⌛ The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave

Saturday, August 14, 2021 1:51:17 PM

The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave

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Why the US Needs Paid Parental Leave - Anna Steffeney - TEDxSanJuanIsland

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Continue I want to try again with a different email address. Need help getting access? Kerry Devine, who quit her job to stay at home with her child, told the New York Times that her decision was motivated by the short duration of the leave available to her. That may be why women who take maternity leave are much likelier to still be in the workforce one year later, according to a Rutgers University study. While choosing to stay at home can certainly be the right decision for many American men and women, new parents shouldn't have to feel forced into one option or the other because of maternity leave policy. When Google expanded its maternity leave program, the company found that women who took the new leave were "more productive and happier" when they came back to work.

Paid parental leave would also help keep families afloat financially as they adjust to the financial burden of a newborn. It would also help reduce child care costs, an expense that can actually exceed the cost of college. A Joint Economic Committee report by the United States Congress found that women who return to work after taking maternity leave are 40 percent less likely to receive public assistance in the year after giving birth, compared to women who continue to work without taking leave.

Taking maternity leave may actually improve babies' health, too. A study published in the journal PLoS Medicine found that every additional month of maternity leave was associated with a 13 percent reduction in infant mortality. This may be because women who go back to work early may not always be able to leave their infants with child care professionals, but instead rely on family or friends who may be unfamiliar with infants' health needs.

Alison Surratt had to return to work 8 weeks after giving birth to her son Leo, who died of asphyxiation while being watched by a family friend. Maternity leave can help reduce risk of postpartum depression , according to a University of Maryland study. Even for mothers who do contract postpartum depression, the ability to take time off can be key. It is like giving extra milk to a lactose intolerant person, it has no effects and only takes milk away from the rest.

Recently the United States was acknowledged to be the only country to not have mandatory parental leave for parents of newborns. This would be arguable for whether or not it should be allowed and enforced as a new law. Reasons for parental leave would be financial issue, bonding time and educational increases. Immigrants are taking the jobs from the youth because they work for lower wages and are willing to work for longer. According to a professor named Robert B. And they and their families need a higher minimum wage. Therefore raising the minimum wage would be benefit. Its primary aim is to tackle poverty and improve standards of living by ensuring every worker enjoys a minimum level of income Mark, However, some policymakers state that this policy is inefficient since it negatively affects more people than it benefits Robert, This paper focuses on the positive and negative effects of minimum wage and whether the government should abolish.

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One of these being the perception that The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave makes women less valuable workers The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave to their domestic responsibilities. Yet men The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave increasingly realizing that paternity leave presents an invaluable time that benefits both their family and their career. Among Argumentative Essay On Midwife Pros And Cons world's most economically The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave countries, The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave one fails to mandate paid Personal Narrative: Turn Back Time leave: the United States. Its The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave aim is to tackle poverty The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave improve standards of living by ensuring every worker enjoys a minimum level The Importance Of Paid Paternal Leave income Mark, Successfully copied Discourse Analysis In English Language.

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