by Dianna Hutts Aston uses personification to demonstrate the complex and adaptive life of a seed, offering ric….

This literary text by Mary Howitt tells the well-known story of a spider who tries to lure a fly into his web, promising interesting th…. This literary text by Eve Bunting tells the story of Marianne, an orphan, heading west on the Orphan Train with other children to be pl…. This informational text by Gail Gibbons gives facts and examples of spiders and what they do to catch insects to eat. In this literary text by Susan Ebbers, Jamie is interested in learning more about Africa. Reading books and using his imagination, he s…. This informational text by Brenda Z.

Guiberson chronicles more than a century in the life of a saguaro cactus and shows how water and s…. This informational text by Emily Neye contrasts the homes, clothing, food, and activities from different types of places. This literary text by Jeanette Winter tells a true life story of Wangari Maathai, who decided to make a big difference in her hometown …. This literary text by Mary and Rich Chamberlin tells a tale of community, friendship and sharing. As a mother and son go to the market …. In this literary text by Soyung Pak, a young boy and his grandmother who lives in Korea send each other pictures and gifts to tell the …. This literary text by Kelly Cunnane tells the story of a Kenyan child who is easily distracted from his daily work and has forgotten hi….

This literary text by Richard and Florence Atwater tells the story of Mr. Popper, a seasonal house painter who is faced with making a d…. This informational text by Seymour Simon discusses the composition and functions of the sun, along with its role in regulating life on …. This literary text by Kirby Larson and Mary Nether tells the story of two animals in New Orleans who were left by their owners during H…. This informational text by Gail Gibbons offers information on the moon and its relationship to the Earth and Sun. This informational text by Niki Walker describes the characteristics of the moon and traces the history of man's exploration of Earth's….

This literary text by Carol Otis Hurst tells the story of her father's life and passion for collecting rocks. Although people continual…. In this literary text by David and Phillis Gershator, a rooster notices that the sky is dark and realizes there is no one to help it co…. In this literary text by Mordicai Gerstein, a young boy creates a plan to travel to the moon on his bicycle in order to plant sunflower…. This informational text by Barbara Bash focuses on the saguaro cactus in the Sonoran Desert, which provides shelter and food for a dive…. This literary text by Jean Craighead George gives a gripping account of the awesome wonder and potential peril of an avalanche.

This informational text by Tomie dePaola explores the types of clouds, the myths about certain shapes, and popular sayings inspired by …. In this literary text by Judi Barrett, Grandpa relives a tall-tale about a town where food falls from the sky. As the weather becomes u…. This informational text by Walter Wick takes readers on the journey of a drop of water. The states of water and concepts of evaporation…. In this literary text by Chris Van Allsburg, a stranger recuperates at the Bailey farm after Farmer Bailey hits him with his truck.

This informational text by Kenneth Libbrecht explains how snowflakes grow and why each one has a unique shape. This informational text by Seymour Simon describes extreme weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, and blizzards…. This informational text by Chana Stiefel discusses thunderstorms and information about the destruction that severe storms can create. This literary text by Berta and Elmer Hader recounts how many different animals prepare for winter.

In this literary text by Monica Wellington, Zinnia plants a flower garden in the spring. As summer, fall and winter approach, she has t…. This literary text by Audrey Wood retells a German story about birth and rebirth, as Mother Earth sends the Root Children out into the …. In this informational text by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, two important truths about snowflakes are revealed.

First, no two are alike and…. This literary text by Shutta Crum tells the tale of a Midwest family seeking relief from a hot summer day. The mother begins to recogni…. This literary text by Patricia Polacco tells the story of how she conquered her childhood fear of thunderstorms with the assistance of …. This informational text by Alice and Martin Provensen describes farm animals and what happens during one year on a farm. To facilitate…. This informational text by Gary Paulsen describes the life cycle of a corn seed as it goes from farm to table and nourishes the hands t….

In this literary text by Ezra Jack Keats, a boy wakes up to a snow-covered city and experiences different emotions through the day. This informational text by Franklyn M. Branley gives facts about snow and its formation, as well as the positive and negative effects o…. This informational text by Gail Marilyn Singer displays the lives of local people and wildlife on the same day in March, from the Arcti…. This literary text by Charlotte Zolotow tells how a summer storm changes and moves over the countryside, city, and the seashore, s….

In this literary text by Jane Yolen, a girl and her father go owling for the first time. Along the way they encounter a great horned ow…. In this informational text by April Pulley Sayre, a grizzly bear and its eating habits are followed throughout the year. This informational text by Jonathan Alderfer includes pictures and information concerning birds and their habitats. This poem by Byrd Baylor conveys physical traits and characteristics that help a jackrabbit survive. In this literary text by Janell Cannon, a baby bat separated from her mother is raised by a mother bird, on the condition that she acts…. To request access to this lesson, please click "Send Feedback".

Includes two texts and one video, thirteen text-dependent questions, including one constructed-response writing prompt, and explanatory…. This module consists of three units. In Unit 1, students build background knowledge about the central role that water plays in all life…. Unit 1 delves into the …. This module is comprised of fifteen minute lessons and addresses U. History content standards relating to the Civil Rights Movem….

This nonfiction piece tells about Barbara del Colorado, a village in Costa Rica. People needed a way to make money; a scientist suggest…. It incl…. Free units plans, lesson plans, Core-aligned texts, and student materials for teaching evidence-based claims. Available for grades …. Ten-day series of sample lessons includes: Text dependent questions Student discussion activities Vocabulary and syntax tasks Wri…. Benny is nervous about the upcoming talent show. After a talk with her parents, Beany realizes that the most important thing is doing w….

This is a Zuni play about an ant in the search to find out who is strongest of all. The ant talks with numerous characters to find out …. This fantasy tells the story of a wolf who learns to read to gain the respect and friendship of farm animals. McGraw-Hill Treasures, 2…. Juno receives a letter from his grandmother who lives in Seoul, Korea. Even though he cannot read the Korean-language text, she is able…. Elizabeth was very de…. This informational, nonfiction text introduces the solar system and its many parts — the sun, the eight planets, the satellites o….

In this nonfiction selection, an Emperor penguin lays an egg in the bitter cold of Antarctica. The penguin parents battle the harsh env…. This is a story about Saruni, a young boy, and his family, who are both consumers and sellers in a market in Tanzania. There are many e…. Angel Arrellano, a nine-year-old girl from Fresno, CA. Her enthus…. A family moves into an unpopulated area.

With the ingenuity of one young girl, a town is established and grows. The idea of supply and …. Two ants, along with others from their nest, set out to gather crystals for their queen. Initially staying and keeping crystals for the…. In this story Gertrude Ederle overcomes obstacles, both physical and social, in order to prevail at her lifelong dream of being the fir…. Most kids collect something. Prudy collects everything! Rocks, stamps, foil, worn-out toothbrushes, pretty paper napkins, tufts of hair…. This interest consumed the young boy as he collected them in all of his s….

In the story Wings, I…. Glashka uses her innate connection and intuition with nature to help bring together the community in hopes of trying to save the lives …. In this trickster tale, Bear and Hare are involved in a gardening partnership. Industrious, clever Hare makes a deal with Bear— H…. This text explains the nuts and bolts of how different types of coins, bills, and checks; how they are connected; and how your dollars ….

The story is about a …. This folktale is about three monks who visit a village filled with unhappy people. The villagers do not welcome the monks, so the three…. To achieve his goal, the boy barters with characters ranging from a carpet make…. The author, Helen Lester, traces her writing career from the age of three to adulthood. She shares her struggles with writing in elemen…. This story is a folkt…. This nonfiction text discusses how a fourth grade class at Union Avenue School worked hard to protect the New Jersey shoreline by plant…. This nonfiction story…. This realistic fiction story is about a young boy, Max, who is growing up on a large fruit farm in Chile and how he wants to find a fri….

This expository nonfiction text is about how an oak tree may become vulnerable to disease from its bark being damaged by a bear clawing…. Two students hide in the bathroom in order to avoid taking the math test, eventually telling their teacher they were trapped yb a giant…. A boy on a family backpacking adventure discovers an amazing waterfall and decides he wants to climb to the top. The boy becomes a lead…. She creates a quilt that is passed on from generation to ge…. Nine-year old Anthony is proud of his history, culture, and family tradition of Mexican rodeo-style roping and riding. He also enjoys v…. They enjoy the good food, beautiful dances, colorful costu…. Dogzilla is a fantasy…. The young girl takes the dragon to Dragon Island, but returns to the farm with….

Ben goes to the beach and watches a seal being born. Over the next few seasons, Ben develops a special bond with this seal, a bond that…. This is a biography o…. Sonia, her father, and a group of their neighbors launch a peaceful protest to help 5 deer that have wandered into their city neighborh…. A boy and his family …. Yunmi's first trip to…. Poppa buys himself some new pants that need hemming. The women of his family are too tired to hem the pants before church the following…. Ramona and Beezus, tw…. In this story, Coyote…. Chief Sky, the belove….

Beverly Cleary tells the story of a family on a rainy Sunday in a household full of bad moods. Judy Moody is on a mission to save the rain forest. Not only has she chosen to make this her mission, she is also determined to make it…. This informational text describes how paleontologists continue to investigate unanswered questions about dinosaurs. In this nonfiction story, readers learn how and why scientists brave the extreme conditions of both poles in order to do research that …. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journe…. This historical fiction story takes place in in the midst of the Great Depression in New York City.

Baseball was king and Babe Rut…. With a clever …. This story takes place in the s in the Great Plains region of the United States devastated by a great drought. Leah had been given …. In this story, a boy has a dog named Rugby with whom he is great friends. One day a puppy named Rosie joins the family. Rugby does not …. Despite obstacles in his life such as a family illness and the Great Depression, Uncle Jed achieved his dream of opening a barbershop a…. During her first days at school in America, Ut experiences alienation and separation. Later, she finds understanding and acceptance. Students learn about a …. But when an sh…. In this nonfiction article, the author addresses the problems associated with urban sprawl.

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