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Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis

Nevertheless, Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis a non-agent very likely will also have a case officer who will act as a controller. Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis Hero SE english. April Homer Simpson. What does it Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis mean? Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis Show Spoilers. Downplayed with Han Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis, who became Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis from Leia, fell back to his old ways of Semiotics In Contemporary Art and crime. The armor's primary weapon, Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis well as a mode of propulsion, are repulsors built into the hands and feet. What makes this even more tragic is that this aspect Human Suffering In The Manhunt By Simon Armitage And War Photographer often left out in adaptations, Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis Loki ends up becoming the Norse Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis of a standard bad guy.

A Hero Teen and the Police Officer He Saved

The suit is powered by a miniaturized Arc Reactor, either using the one surgically installed in Tony Stark's chest or else built into the chest-piece of the armor itself. As such, it is crudely designed and bulky. It does have the necessary capacity, however, to help him escape his captors. It is bullet-proof, has two built-in flame-throwers, a rocket launcher, as well as rocket boosters for jumps. It is notable that this version of the armor, unlike the later Mark 2 and Mark 3 armors, does not have an on-board AI system or internal diagnostic display. The helmet served only as a simple shield and was not fully sealed.

Stark refashioned the special iron-copper-magnesium alloy from disassembled Stark mortar cannons into the Mark I armor, rendering it especially bulletproof. To power the thruster boots, Stark reportedly siphoned the propellant fuel from four Stark S-class ballistic missiles into two Stark M-class mortars, creating two homemade fuel tanks, welded shut except for valves connecting fuel hoses that led down to the Mark I's legs. The later model armors' helmet features a retractable visor that delivers a holographic, augmented-reality AR display to the wearer.

The features of the helmet resemble a human face, with eyepieces and a mouth slit showing the point where the face plate meets the jaw. The armor's primary weapon, as well as a mode of propulsion, are repulsors built into the hands and feet. The foot repulsors provide the majority of the propulsion force, while the hand repulsors are used as flight stabilizers. Given the intense heat and concussive pressure produced by the repulsors, the ones built into the hands are often used as weapons.

When need be, the uni-beam repulsor built into the chest-piece can be charged to deliver a powerful, destructive blast. The Mark II armor was built from basic titanium alloys, giving it a silver sheen. From the Mark III onward, he used a gold-titanium alloy to provide the necessary power-to-weight ratio coupled with the ability to resist icing at high altitudes. As the gold-colored suit seemed a bit ostentatious, Stark took to coloring certain parts of the armor hot-rod red to tone it down a bit without losing the flare he was known for.

Later suits have colored a variety of colors, from blue to black to green and even yellow and purple. Up through the design of the Mark XI, Stark stuck with a basic design and aesthetic, merely improving on the technology and increasing the capabilities. From the Mark XI onward, he began specializing the armor's capabilities, beginning with stealth systems. By the time he built the Mark XV, he began giving the armors individual names to better identify them among the ever-growing set and in terms of the armor's specialized armors abilities. Tony uses an advanced high-tech armor to become Iron Man. The armor allows him to fly and contains various weapons for battle. He frequently improves the armor, giving it upgrades for battles and to perfect the systems.

Iron Man wears a sophisticated suit of body armor containing various offensive weaponry. He has a number of suits aside from the current model. Some are mission-specific or prototypes for testing, others are older models kept for nostalgia or for research. He has developed a special briefcase to carry his armor in. As the multi-billionaire head of a global corporation and a genius-level inventor, Stark can procure or develop additional technology as needed as possible.

The Iron Man Armor is arguably one of the most powerful forms of weapons technology developed by Tony Stark on the planet. Alone, the Mark I was sufficient enough to allow him to go through armed terrorists in order to escape. The Mark II was sufficiently powerful enough to go toe to toe with a more advanced and updated version of the armor the Mark IV. The Mark III was able to easily dispatch some of the Ten Rings terrorists with ease and battle the Iron Monger suit, however, with some difficulty due to the fact that it was powered by the first generation mini-Arc Reactor and the Iron Monger was powered by the second Arc Reactor he made upon his return. The Mark V, while lacking additional weaponry and flight capabilities, was still able to take on Vanko while he was just utilizing just the Whiplash harness and Stark relying on his repulsors.

They were powerful enough to battle hordes of Hammer drones, Vanko with his own advanced armor, survive and battle two Asgardian gods Thor and Loki, respectively and hordes of alien foot soldiers and large transports the Leviathan with ease. The Marks 8 through 42 proved to be equally powerful generation suits as they were able to battle nano tech-enhanced human soldiers who themselves had enough strength to match any of the armors. Mouse The Crows Mrs. David Q. Doppler Captain Amelia Morph B. Centipede Mr. Grasshopper Earthworm Mrs. Heroes Zootopia Heroes. Krabs Sheldon J. Cockroach B. North E. Puppy Heroes. War Machine S. Television Agents of S. Season 1 S. Season 2 S. Season 3 S. Season 4 S. Season 7 S.

Teresa Del Taco Firewater Mr. Grits Twink Gum J. Song Mr. Heroes Wiki. Heroes Wiki Explore. Top Content. Bureaucrats Jester of Chaos. Pure Good Terms. Staff Bureaucrats Jester of Chaos. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Iron Man Marvel Cinematic Universe. View source. History Talk 5. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Therefore, this hero shall be added to our "Never Again List", where proposed heroes rejected by the community shall be placed to prevent future proposals of the same do-gooder. They can be proposed again with the permission of an administrator if new elements appear in their series that can change their status as non-PG heroes. Hero Overview. It was a cocoon, and now I'm a changed man. You can take away my house, all my tricks, and toys.

One thing you can't take away — I am Iron Man. Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you? Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. Steve: I know guys with none of that and worth ten of you. I've seen the footage. The only thing that you really fight for is yourself. You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play. To lay down on the wire and let the other guy crawl over you. Tony: I think I would just cut the wire. Steve: Always a way out. You know, you may not be a threat, but you better stop pretending to be a hero. Tony: A hero? Like you? You're a laboratory experiment, Rogers. Everything special about you came out of a bottle. Last night. I've always felt that hardware was much more reliable.

There is no throne. There is no version of this, where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it. His name was Phil. Who said that? What does it even mean? Let me start again. Whatever form that takes, I'm game. Whose put coffee grounds in the disposal? Am I running a Bed and Breakfast for a biker gang? Oh, that's Charlie Spencer by the way. He's a great kid. Computer engineering degree, 3. But first he wanted to put a few miles on his soul before they parked him behind a desk, see the world, maybe be of service.

Charlie didn't want to go to Vegas or Fort Lauderdale, which is what I would do. He didn't go to Paris or Amsterdam, which sounds fun. He decided to spend his summer building sustainable housing for the poor, guess where? He wanted to make a difference I suppose, but we won't know because we dropped a building on him while we were kicking ass. There is no decision making process here. We need to be put in check! In whatever form that takes I'm game. In Bruce's "Knightmare" vision, he sees a potential Bad Future where Superman has become a Fallen Hero, ruling Earth with an army of soldiers and the help of nightmarish flying monsters note actually Darkseid's Paradeamons, but Bruce doesn't know this yet. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle : The main villain is Madison Lee, a former Angel who decided to become a criminal after a failed mission in which she nearly lost her life.

Formerly idealistic, he grows steadily more cynical in the face of the Joker's crimes and, after the Joker's Breaking Speech , turns into a Straw Nihilist who believes that Chance is the only fair judgement. First Blood : Teasle, as a Korean War veteran like in the novel and technically a fellow military vet in general like Rambo and Trautman , was presumably responsible for many noble actions on the battlefield to be hailed a War Hero and awarded a Silver Star, Purple Heart and ADSC for his services that all reside in his office back in the station. The trend of Vietnam veterans being the talk of the town that make the Korean War a forgotten conflict has reduced him to a Jerkass Green-Eyed Monster Dirty Cop with an Irrational Hatred of Vietnam veterans by the time of the film.

Galt himself is fellow military veteran too according to the film's DVD's Survival Mode , except he had never seen combat unlike the other said three characters. He himself in the film became a worse Jerkass Green-Eyed Monster Dirty Cop then Teasle as he did most of the sadistic abuse towards Rambo presumably out of rancorous jealousy for being a vet who had seen actual combat, while Galt did not. In the original novel First Blood that the film was an adaptation of, it was Rambo who was this when he becomes a Cop Killer and later started taking lives of his fellow American citizens. Fahrenheit : Implied by Beatty, who despite being a fire chief in charge of book burnings is clearly very familiar with some, since we see him writing out quotes by heart when he's alone most are very cynical, indicating he'd lost his former ideals.

Michael Corleone of the The Godfather films. He chooses to fight in World War II instead of following in his crime family's footsteps, much to the shock of his brothers. He returns home as a respected war hero and plans to start a family with his fiance. Then his father is nearly killed by an ambitious drug runner, forcing Michael to act. He eventually gains control of the crime family and possibly becomes even more ruthless than his own father by the end of The Godfather Part II. Battra from the Godzilla Heisei series counts. He originally started out as the Earth's protector until he went too far which led to the destruction of an ancient civilization and his imprisonment by Mothra.

The protagonist Kaji in The Human Condition , who cannot survive and retain his humanist principles. Late Phases : It's revealed that James started out hunting a previous werewolf to protect the community but succumbed to murderous self-preservation after being bitten. Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road was once a war hero of the oil and water wars, as indicated by the vast number of service medals that he wears throughout the film.

Afterward, he became a brutal dictator who brainwashes young men into being suicide bombers and holds women as Breeding Slaves. Officer Matt Cordell in Maniac Cop was a hero in his heyday, but after he got too close to certain individuals, he was sentenced on a phony charge to spend time on Sing Sing prison. The stay was equal to torture to him, and he ended up as a brain-damaged wreck who punishes society for turning against him. Skywalker may have been the most infamous Jedi to turn evil, but he was hardly the only one. Expanded Universe books often feature "Dark Jedi" as villains, many of whom were formerly real Jedi, who are too numerous to list.

Anakin's own grandson Jacen Solo would follow his path in the Expanded Universe , becoming the villainous Darth Caedus. He ends up mentoring Rey in the ways of the force, and even does a Heroic Sacrifice against Kylo Ren at the end of the movie. And, of course, Kylo Ren was once Ben Solo, although how much of a "hero" he was in the first place is up to debate, since it's implied he was resentful towards his parents from the start. Like Jacen Solo, Kylo Ren is also Anakin's grandson and ironically succeeds in many of the same goals Anakin failed in, such as usurping his generation's Supreme Leader and taking over the galaxy.

Anakin is even somewhat of a role model for Ben, although to be fair Kylo probably doesn't know all the details. Downplayed with Han Solo, who became estranged from Leia, fell back to his old ways of smuggling and crime. Rey and Finn find him trying to pull double crosses on several criminal gangs and smuggling dangerous wild animals. He does pull it together to try and help the new heroes stop Kylo Ren only to be skewered on his son's lightsaber after a few moments of hesitation. Yoda referred to him as their greatest student, the most skilled with a blade, the most powerful and learned in the ways of the Force. However, his idealism leads him to become disillusioned with the Jedi and the Republic both.

The death of his former Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn, who was like a son to him, and his learning of the true identity of Chancellor Palpatine ultimately cemented his fall to the dark side, but he did it all in the hopes of creating a better galaxy. Everything about him right down to his primarily brown color palette as opposed to all the other Sith's full black and red palette hints at his status as "Grey Sith" of sorts. He even came close to turning back to the light, and is notoriously courteous with his Jedi opponents.

In the movies, at least, he always offers them the chance to take the non-violent way out, and seems genuinely saddened at the prospect of the execution of Windu's strike team and after he beats and permanently maims Anakin and Obi-Wan. He made a deal with the Decepticons that would restore their home planet of Cybertron. Additional material establishes Megatron as this. It's implied he was corrupted by the Fallen in a moment of weakness.

Flynn becoming a Zen Survivor , content to imprison himself into Outlands and ignore the suffering of the Programs, is attributed to the coup, though Expanded Universe material like the Betrayal comic puts up a case that he was already falling into arrogance and hypocrisy well before it. Then there's Tron himself; again, the coup and being tortured by Clu's forces had a lot to do with it. TRON: Uprising showing him succumbing to anger, revenge, and despair but still trying to fight it. All for Nothing , though. Argon is implied to get nuked off the map in the Bolivian Army Ending. Tron is then captured and Reforged into a Minion.

Madmartigan, the master swordsman in Willow , qualifies for the "lost himself in dissipation" version of the trope. The Ables : Mr. Charles was once a well-respected hero, before he turned on his partner Thomas Sallinger in battle. However, the true Fallen Hero was not Mr. Charles but Thomas Sallinger, who was growing increasingly power-hungry and would survive to ruin his grandson's life in his quest to rule the world. By the end of Animorphs Jake has become one of these.

It's stated in the epilogue that the only reason he's not being tried as a war criminal is that he fought for the side the won the war. Faced with The Dark Side , he gave in to his barely-suppressed lust for power and swore fealty to Torak. Sorcerer, philosopher, and Prophet of the One God, until the religion he had created excommunicated him, at which point, he killed his wife and children as a part of a bargain with Dark Powers. But he crossed the Moral Event Horizon long ago.

When Harry soulgazes him, he sees that he used to be a genuinely good man, but his methods most notably, his use of the Hexenwulf belts made him just as bad, if not worse, than the people he's trying to take down. The Corpsetaker was once a member of the White Council. David Gemmell loves subverting this trope. Waylander is a war hero. Then his family is slaughtered, and he makes sure none of the assailants "takes less than an hour to die", and finances his vengeance by becoming a professional killer. Then he seeks redemption, gets it somehow, his family gets killed again, vengeance ensues, redemption again, and then he dies a stupid death by the hand of the son of the man whose death was the reason for his first face heel turn toward good.

Gemmell does not like black and white. She still considers herself the hero. Galbatorix was driven mad by the death of his dragon and demanded another one from the Council. When denied his request, Galbatorix convinced himself that the Riders were responsible for the loss of his dragon. The Kingkiller Chronicle has Lanre, who was once a great hero but went mad with grief when he was unable to use his power to resurrect his beloved.

Ineluki, the Storm King of Tad Williams ' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn , started out as a hero of the Sitha, but he took his people's racist tendencies to the extreme and when Asu'a was sacked, he turned from defending his people to killing everyone else. Also an example of Motive Decay. Satan in Paradise Lost was once a glorious angel, but he falls from grace and becomes evil. In the story, he's ironically given the trappings of an epic hero, which he clearly believes he is. Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Really, a good amount of Kronos' troops are made up of demigods who resented their godly parents for various reasons the big one is feeling like they were unwanted. In Shadow of the Conqueror , Daylen Namaran started out as a hero of the Fourth Night and the overthrower of the aristocracy , but after said aristocracy murdered his entire family , he over time became a far, FAR , worse leader than they ever were.

Yun from The Shadow of Kyoshi. He was incorrectly identified as the Avatar and was trained as such for several years, until his true status eventually came into question. When Kyoshi was revealed to be the true Avatar, Yun was Left for Dead by his former mentor in the hands of a malevolent spirit who whisked him into the Spirit World. Against all odds, however, Yun survived his encounter with Father Glowworm and was able to return to the physical world. However, the knowledge that he was not the true Avatar, along with the world's lack of gratitude towards him for all he has done for them during his tenure as the Avatar, caused Yun to snap and, for the next year and a half, go on a murderous crusade to take revenge upon those who lied to him about his Avatarhood, starting with his former mentor, Jianzhu, who had been the one to falsely identify him as the Avatar and abandon him once the truth was out.

However, he became an extremely jaded person after failing to court the woman he loved and being humiliated by her husband-to-be and family. Jaded enough that he has no qualms to betray her and start the War of the Five Kings. Since Sansa has undergone a Trauma Conga Line herself and is being taken by Littlefinger as a protege, time will tell if she will become the same psychopath as him, or keep her ideals. Catelyn Stark, the woman that Littlefinger lusted after, becomes this herself after she is killed and resurrected as a zombie. She is hellbent on making the Freys and Lannisters suffer for having killed her, her son, and her house, even if they are only tangentially connected.

She even orders the execution of Brienne of Tarth, who once swore an oath to her, because she refuses to kill Jaime Lannister. Implied to be the fate of Captain Housework in the Superheroes anthology when he realizes that lacking any more supervillains to fight, his life is going to be an endless parade of socialites calling him to clean their houses before parties and not even being grateful enough to keep said houses clean.

His Start of Darkness is reducing one such socialite's party to a house full of perfectly polished skeletons. He was the mightiest, most skilled, most puissant of all the Elven race Notably, he also managed to bring his entire tribe-the Noldor-down with him. His sons, particularly Celegorm, Curufin and Maedhros as well as Celebrimbor Curufin's son all end up squarely in neutral territory as well. Morgoth is a fallen Vala and this universe's equivalent of Satan , which as noted above is one of the oldest examples there is, so he counts. Sauron too, he used to be a Maia which were like angels. Trapped on Draconica : Pre-series Kazebar was Draconica's number 1 humanitarian.

To reward his good work Dronor granted his son the power to travel between worlds, believing that if any human deserved this honor it would be Kazebar's family line. Whether he was tempted by this power or if he was Evil All Along is not made clear. Hollyleaf from Warrior Cats eventually becomes this, when her love of the warrior code makes her turn murderous. But then she has a Heel Realization. Many of the Forsaken from The Wheel of Time were this.

Demandred, Sammael, and Be'lal were all great generals on the side of Light and all three of them turned to the Shadow out of rivalry with the Light's other great general, Lews Therin Telamon ; Graendal was a famed ascetic who went bad after deciding that no one could possibly measure up to her extreme moral standards; Ishamael was considered the greatest philosopher and theologian of his age, but learned one too many Things Man Was Not Meant to Know and went mad from the revelation , becoming in essence The Antichrist.

Subverted with Semirhage, who though a renowned healer was always a sociopath and sadist deep down and turned to the Shadow early on upon realizing that the Dark One would let her use her talents in ways that society would never accept. Kalthused of Within Ruin. He starts out as a heroic leader fighting for the independence of his country but when his wife Ankaa dies he falls into a spiral of despair. He forsakes all his old morals and plunges the country into futile wars for centuries in order to bring Ankaa back to life. Live-Action TV. Jack Bauer in First seven seasons? Someone who pushed himself ten times beyond the brink both physically and mentally to repeatedly ensure the safety of the country and world. Final season? After his latest mission winds up going horribly wrong and ends on a tragic note, he winds up embarking on a personal crusade of revenge that ultimately causes an international crisis and nearly instigates a war that would lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people, just barely stopped himself after realizing how bad those repercussions would be.

Rivaling him would be Tony Almeida who went from protecting people to threatening them all to avenge the murder of his wife President Allison Taylor in Season 8, coinciding with and being the final straw for Jack's above turn, gets hit hard with the Sunk Cost Fallacy after seeing what was supposed to the grand achievement of her presidency utterly fall apart after losing her entire family in the process. Combined with the ill-advised move of turning to Charles Logan for advice, she insists on pushing forward with the sham of a peace treaty at all costs. It's only an eleventh-hour Heel Realization from her that prevents the masterminds of the season from achieving a full Karma Houdini victory.

In The Season 1, Finn was probably the most moral and idealistic of the teen characters; he was the one actually trying to make peace with the Grounders rather than assuming violence was inevitable. By Season 2, though, the traumatic experiences he's been through and a belief that his Love Interest is in danger drive him to increasingly violent ends to get her back, ultimately slaughtering a Grounder village, killing 18 innocent, unarmed people; he's executed for his crimes shortly afterward. He was once a force for good, but Angelus and Darla destroyed his life, slaughtered his family, and reduced him to a revenge-driven monster. At his best, he is a Noble Demon , at his worst he's a petty old man willing to sacrifice the lives, happiness, and even sanity of people who love him in order to have his revenge.

Arrow : Slade Wilson was originally Oliver Queen's mentor, friend, and eventually sworn brother , but losing Shado, the love of his life, and the insanity brought upon by the Mirakuru caused him to turn evil. Blaming Oliver for Shado's death, he is set to return the favor by conquering Starling City, which Oliver holds dear. Oliver himself seems to undergo this fate in season 3, when he agrees to succeed Ra's al Ghul in exchange for saving his sister's life. Then subverted since he ultimately wants to topple Ra's from within, but he comes dangerously close to the territory. Jon Mitchell from Being Human. He tries hard to fight his vampire urges and tries to be an example of reform, but he falls off the wagon in Season 2 and slaughters a train of 20 people.

He never really gets back to normal after that and commits suicide. Willow Rosenberg of Buffy the Vampire Slayer became the Card-Carrying Villain version of this trope after witnessing the death of her girlfriend. Magic high also leads to her becoming this. Luckily, the transition was temporary in the TV series. There was also an Alternate Universe book trilogy "Wicked Willow" that explored what would have happened if she had stayed that way. The canonical Season 8 comic books state she is still this; specifically the "Time of Your Life" arc, which crosses over with Fray , a Bad Future where Willow becomes an Evil Sorceror and the Big Bad though she tries to prevent it by avoiding Black Magic.

In the Season 9 comics, we learn that while she is holding it together around Buffy, Willow is hell bent on bringing magic back, believing the world is going to end and she has to save it. Faith also took the Card-Carrying Villain route after accidentally killing a human, also temporary-ish though it's acknowledged in-universe that her actions, while she was a villain, went too far to just be forgiven and forgotten.

Shu, on track to become the Big Good before it's revealed he's having an affair. He snaps when ordered to kill his lover, massacres the entire population of the mountain , and becomes a vengeful ghost who, a hundred years later, is so powerful none of the monks dare enter the Demon Pagoda. Doctor Who has had the Doctor come to or near this point twice, but also reconstructed the trope in both cases.

When the Eighth Doctor, barely saved from death, is convinced to fight in the Last Great Time War rather than just try and help those caught up in it, he decides to give up his principles and title to do so and regenerates into what comes to be known as the War Doctor. He does the opposite of a healer's work as a warrior and finally decides to destroy both the Dalek forces massing around Gallifrey and Gallifrey and his people including billions of innocent children to end the war. His later lives deliberately try to forget this incarnation for committing such a wicked act.

However, in the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor", Ten and Eleven come to an understanding of his side of the story and how he did what he had to do In "Heaven Sent" he is trapped by, as it turns out, the Time Lords his people! By the time he escapes it, he has been Driven to Madness by rage, anguish, grief, and torture, and become The Unfettered. In the finale "Hell Bent" he uses his legendary cleverness to pull Clara out of time at the moment of her death , an act that threatens to destroy the entire universe , all because he can't take the pain anymore. In the end, Clara herself triggers a Heel Realization and he realizes he must give up his Tragic Dream and "be a Doctor" once again.

As for Rassilon, the founder of the Time Lords, he was always revered despite being a bit of a genocidal maniac, but the War pushed him off the crumbling remains of his pedestal. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard used to be a man of justice. Until his pension was vetoed, leaving him to either retire without a penny to his name or join in Boss Hogg's scheming. The Flash : Savitar is actually Barry Allen from a timeline in which he was shunned by his friends and family for failing to save Iris from himself. Game of Thrones : Stannis Baratheon was once the honorable commander who held Storm's End for days without food. However, repeated snubs and disrespect forces him to rely on the blood magic of Melisandre, which has slowly caused him to compromise all of his ideals.

Daenerys Targaryen starts out waging war against slavers in Essos, freeing slaves and upon coming to Westeros helps fight the White Walkers and Army Of The Dead, playing an important role in saving the world. After a number of close, personal losses, she ends up losing her mind and burning many thousands of innocent civilians in King's Landing.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys features Gilgamesh in Season 5's "Faith" and reveals him to be this during the climax. Like Hercules, he couldn't depend on the gods to protect his family and lost them in a senseless act of violence. However, whereas Hercules treated his tragedy as a motivation to never stop fighting for others, Gilgamesh became The Dragon to the Big Bad. Gilgamesh: When I lost my family, I did lose my faith. And in my deepest despair, I heard the voice of Dahak — a voice so pure, so true, I knew I had found salvation. In the first two albums, he was a long-standing ally of house McFife and one of the just warriors called up to fight against Zargothrax. The Bible : Revelations shows Satan as a fallen angel. King Saul; initially portrayed as a humble, God-fearing man, he makes some bad choices, undergoes demonic-induced madness, and ends his reign as the arch-enemy of the man God chose to succeed him.

King David: farmer, harp player, and faithful to God until he becomes king. Then he spies on a naked woman and puts her husband in the front lines of battle , twice , just so he'll die, and David will be free to marry his widow. King Solomon: the man who built the Temple fell to idolatry as the price of maintaining political alliances with foreign kingdoms. His rule would eventually split Israel in two. King Jeroboam; God's new Chosen One who should have corrected Solomon's mistakes again fell to idolatry when he built idols to prevent pilgrims from going to Jerusalem now enemy territory.

Much of the 13 years were spent in prison waiting for a hearing, and more time was spent homeless or living with generous families. The BBC attributed some of the problems to tensions caused by the Kashmir conflict. The UK law under this legislation considers espionage as "concerning those who intend to help an enemy and deliberately harm the security of the nation". According to MI5 , a person commits the offence of 'spying' if they, "for any purpose prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State": approaches, enters or inspects a prohibited area; makes documents such as plans that are intended, calculated, or could directly or indirectly be of use to an enemy; or "obtains, collects, records, or publishes, or communicates to any other person any secret official code word, or password, or any sketch, plan, model, article, or note, or other document which is calculated to be or might be or is intended to be directly or indirectly useful to an enemy".

The illegality of espionage also includes any action which may be considered 'preparatory to' spying, or encouraging or aiding another to spy. Under the penal codes of the UK, those found guilty of espionage are liable to imprisonment for a term of up to 14 years, although multiple sentences can be issued. Government intelligence is very much distinct from espionage, and is not illegal in the UK, providing that the organisations of individuals are registered, often with the ICO, and are acting within the restrictions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act RIPA. It includes information that may be both public and private, obtained from much different public or secret sources.

It could consist entirely of information from either publicly available or secret sources, or be a combination of the two. However, espionage and intelligence can be linked. According to the MI5 website, "foreign intelligence officers acting in the UK under diplomatic cover may enjoy immunity from prosecution. Such persons can only be tried for spying or, indeed, any criminal offence if diplomatic immunity is waived beforehand. Those officers operating without diplomatic cover have no such immunity from prosecution". There are also laws surrounding government and organisational intelligence and surveillance.

Generally, the body involved should be issued with some form of warrant or permission from the government and should be enacting their procedures in the interest of protecting national security or the safety of public citizens. However, there are spy equipment laws and legal requirements around intelligence methods that vary for each form of intelligence enacted. In war, espionage is considered permissible as many nations recognize the inevitability of opposing sides seeking intelligence each about the dispositions of the other.

To make the mission easier and successful, combatants wear disguises to conceal their true identity from the enemy while penetrating enemy lines for intelligence gathering. However, if they are caught behind enemy lines in disguises, they are not entitled to prisoner-of-war status and subject to prosecution and punishment—including execution. Soldiers who penetrate enemy lines in proper uniforms for the purpose of acquiring intelligence are not considered spies but are lawful combatants entitled to be treated as prisoners of war upon capture by the enemy.

Article 30 states that a spy captured behind enemy lines may only be punished following a trial. However, Article 31 provides that if a spy successfully rejoined his own military and is then captured by the enemy as a lawful combatant, he cannot be punished for his previous acts of espionage and must be treated as a prisoner of war. Note that this provision does not apply to citizens who committed treason against their own country or co-belligerents of that country and may be captured and prosecuted at any place or any time regardless whether he rejoined the military to which he belongs or not or during or after the war. The ones that are excluded from being treated as spies while behind enemy lines are escaping prisoners of war and downed airmen as international law distinguishes between a disguised spy and a disguised escaper.

Saboteurs are treated as spies as they too wear disguises behind enemy lines for the purpose of waging destruction on an enemy's vital targets in addition to intelligence gathering. Two weeks later, all were arrested in civilian clothes by the FBI thanks to two German agents betraying the mission to the U. Under the Hague Convention of , these Germans were classified as spies and tried by a military tribunal in Washington D. Five days later, six were executed by electric chair at the District of Columbia jail. Two who had given evidence against the others had their sentences reduced by President Franklin D.

Roosevelt to prison terms. In , they were released by President Harry S. Truman and deported to the American Zone of occupied Germany. The U. This provides a mandatory death sentence if a person captured in the act is proven to be "lurking as a spy or acting as a spy in or about any place, vessel, or aircraft, within the control or jurisdiction of any of the armed forces, or in or about any shipyard, any manufacturing or industrial plant, or any other place or institution engaged in work in aid of the prosecution of the war by the United States, or elsewhere". Spies have long been favourite topics for novelists and filmmakers. During the many 20th-century spy scandals, much information became publicly known about national spy agencies and dozens of real-life secret agents.

These sensational stories piqued public interest in a profession largely off-limits to human interest news reporting , a natural consequence of the secrecy inherent in their work. To fill in the blanks, the popular conception of the secret agent has been formed largely by 20th and 21st-century fiction and film. Attractive and sociable real-life agents such as Valerie Plame find little employment in serious fiction, however. The fictional secret agent is more often a loner, sometimes amoral—an existential hero operating outside the everyday constraints of society. Loner spy personalities may have been a stereotype of convenience for authors who already knew how to write loner private investigator characters that sold well from the s to the present.

Johnny Fedora achieved popularity as a fictional agent of early Cold War espionage , but James Bond is the most commercially successful of the many spy characters created by intelligence insiders during that struggle. Jumping on the spy bandwagon, other writers also started writing about spy fiction featuring female spies as protagonists, such as The Baroness , which has more graphic action and sex, as compared to other novels featuring male protagonists. Espionage has also made its way into comedy depictions. The historical novel The Emperor and the Spy highlights the adventurous life of U. Black Widow is also a fictional agent who was introduced as a Russian spy, an antagonist of the superhero Iron Man. She later became an agent of the fictional spy agency S.

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